It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

October 31, 2003

Post-Halloween Post

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Before I'm dragged away by the Department of Redundancy Department, I think I'll take all of two minutes to post about Jessi's party I just got back from. There were four people there that I had never met before- one of whom happens to like my best friend... A Lot... two other people dressed in Rennaisance style (Lar and Athene), a cross-dresser (Spaz), a catholic schoolgirl-skank (Melody), white trash (Bobert), a horny devil (J.R.), a regular/slutty? cheerleader (Kristen, with her fake eyelashes), a satanic cheerleader (Von, who will definately correct me if I got the term wrong), a cow (John, Athene's date), a leapord cub (Baby Brooke, less than a year old), a sock-hopper (Kelly), at least one cowboy (Kelly's date), A celtic maiden (the Infamous T), and Al Capone (her Hubby), aaaaaaand I think that's just about it. Oh, Drac and I were there, too. Jessi was being hostess, and her Mom (dressed a la Star Trek) was just enjoying the chatter of having all sorts of people over at her house. Her brothers were wandering around for the bulk of the evening, and her sister left about nine or so looking sort of like a Blues Brother with a nifty neck slash and fedora.

Chips, Alky-hall, cookies... sweet, refreshing crack-ers, and Halloween Candy from those who did decide to go Trick-or-Treating, Fudge Rounds, and other things were on the open table and fridge. I have to say, it was great just hanging out with my friends, for what time I was there. Everyone was in costume, give or take.

Although I wasn't one of them, I did listen to some of the Trick-or-Treaters while Jess was handing out candy. Best Joke of the Evening:

What do you get when you drop a pumpkin?


October 30, 2003

It's the most wonderful time of the year... (redux)

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I love Halloween. I've got my costume picked out, right down to its gold tights and high heels. (Of course, if Jess gets her way, then I'll need all the layers I can get.) It's exactly 24 hours until my weekend officially begins, and I'll probably be needing every one to get my homework done so I can go to the party on Friday without feeling guilty. (Work, too, to be fair.)

The Magic that happens this time of year, I've experienced. The fact that I get to be someone else for an evening, or a day, or an hour- it's always been intoxicating to me. Where I'm not Moueska Tonelicci for a few hours... Where I'm Alanna Al Rashid, Great ancestor of the owner of the Al Rashid hotel. Or being a princess, or a spectre, or even Medusa. Anyone but me. Last year I sat on the front porch, completely in black, and there were people that walked right past me to ring my doorbell. When I moved, even parents gasped. (More for their children's benefits, I'm sure.)

What happens this year, I don't know. It's the first real Halloween party that Jess has thrown. I'm supposed to bring something- well, everyone is. The specific request was "not sweet, and not salty". What should I bring?

October 28, 2003

Good morning, this is your twelve-o'clock wake up call!

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I just got back an embarassingly awful grade in one of my classes. I'm going to start doing my modules in Writing in the Workplace as soon as I get home. Possibly sooner. Until I get at least half of them done, the temptation of pictures and Adobe Photoshop will just have to be put aside. (Which really sux because I had something pretty spectacular in mind for Hella Fly Hottie. Oh, well.)

I'm not going to stop posting completely, and will do my best to have at least seven a week, even if it's only one a day (or two every second evening).

October 27, 2003

A Tangent on Philosophy

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All right, I posted mini-descriptions of all my other classes, so I might as well get the gist for my new one up. The professor is a true Philosophy lover. (Philo=Love/Yearning, Sophia=Knowledge/Wisdom) He likes what he does, he likes the idea of thinking for hours on end, he likes the idea of trying out different ideas. He likes the "Why am I here, and how does that affect the rest of the world" topic. On top of it all, he gets to try to explain it to all of us students. I'm looking forward to it, despite myself. His energy is almost contagious. Almost.

I've already heard him echo certain sentiments from my "Philosophy in Politics" class. Hmm... Wonder if he thinks Machiavelli was merely a literary writer or was satiric in The Prince.

October 25, 2003

In honor of starting a new class

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Here it is! The first comic I drew about my first week of school. Starting next week, I have classes five days a week instead of just two. Yippy. Skippy. I realized, looking over these first few strips, it is an accurate representation of me. Well, for the most part.

As a matter of fact, for my Mon-Wed-Fri class, I'll be carrying my messenger bag (meaning I won't have to worry about switching out books from my rolling bag) like in these.

Anywho, let me know what you think... this was originally on lined paper, so I tried to clean it up. If people care less, then maybe I'll just leave the lines in. And yes, I know some of you have seen these before. Deal.

Skewed 1 of 7
(Picture yoinked Oct-6-2004... will hopefully be up somewhere soon)

October 24, 2003

Posty, Posty, Post...

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These past three days have filled me with relaxation that I didn't know I was capable of. In my relaxing I had lacked the willpower to open blogger and make a post. Yeah, yeah, shame on me. I know.

