It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

August 18, 2015

The Binge - Eating entire series, one month at a time, until up to date.

Good news!  I'm going to start a new blog!

Bad news! It will encourage spending mass amounts of my down time vegging out to do reviews! I'm going to add a second Tumblr because nobody actually uses Blogger anymore.  Some people use Wordpress, but that's for lame yuppies who have a day job they love.

Wait, I'm a lame yuppie with a day job I love.  No, wait... I'm a nerd with a day job I love.  So it's not a perfect fit.

Okay, in theory, I COULD use Wordpress for the blog, but I don't think I'm going to.

Link to come. As if anyone actually reads this ugly rag.

Oh, well.  Security blanket or not, I'll never forget how much time was spent on this silly thing, and what it meant to me when it started. 

April 18, 2015

Reboots and Such

I really appreciate having been on the internet since its early days on months like this one.  I appreciate being a teen during the "dot com" bust, being one of the first kids to be cyberbullied by kids at their own school, and even being a latecomer to Facebook.

I appreciate it, because some of the websites have matured with their readers.  The lifecycle of the internet is a theme I've brought up before on here, and I really feel like it's relevant in the recent change in one of my favorite longstanding webcomics, who just slammed a champagne bottle in the hull of a time skip and new cast.

Namir Deiter, as I knew it as a teenager, is getting a new focus on a new cast.  Specifically, the characters who were in their teens when I was a teen, have all grown up, had kids, and the story arc has popped forward by... oh... sixteen years or so.

This is not a bad thing.

New comics are up at

The sequel series is being written by Isabel and Terrance Marks, with the art continuing to be done by Isabel herself.  The title characters are the son of Tipper Namir and the daughter of Brisbane and Kimberly Adams.   If you're one of those hipster types that like to get in on things at the reboot or ground zero, this is the week to start. 

Wapsi Square, previously focused on the YA exploits of Monica and her friends has also shifted focus to a new teen cast and a filled out side-cast away from the original team.  Paul Taylor adjusted his scope;  The current webcomic focus has been on teen succubus Atsali, her adopted mother - Monica's friend Katherine, and her adopted sister - Castela.  Castela and Atsali have the task of growing up magical in a community of strong women, the original Wapsi cast, and the expanding female side-cast that Taylor keeps expanding.  While Wapsi takes a ton of his time and energy, he has registered a domain for Space Alien Cat Girls, which could be a fun weekly or bi-monthly comic if he decides to follow through.

There's been some fun story arcs, and thanks to my current location, I really appreciate Tina's coffee shop more than ever.

One last thing:

I had to ask myself, why was I upset about the shift in Wapsi to an all-female cast, whereas I was completely okay with a reboot of Namir Deiter's cast to include all teenagers?  While my opinions are my own, and I really love Atsali and Castela, the phasing out of all the male players - ALL the male characters, took some getting used to.  Complaining about missing the male perspective in the stories doesn't do anyone any good - having a powered or non-powered male character isn't currently part of the MO for the comic.  More than that, it's just not interesting to the author right now.  I get it.  I don't have to like it, but I get it.

August 17, 2014

Time for an Update!

Much has happened in the last four years.

I've gone from being a displaced worker in my hometown to being a displaced worker in a new city.  I started a blog and gave up on it right away over here.  I'll have to remember that it's for sweeping, literary thoughts and use it again.

My baby, which has not been mentioned on here, is getting closer to being six.

I keep typing in minutae and deleting it. 

For example:

I've given away or tossed about a third of my things, and am still giving away or tossing my things.  My craft supplies are less than half of what they were before I moved.  I'm better at kirigami than I thought I was, but still haven't tried to make anything off of it yet.  I still can't draw.  I drive everyone at my house crazy and I don't know how they live with me.  I do all the grocery shopping and cooking.

I guess I'm a "Mommy Blogger" now.  That's a little spooky.  I never imagined that I'd ever be in the "Mommy Blogger" category.

I'll see what I can do to start posting once a week again, even if it's only a picture, book review, or snippet.  I have to get in the habit of doing SOMETHING again, or I'm going to go batty.

February 02, 2013


Is it truly possible? Have I found my old blog?

Oh, dear... this does not bode well. Not at all.

Let the maniacal cackling begin!!!

March 19, 2009


I think I'm going to be starting over elsewhere with a blank slate. Or maybe I'll just overhaul Honeytown. Regardless, I apologize for leaving this unattended for so long.


July 02, 2008


Oh, right. A real update. About stuff.

Let's see...

I've not even hardly begun to move North. I think I'm going to have a garage sale on Wednesday and Saturday next week, and up for sale will probably be a bunch of things that I don't actually want to get rid of but just plain don't have room for at Drac's house.

Sure, some of my stuff is up there. But I'm still carting a duffel bag between home and there every time I go to see him. Spend three days there, come back for four, go spend three more.

It's a little hectic sometimes.

Last week his grandpa passed away- I never really had the chance to know him- not really. I think I met him a grand total of about six times, including about two days before he died. It really kinda threw me. His grandpa had remarried after his dad's mom passed away- so Grandma M is actually his step-grandma... but she's so sweet.

I hope she'll be okay.

It was a beautiful ceremony at Jeff Barracks. We'll both have to go out and visit our grandpas together there, sometime. I miss my grandpa.

The doctor's seeing me every two weeks now, and the Wednesday before last she said "Welcome to your third trimester!". I love my doctor- she's awesome. Really bright smile and always very polite and friendly. The baby's doing well- or as well as can be expected. I apparently have to go out and find iron supplements. (Eh, there are worse things.)