Things I'm not allowed to do anymore:
1) Spend more than $40 a week on frivolity (Little stuff like candles, picture frames, and other dangly whatnots), It gets expensive.
2) "Suprise" Drac up in North County. He didn't have his cell on, so when he finally called my cell and figured out where I was (The 47 Cross County near his house... by the City Hall to be specific) he dropped what he was doing and picked me up. Don't get me wrong, if he hadn't called and said "I know right where that is," I never would have gotten off the bus. I would have gone to the end of the line and rode it back in. We had a nice evening/afternoon togeather, but still...
3) Talk about sports. Well, not without watching most of the season (or the first three months) so I get teams and players straight.

There will be a decent post this evening, and I think I'll post the first six comics of "Skewed" that I know I have, one week at a time. At least that way I'll have time to prep them. Until then- adios, amigos!

October 22, 2003

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

I love Halloween. Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, Spirits, Spells, Incantations, and whatnot. It all feels so familliar to me for some reason. I don't know why. Just being able to put on a costume and be someone else sends chills down my spine and adrenaline coursing through my body. It's the same feeling I would get right before I'd go on stage for a performance. Last year T and Lar thew a party and I went as Medusa. I even made a wreath of snakes to go around my head, with the heads coiling and uncoiling around my hair. (Actually, I think I still have it in the basement.) When I handed out candy to little kids, I was completely swathed in black cloth... you couldn't see anything more than my eyes. And that was if you were really looking.

I don't know exactly what I'm going to be this year. Grandma got me an outfit that I plan to use, but I don't know what I'd accessorize it with. A tiara? Possibly. Jewels? Possibly. Vampire teeth? Probably not. Drac doesn't like the idea of dating someone with long teeth that might possibly bite his neck. I'll figure out something though.

But what would you do with a Rennaisance-style dress for Halloween? Any suggestions?

Plans for today

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Earlier I had mentioned that Drac was going to let me plan dates for a while, but this one we've had planned. Both of us have the entirety of the day off, so we're supposed to go on a picnic. Right. Let's see if he gets up. We're sort of celebrating our six-month a little early, spending the day togeather... at Laumier Park or something. Oh, and he's supposed to rake the leaves in the back yard. If he manages to get over here. It's supposed to be beautiful. Cold-cut sandwiches, gold-and-orange leaves, white clouds.

Maybe I'll just give up for now and try again in an hour or so. He hasn't been sleeping too well. At all.

I'll see him later, probably. If I'm lucky.

October 20, 2003

Gathering of the Waters Rendezvous

It was fun, Athene. I realized that I hadn't posted on it, but I wanted a chance to get down my thoughts coherently. (I had the article for Hella Fly Hottie in a notebook, and all it needed was to be typed.)

After a night of watching Dreamcatcher, Drac grabbed some sleeping bags so we could fall asleep in the living room togeather. I had no idea how nice it would be to wake up in his arms... Dad, nothing happened. Nothing. At about nine or so we got up, showered, dressed, and ate before leaving his house.

The Rendezvous itself reminded me of the Renn faire, only with less "cultured" things. It had bone buttons, guns, hats, a candy cannon, necklaces, tomahawks, tiny scissors like the one Mom had from Tootsie shaped like a bird, beads from all over, "Buckskinning" garb (things men and women would wear in the 1800s), keychains made with a dry snake's head (Rattlesnake? I'm not sure offhand), and so much other stuff that I couldn't possibly get away with posting it all. There were at least three stalls with jewelry made of silver and pewter, but only one with a necklace that really caught my eye. Leave it to me to zero in on the most expensive necklace in the case while tauting zero bucks sanctioned for spending. Next year, though. Next year it's all mine. If he's there.

I got my turkey leg for lunch, but ended up splitting it with Drac. I just couldn't finish it! I did buy a gargoyle necklace from one of the other stalls, and Drac made a purchase that he couldn't really afford. He said he's going to let me plan dates for a while... any suggestions?

We got back to his house, and his mom fixed chili. And I ate it. And I liked it. I can honestly say that it was the best chili I have ever had, and it was tasty. But I still won't touch Drac's Steak'n'Shake chili. Not even if you offered to pay me.

October 18, 2003

Sittin' on a park bench, chewin' m' bubble gum...

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I had so much in store for this image... so much... and I may use it again later. Until then, I do have a weekend picture update, after all! Enjoy!

(Picture moved here!)

I try and I try...

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All right, another day without posting. Well, that's because I wasn't home. Maybe I'll just start telling you guys not to get in the habit of waiting around for a post on Fridays. No... I don't want that... My schedule will be changing soon. Well, soon enough.

Meanwhile, the Rendezvous weekend is underway... I'm going to be spending a supervised evening at Drac's house. I know that we're both adults, do we really need a chaperone? Well, the Rendezvous will just be him and I. I can't wait. Problem is, Drac's going to pick me up later today, way later. Sure, it gives me time to pack a bag, but I don't know that he'll get enough rest, or if it would even be safe for him to drive. I guess I've sent him home in worse condition, but still!

Oh, saw "School of Rock". According to a random voice in the audience after the credits stopped rolling completely, "That movie sucked." I wouldn't go so far as to say that... it's not bad. It's a kids movie, though, despite getting a principal drunk and leather shirtless sleeves. On that note, I'm not going to give any more spoilers- The only problem I had with it? It felt like the longest movie in my life. Seriously. I think it was the longest movie I had ever gone to with Drac, but then again, I didn't see Gladiator or Lord of the Rings with him. (He's already stated he going to pre-book our tickets for LotR:RofK. Yay!)

So, yeah. Picture was on Wednesday, Next pic will be whenever I get around to putting it up. Hmmm... Tuesday! Or later today. Whatever works the best.

October 16, 2003

Oh, yeah... definately started a trend

Before it all... There was Smackie the Frog... (which came very close to never updating again)

Among my close, personal friends that I talk to- really talk to- on a normal basis- Von had hers first, but I didn't know about it. It was followed by me, the apparently eloquent Moueska who has more time on her hands than she thought. Soon after, The Infamous T decided it was time for her to put her little insights into life on the web. And now... Athene, my sister, has succumbed to the call of the internet. Come visit her brand new open diary. Then speculate about who will fall prey to the bite of the weblogger next.

Who indeed...

October 15, 2003

Cast iron cookware and campfires...

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Tommy called last night, begging me to ask off work on Saturday. Why? There's a Rendezvous over in Grafton, IL and he wanted me to come and see it. (A Rendezvous is a demonstration of how people lived in the 1800's or so, also called "Mountain Men".) Seeing how I loved the Renn Faire when Jess and Co. went to it, I was sorely upset that I wouldn't be able to go. I have to admit, though, he did have some colorful suggestions to get me out of work... I didn't particularly feel like quitting and crossing a picket line anytime soon just for a job.

Just when we had reserved ourselves to the fact that I wouldn't be able to go, he checked his facts again. It's over Sunday. Sunday! He can pick me up on Saturday, I can spend the night in North County (hopefully) and go on Sunday! Hurrah! Huzzah! I can't wait. Booths, deomonstrations, tomahawk throwing, gunpowder... this is going to be awesome.


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Recently, I've noticed two of my friend have gained a very jaded view of romance and love. I've personally witnessed one struggle against their feelings, only to slip back to despair and cynical ideas. I don't know what I can do to help them- I know that I didn't exactly have the same attitude as they did- did I?

Maybe I did- I've let myself fall for words before about characters in books, so it was too easy for me to fall in love with words that someone wrote to me when I first tried a personals site. Far too easy. I let my inhibitions go completely- and did something risky. I met him. And he was great. Someone I probably could have fallen in love with... I can see that now.

But I didn't meet him again. We spent a terrific afternoon togeather, and I didn't meet him again. Why? There was a kiss at the end, and I missed the fireworks completely. I took a year off after recieving a crude e-mail, only bothering to check it if there was a message for me.

Eventually, I changed my profile a little, and tried again. But I wasn't about to let myself fall for words on a screen. Not even a little. That's what I thought. The time came when I had to make a choice, and copped out. And when the other guy dropped me like a hot potato, it hurt me a little bit. Not too terribly much. I was just words. And a few pictures. And so was he. So Jess walked me down to Schnucks to get pie and Walgreens for new lipstick, and I let the itty bitty tiny fracture heal.

And when I finally met Tom two weeks later, I tried to keep my heart gaurded- but at the same time- be nice, be pleasant, be friendly. Everything he had planned was to impress me... all the risks he took... to think that I would have missed out on something so incredible...

He walked me to my doorstep- I put my key in the slot, looked back and reconsidered the situation. A kiss... that couldn't hurt, right? If you want to know if he loves you so... He was dazed for a second, and I was about to go inside when he called me back. I had apparently suprised him... he wanted to try it again. Were there fireworks? Yeah, there were. Not over the top, but yeah.

And it's only gotten better from there. Suffice to say, I'm no longer the seventeen-years single jaded girl that I used to be. I just wish that I could do something, say something, that would make things easier for both of my friends...

(Picture yoinked Oct-6-2004... will hopefully be up somewhere soon)

October 14, 2003


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I have to read Hobbes' The Leviathan for my philosophy class. He's not too bad, a bit fancy in his words, and uses olde english, but is generally okay. The thing is, the teacher described him as a generally timid person. I mean, he was probably one of those guys who'd be picked on during High School. He says that man is generally a timid creature, who attacks out of fear.