I'm not as nervous as I used to be. I just have to trust that everything's going to be okay. The baby's going to be healthy, I'm going to have health care through the end of the pregnancy, and everything's going to be okay.

Time to mess with my Template again...

Okay, so Jeff, the dude who did the Launchcast "What I'm listening to" thingy in the sidebar apparently sold out to someone. That "" or whatever it was that kept popping up every time I went to look at my blog was getting annoying.

Oh, well- I haven't really listened to Yahoo! Music in a good year and a half or so, so I'm not terribly broken up over taking it off my sidebar.

It was nice while it lasted.

Enetation is still not behaving, but I'm not taking it off my template yet. It's hidden because it's down, so that's good enough for me.

May 28, 2008


Okay, now that I have the rant out of my system...

Life is good.

I made enough that I get a decent amount for unemployment, Medicaid pulled through, and I think everything's going to be okay. We'll have to see what life looks like on the other side of three months from now, but I think everything's going to be okay.

Sucks that it behooves me not to be married while I'm on Medicaid. I know a few of my relatives aren't happy about that... but I have to do what's best for the baby- and I can't get a job that pays more than unemployment without losing medicaid priveliges. And no job- no matter what anyone tells me- gives health care immediately.

So I'm between a rock and a hard place.

But it could be a helluvalot worse.

May 10, 2008

Birthday for me!

Tomorrow, anyway.

I used to be all grumpy when my birthday would fall on Mother's Day. I guess it's that selfish-"I-dun-wanna-share" mentality that kids can have about birthdays and holidays. But I'm pretty sure that things are probably going to change concerning that, too.

The Youtube contest was supposed to post semi-finalists yesterday, but they haven't put anything up yet. It's painful, it's frustrating, it's...

not like I'm going to win.

But I DO want to see who the semi-finalists are! Especially to find out if this guy's in them.

Because he deserves it.

But there are easily over 300 responses to the original vid, and of them probably about 124 followed the rules for entry. Including mine. That's a MASSIVE amount of vids to go through.

May 04, 2008

Saying Goodbye~

Last day of work today.

I clock in tonight, work twelve hours, and then come back to pick up my last paycheck on the seventh.

For all intents and purposes, we are closed. We haven't had hardly any calls on the day shift, night shift's a joke. The only reason they didn't transfer us to day shift like everyone else was because it wasn't worth the effort. (Not to mention the fact that Paul would've thrown a hissy fit. He likes to throw hissy fits... I think he's a little too in touch with his inner child sometimes.)

Seven of us have jobs lined up. One of them is a manager.

I think I'm going to sit on unemployment for a while and beg health insurance from Medicaid. Even if I can't stay with my current OB- if I have Medicaid, at least I CAN go to a doctor.

I'll be moving to North County pretty soon. They're clearing a space for me... for us. I don't see it happening until June, probably.

I'm going to miss working for Adam's Mark. But it's good to be off the yo-yo string. It'll be nice to be on level ground again- even if that means being unemployed.

April 13, 2008

SO Excited...

We get to find out what the baby is on Wednesday!!

And I got my taxes e-filed. told me that I should be getting the biggest refund I've ever had. With losing my job, that'll be really helpful...

It's strange, knowing that I'm moving out of the Ballwin house in about six or eight weeks. It all depends on when they make room for me at their place. There's a lot of things for me to pack. All my books... again. Everything in my bureau, for the most part. The buffet table will have to be cleared and emptied. And my computer- they still don't know where they're going to put it.

I'm going to get a house key.

It's really kinda scary. But that's only because it's a big step, and I'm skipping that whole "living on my own/in my own apartment" thing that I always imagined would happen to me first. New house, new rules. God, I'm gonna miss this place.

April 01, 2008

Purple. Totally.

It's the weirdest thing.

Over the past few months, my dreams have been getting strange and vivid. Not that I haven't had strange dreams in the past. I have. And I've had vivid, consuming dreams before, too. But I think this last one has got to be the strangest by far.

The only part that I really remember is...

Huge guy, skin as deep as you can get in brown before being black, bushy black beard and mustache. He had on this crazy purple zoot suit with pimp hat, and this PHENOMENAL pimp cane (Black with a beautiful silver handle- I know it was intricate, but I didn't get a good look).

His head was thrown back in insane laughter.

And then I woke up.

And then- this is the weirdest part... I was already awake, and there was massive thunderclap outside because it had been raining all day.


March 16, 2008

Lots to talk about...

Okay... Deep breath...

Here we go.

I'm scared, and excited, and hopeful, and worried, because a lot has happened in the past few weeks.

I- we- My affectionate, loving fiance and I- just recently found out that we're going to have a baby... and everything immediately began moving quickly. News travels fast in my family- and whoever I haven't told will be sure to hear about it soon enough. Everyone's been really supportive so far.

LarLar is worried, because she was put in a similar situation back in High School- she has a lot to say about it. But Brookie and Bethie will have a playmate when they get all grown up.

I went to the OBGYN for the first time last week- turns out I'm much- MUCH farther along than I thought I was... I'm pretty much on the cusp of beginning the second trimester. I have baby pictures, so I can see where the arm is, and the leg is, and everything.

That's not the only thing going on, though. Soon after my visit to the OB, I go in to work, only to find the office completely abuzz. They've been taking groups of five or six to an office meeting in which they get a letter that's pretty much an extended pink slip. That's right, folks... I'm fired- or I will be in seven weeks. The office closes on May 5th, and I might as well start scrambling to get a job.

I'll have to get Cobra to extend my medical insurance while I'm out of work- and I'll have to get a deferral for my college loans for a little bit. But I- We- can do it.

There's little to do in lots of time.

... strike that.

Reverse it.