I'll buy that. Well, I'll buy part of it... most people will give up desires for fear. But the solution that Hobbes gives to the violence in the streets of England (in his day and age) is an absolute ruler whose only job is to keep the country out of war and police the streets so a person can go out at night without getting "bopped on the head". He's talking Totalitarian.

Anybody else think he's mentally unhinged? or just not taking into account the fact that there are generally uprisings against people who suppress freedom? I mean, what good is being safe if the government begins to police more than the streets... if the king starts supressing literature... if the rulers keeps people from having public assemblys? Maybe it's just me, but that's just not right.

October 13, 2003

Sisters, sisters... Never were there such devoted sisters...

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That's what Jess is. Well, almost. We've been pals since our teacher introduced us to each other in the fifth grade. We've volunteered for the nursing home Jessi's mom worked at togeather... We've kept each other up on the phone for hours at a time... We've shared stories, books, friends, and so much else. Jess is sort of a kindred spirit. We were even mistaken for relatives- twins, sisters, cousins- at different points in time.

It's hard to believe that someone from such different families could be such close friends. Jess was the oldest of all the kids in her family growing up, and was subjected to the pressure of being the first. Her father was- oh, god. I'm not going to get into that. Suffice to say, her mom and dad are no longer togeather, and probably should have split some time ago. I have nothing further to say about her father. Ever. Her mom's become almost a surrogate to me- and all of my friends. I've actually heard her come back from work and ask down the stairs: "How many daughters do I have today?!"

Funny how Jess, probably one of the only other people I know to get chastized for reading a book in class, is currently working as a librarian at the Weber Road public library. She throws the best damn parties of anyone I know, and I know that I can always turn to her when life throws me a curveball.

Jess, you rock.

(Thanks for pointing out the unfinishedness, Baby... love you, too.)

October 12, 2003

"Yup! A Driving lesson!"

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I'm nineteen and re-learning how to drive. "What?!" I can hear you say in disbelief... "You don't know how?" That's right. Well, I do, some. Break on the left, Gas on the right. Nothing but automatics for me. Well, not for quite some time. I'm not going to get too far into the reasons why I took a four month hiatus in learning how. Let's just say that I'm on a permit and it was my second lesson. Today was technically my fourth.

I didn't remember that Dad was running on lack of sleep until after I saw him yawn. Two hours doesn't even reach a REM cycle. By then I had already sealed myself in the contract. Also, there was this numbness creeping over my body.

He took me to the upper parking lot at the South County Mall and switched seats with me. After twenty minutes of stopping, starting, pulling foward, driving in reverse, and using the parking break, I stopped the car.

Me: I don't know what's wrong... I want to do this. I'm just so...
Dad: That's why were're only doing it a little bit at a time.
Me: Maybe I do know what's wrong. I read this pamphlet shortly after the crash.
Dad: Yeah?
Me: It said, "Do you really want to put your child in charge of a two-ton death machine that could potentially get you from one location to another at breakneck speeds?"
Dad: (quickly)So what are you saying? That you don't want to drive?

Two things flashed before my eyes. The thought of having to take the bus for the rest of my life, and a comic I had drawn at the beginning of my Freshman year. I was originally going to title it "Skewed", but never got around to doing anything with it. Maybe I'll put up the five strips that I have and build from there.

I guess my point is- I have the rest of my life. Would I rather spend it in the back passenger seat or turning the ignition?

I chose to turn the key again. I'll have buses for a while. I'll have driving for the rest of my life.

From my magnetic poetry board,

created in only locker lingo


very bad date
both lost control
too crazy to
talk right now

(yup, that just about says it all.)

Words jumbled and reworked...

October 11, 2003

We gotcher glads, we gotcher roses, we gotcher carinations...

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As much as I love working at Wolf's, I'm starting to lose some major confidence in my position there. I'm "low man on totem pole" as it is. My boss is starting to become frustrated by my lack of attention to detail. The worst part is, I've really seen it these last few weeks. Wolf's has been around for over fifty years. The original owner, a Ms. Viola Wolf, started it on the corner of Gravois and Mackenzie around 1947, and it's permanently become a fixture in the community. Some of the people who walk in to order flowers funerals for family members also ordered wedding flowers from us.

Since I've started working there, I've cried twice (once I appeared to be on the edge of a nervous breakdown, according to the co-worker nearest to my age), lost my knife, broken at least one vase a month (not to mention the occasional fire engine), forgotten numerous times to take care of that one important thing that would throw off an order completely. However, what annoys the "higher totem members" the most is when I ask a question that I should know the answer to. Common sense. After all, I've been working there for just under six months now. The cartoon below is from Monday, this week. (I decided to post it early.)

I just pray that the little things don't add up to a larger, cost-effective solution of dumping me onto the streets for someone who works faster without tripping over her size 5 feet or missing a leaf or three on the emerald that she's supposed to be trimming.

It's really too bad that the women at work couldn't hear the second half of a telephone order I took on Friday... the lady on the other end of the phone was having a rotten day. For some odd reason I heard nervous giggles escape. At the very last, she said that she was glad that I had handled her order. So maybe I'm not such a failure at this stuff after all.

(Picture yoinked Oct-6-2004... will hopefully be up somewhere soon)

Created by Moueska

With a pencil and a pad I figured it out...

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I have a comic drawn up for Sunday... but it's still on notebook paper. Odds are, I'm just going to render it as such, adding text via Adobe Photoshop. I just hope that you don't mind the lines. With any luck, it will be worth suffering through. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get a certain other picture all figured out. If I get it right, it should be awesome. If not, it's not even noteworthy, so I won't say what it is.

On a completely unrelated note- I shall post of cheese eventually. Until then, there's always If thou wishes to comment on brie, swiss, or good old fashioned American... post away. Bobert, Von, Laura, you know you want to.

October 10, 2003

I'm so skewed.

I'm currently listening to: My heart dropping

Joe over at Hella Fly Hottie is good. And my picture that I put up makes me look like a zombie. Oh, and to a certain person (you know who you are) You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself!!! There's a difference between supporting a friend in a competition and insulting the judge.

October 09, 2003


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Seems like I've started something of a trend. The Infamous T's undertaking the ups and downs of a weblog in hopes of finding her voice. Because I want to help her find it, I added her to my list 'o blogs.

All right, so I deserved that...

I'm currently listening to: "Grow Up" by Simple Plan (On a burn... sorry Tommy)

After typing all about the wonderful walk to school in my sandals, I feel the earth release her beautiful musky smell before rain starts. I have only one thing to say...

Weather Break, you big liar!

Well, at least the jacket has a hood.

Warmth in the Darkness

I'm currently listening to: "Woman Trouble" by Artful Dodger

The heat woke me up. Maybe it was the dream. I'm not too terribly sure either way, but I was awake for just a few minutes before my alarm went off. It's nice like that. You have some time to regain your bearings before the music catapults you out of the bed and across the room to turn of the radio. It didn't feel like it was a jeans and jacket day. It just didn't seem right for the weather, even though I hadn't even looked outside yet.

Too lazy and late to find socks, I grabbed my sandals. You know the pair... I think Jess even lent me the Krazy glue to repair them two months ago. I've been careful to repair them whenever they need it. After, all- I wear my shoes until they fall apart at all of the seams. I was wearing these even when they had rocks inside the soles from a canoeing trip. It was saved from the waters at different points in time, and if I do wear them again for such a purpose, I'm tying them to my ankles.

Just in case I was terribly wrong about the weather, I grabbed my brother's hand-me-up jacket. I stepped outside- beautiful. Like late summer. Like September wasn't already behind me. Before I even reached the bus stop, it was tied around my waist. With my sleeveless top and khakis, I didn't have to worry about not being seen by cars in the dark. With music in my ears and heart I felt the bookbag tug against my fist, grumbling on the ground, but keeping up with my steady clip. I caught my reflection in Chippewa Glass and Mirror. Me. Just being me.

But mirrors are for another post. And I have to get to class.

Now that my little contest is over

I'm currently listening to: "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics

Nate officially got his underway just yesterday. I'm fighting it out with Joe for Hella Fly Hottie, a subdomain of Smackie. So drop by and support me if you have a moment. (I figure, what's the worst that could happen... lose Movable Type. Even though it is slick... I guess I could deal if it dissappeared from my life.)

October 08, 2003

I believe we have a win-ner!

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For all those out there that were actually following the contest, we have a winner and a runner up... so now I guess I should post what the prizes are.

Since Nate was clearly the first with a short joke, I've got to find some way to get him his prize of a $10 gift card to Comp USA. (Cause that'll buy a whole lot of slick stuff... Oh, yeah.)

Tommy/Drac was second, but with a longer joke (off the cuff, from what I've been told) gets any book he wants from Borders under $10- and I know there's one that he's had his eye on for some time.

T gets a pair of chattering teeth for trying so damn hard to figure it out but not actually posting the joke.


Sleep is a good thing

I'm currently listening to: "Narcolepsy" by Third Eye Blind

I wish I were getting some... however my biological clock is completely skewed by my schedule, so I'm up and about. I'm pretty sure that my choice of music isn't about to help me sleep at all, but I don't really care. A yawn. A blink. A song, echoing...


I'm on a train, but there's no one at the helm,
And there's a demon in my brain starts to overwhelm,
And there it goes, my last chance for peace,
I lay me down, but I get no release,
I try to keep awake, I try to swim beneath,
But still I find this narcolepsy slides,
Into another nightmare.
And there's a demon in my head who starts to play,
A nightmare tape loop of what went wrong yesterday,
And I hold my breath 'till it's more than I can take,
And I close my eyes and dream that I'm awake,
I try to keep awake,
I try to keep awake,
But still I find this Narcolepsy slides, into another nightmare.
I read dead Russian authors, Volumes at a time,
I write everything down except what's on my mind,
Cause my greatest fear is that sucking sound,
And then I know that I will neer get back out,
And there's a bone in my hand that connects to a drink,
In a crowded room where the glasses clink,
And I'll buy you a beer and we'll drink it deep,
Because that keeps me from felling asleep,
How'd you like to be alone and drowning,
How'd you like to be alone and drowning,
How'd you like to be alone and drowning,
Still I find this narcolepsy slide slide slides, Into another nightmare,
Keep awake. Keep awake, Keep awake,
Still I find this narcolepsy slides...

You know, after that, maybe I'll just watch a movie instead.

October 07, 2003

I am Joe's twisted sense of humor...

In honor of certain Dead Baby Jokes and the Halloween atmosphere, I present an excerpt of an Essay from my Major British Dramatists class... first person to tell me who it is and follow it up with a joke- morbid, perhaps, but not involving dead babies or BMWs gets a prize.

I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricasie, or a ragoust.

...I have reckoned upon a medium, that a child just born will weigh 12 pounds, and in a solar year, if tolerably nursed, encreaseth to 28 pounds.

I grant this food will be somewhat dear, and therefore very proper for landlords, who, as they have already devoured most of the parents, seem to have the best title to the children.

Infant's flesh will be in season throughout the year, but more plentiful in March, and a little before and after; for we are told by a grave author, an eminent French physician, that fish being a prolifick dyet, there are more children born in Roman Catholick countries about nine months after Lent, the markets will be more glutted than usual, because the number of Popish infants, is at least three to one in this kingdom, and therefore it will have one other collateral advantage, by lessening the number of Papists among us.

...I profess, in the sincerity of my heart, that I have not the least personal interest in endeavouring to promote this necessary work, having no other motive than the publick good of my country, by advancing our trade, providing for infants, relieving the poor, and giving some pleasure to the rich. I have no children, by which I can propose to get a single penny; the youngest being nine years old, and my wife past child-bearing.

At stake is a prize tailored to the winner... depending on whether I know them personally or not. I mean, it would affect me getting it to them.

Good Luck!

All I ask...

I'm currently listening to: The MJ Radio Network on Z107.7 for more days like this one. Beautiful. Glorious, even. This is the best of October. Right here. In the morning my shadow was not blue- but dark grey. Even black. I love it. Walking down Gravois, I couldn't see mini-puffs of breath- I'll get those back soon enough, though.

It's time that I started reading "Something Wicked This Way Comes" again. Welcome to October in Honeytown. Population- Me.

October 06, 2003

Oh, Brother...

I'm currently listening to: "All Things Considered" by Yankee Grey

My brother is great. Well, for a little brother, anyway. Wait a second, that doesn't quite work... my brother isn't little. He towers over my 5'2ness by at least ten inches, so little just doesn't cut it. He's two years younger than I am, and is a senior in high school.

In comparison to yours truly, my brother is somewhat popular. He actually had a fan club for a little bit, as far as I know. He plays volleyball on the varsity team, and has been carrying on the legacy of the Tonelicci kids as a part of the Drama Club. (I was involved with all eight plays through my high school career, as well as our in-class play of Julius Caesar. The latter still gives me nightmares.) Unlike Athene and I, my brother can drive.

His hair is currently bleached blond, and he plays saxophone in both the Jazz and Marching Bands. He's the sort who'd invest a great deal of money in a pair of sunglasses that would be likely to last him a long time. He could also draw circles around me. Literally. There are two oil canvas paintings in the living room that he painted, just because he wanted to. And they both turned out beautiful. I'd be jealous, but we each inherited some trait from Mom. He just happened to get the lion's share of artistic ablility. Christina recived grace and presence. I have endless, rarely tappable creativity. (I can see the tip of the iceberg... I just want to know how deep it goes... maybe that's the real reason behind starting this 'blog.) He has this inked drawing of an angel- it's beautiful. Maybe, if he lets me, I'll scan it in.

Licorice Root

I'm currently listening to: "Desert Rose" by Sting (with Cheb Miami)

It's an acquired taste, really. I certainly wouldn't suggest it to everyone. Just the adventureous few who wouldn't mind subjecting themselves to trying something new. As a matter of fact, I had my first experience with licorice root at the fearless age of ten. It was my family's trip to Williamsburg, VA and we were in the historical part of town. The man at the candy shop told me what they were and I bought one, thinking they would be like licorice whips. Not so! Instead, I spent the rest of the afternoon alternately chewing on what looked like a stick and critiquing its taste.

I didn't have any farther experiences with it until just last winter. I saw them at The Natural Way, a health food store near my college that I just enjoy walking through. They looked so forlorn at the top of the dry herbs rack that I just had to take one home with me.

It's just like a twig flavored with- something... sort of sweet... but it takes your tounge and teeth to unlock the taste. You can use it to stir honey into your tea. It's supposed to be good for sore throats, and has never done me wrong before. I highly suggest it. That is, if you think you could handle trying something new. At 1.21 a lb, you can't go too wrong, especially when the stick is just about the size of a pencil.

October 05, 2003

An interlude

I'm currently listening to: "Oxygen's Gone" by Die Trying

Stepping off the bus to get myself home on Tuesday, I saw this guy and just had to share him with the world. What intrigued me the most about him, I'll never know. Maybe it was the hat made of a paper bag.

(Picture yoinked Oct-6-2004... will hopefully be up somewhere soon)

Good Morning

I'm currently listening to: "Wasting Time" by Blink 182

The party has hit its lull. Most of the guests who were going to leave have left- and some who thought they were going to stay were forced out as well. However, I'm on my thirteenth wind and am just now getting to type a real entry.

You see, the party had been in the works for about a month. Yet for all Jessi's planning, there are always unforseen events that happen. There was a distinct lack of cake when I had gotten off work, so I picked up one from Federhoffer's bakery on the way over... Black Forest cake with- not cherries!- but strawberries. Heaven. In attendance over the course of the evening (in order of when they actually left) were Amy (doesn't care for Tom, but generally nice to me), Von, Bobert (Von's fiancee/boyfriend), Von's friend Laura, my friend Laura, JR (Laura's boyfriend and general crusader strip poker), Christina, Andy (a guy Jessi invited), and the Infamous T. Oh, and Tommy, who just left a few minutes ago. The people left to deal with hangovers (well, only one of us really) are Kristen (the ex-cheerleader), Melody (the birthday girl), Jessi and I.

We all stayed relatively sober- although Bobert was really lobbying for more drinks. The cause? He manages to get himself drunk at parties like Jessi's. And he's usually a laid-back drunk... except he gets loud. And the last two parties that Jess threw with alcohol, he threw up. So, he was on probation tonight. The games? Truth or Dare (but I'm not allowed to disclose what happens during said sessions), Sexual Secrets (apparently an adult game from Spencer's), Strip Poker, and impromptu Whistling Nerf Football in the dark. (Wha? Where'd it go? Oh my-)

Thumb Wars was shown for the benefit of Von and Andy, and, of course, there was talk of thongs, band-aids, and the like. That includes, but is not limited to, neon pink teaser whips, masculine sizes, birth control, duct-tape swords, badgers, Viking Kittens, and the like. Oh, and there was a prize for the four people there who read my weblog- but I didn't get to choose a winner before they all left. Ah,well... there's always Halloween!

God, this one isn't even over and I'm already looking forward to Halloween...

Happy 20th Melody!

October 04, 2003

Question II

I'm currently listening to: "Totus Floreo"

In an effort to stave off the current tide of "Woman With a Problem Posts", I ask you...

Is it really better to have a duct tape sword instead of a black fedora in a picture?


I'm currently listening to: cartoons in the background

Tell me what you think about me... Er, sorry about that moment brought to you by Destiny's Child. But while we're on the subject. Tom would like me to have a breast reduction. I happen to be rather attatched to them, and am not likely to become seperated from them barring certain circumstances. His argument currently is that he's only thinking about when I become a mother.

So, now I ask you, next time he brings it up, do I slap him, or do I just tell him that I happen to love myself too much to part with them?

Excuses, Excuses

I'm currently listening to: Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time"

I actually did it. It was only a matter of time. I skipped a day. But only because I woke up late for work, then touched home base only for half an hour. By the time I got back home, I was so tired I nearly fell into bed immediately. Then I realized I still had a few things to take care of, such as brushing my teeth, etc. (That includes a special task from Tommy)

About my evening, though... Tommy picked me up from work early- But only because I had some things to take care of at home before- I hate to introduce my best friend like this! Jessi's grandmother on her mom's side passed away, so I brought a lily from work for her family. I called Laura and Athene, but didn't really have time to call people too far out of the Affton area about rides. (Sorry, Mel! And Von!) The three of us girls got to meet half of Jessi's extended family- including the legendary Jared studying anatomy. (Well, Laura and Athene did.)

You know, I think I know how Tom feels when I talk about my Mom. Looking at the woman in the casket, then at a picture of the woman next to it... I wanted to meet her. But now that time has passed, and I'm left with the phantoms and ghosts and histories of people who have changed my life, and my friend's lives. Jess said that the worst thing about the woman in the casket was the surreal aspect-
"She was always the life of the party- playing the hostess, making sure everything was going all-right." Hmm, who else fits that description that I know? (coughJesscough) Well, besides Mel, anyway.

Since Jessi is practically like family, I'll give her a true introduction before I'm done posting about my family. She deserves as much.

October 02, 2003

About my sister

I'm currently listening to: Nicotine's cover of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" made famous by Brittany Spears

I just realized that I haven't really mentioned anything about my family, so I'll try to introduce them one at a time, starting with my older sister. Athene looks sort of like me, only I have dangerous curves where she is able to fit in size 3-5 clothes. She has natural blond-brown hair and introduced me to forum environments on the internet through Ancientsites, but that's another story. Athene used to listen to oldies, then country, and now mostly New Age.

At 21, she's the only really legal one among us, and she'll never drive home drunk because- you guessed it! She has no car. Athene works full time at the Science Center, and takes a completely different set of buses to get to where she needs to go. Actually, she just moved out... two months? Two months ago. She's currently single but has been seeing different people off and on. After her last really, really serious boyfriend moved to Tennessee she's been playing the field.

In general, Athene's really sweet, but occassionally has bouts of flightyness. (She's flighty, I'm eccentric. We all have our faults.) She's gotten better at controlling them as the years have gone on. I have no outstanding qualms or quarrels with her, and would really, really like to keep it that way. After all, she did give me her room. The blue jacket that I'm wearing is still under investigation.

(Athene- nearly all posts concerning me, and/or my friends and family are to be taken lightly. Be not offended, says I! Be touched with mirth!)

To someone half a gallon of gas away...

I'm currently listening to: Nelly and P. Diddy's "Shake Your Tailfeather"

Tommy, I love you...

October 01, 2003


I'm currently listening to: "Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews Band

Earlier I had said that six hours by myself were nice. And they were excellent, today, too. But by the time I hit hour seven, I was itching to get out of the house. The only guy who could have tied me to the house for the rest of the afternoon was catching some much-needed ZZzz's up in Florissant... and I didn't really think it my place to wake him- yet.

I mean, I had a paycheck in my purse that needed to be put in the bank and I was running on empty for funds, so the bank was my direction of choice. It just happens to be on the way to the mall. And I just happened to need a gift for a rather good friend of mine. (You know who you are...) To everyone else- that means party-post on Saturday or Sunday. You are warned in advance.

Anywho, at about 2:40 I managed to grab the shuttle towards Crestwood, get off at the bank, and still catch the Chippewa 11 to get me to the mall. When I worked at South County, it didn't seem quite as- what's the word? Cold? No, not really. Just surreal. I was hit on by some guy a foot and a half shorter than I was at Spencer's. Both bookstores were missing the volume I needed of a certain series I'm reading. I was attacked by two saleswomen who tested products on me.

Victoria's Secret Clerk: Before you leave, Let's put some lip gloss on you.
Me (miffed): But I already have lipstick on.
VSC: Really? It doesn't look like it. (Proceeds to load up swab with pink gloss)
Me: I put it on right before I left the house.
VSC: It'll only take a second.

By that time, I figured- hey, I got what I had come in for... I'm not going to buy it, so I let her have her fun.

Same thing happened just outside of Suncoast. A woman was tauting nail buffers for $35.00, and I waved her off, saying that I was getting a manicure on Tuesday. Persistent thing wouldn't let me walk into the DVD store without talking to her.

Before I left the mall I checked the last bookstore one more time, and wondered if Tom had woken up yet... so I had his sister pull him out of dreamland for me- I had a feeling that he needed to actually be up and functioning for work. I talked to him for about five minutes, then released him to complete his evening.

I finally grabbed the Chippewa and had it drop me off practically at Athene's doorstep. I started hoofing it from there to the closest Fenton Shuttle stop... enjoying the scenery. If it had been two weeks later, I could probably talk about the chilling feeling of walking past a cemetary for twenty minutes while listening to radio commercials for The Darkness and Silo X. It's not near enough to Halloween yet to do that. But it will be. Soon.

Maybe next time I'll just save time and energy by taking the Chippewa, the Gravois, and DEAL! I think I might have saved ten minutes of time riding by spending twenty walking. Or maybe if Dad's home, I'll talk him into a driving lesson.

October, Wednesday, and other things of that nature

I'm currently listening to: Idobi Radio... "My Goddess" by The Exiles

So it's the beginning of a new month- the third beginning for this weblog. The appearance, the comments, and now a new month. Wow. It's almost halfway through the school year, almost time for Webster Works Worldwide. Not to mention the fact that It's halfway through the week.

Wednesdays are great for me. I can lounge on Wednesdays. I have the entire house to myself for at least six hours without worrying about intrusions. I can do homework, watch two DVDs, take an hour long bath (followed by a shower for my hair), read, or do any combination of the above without being interrupted. It's a beautiful thing.

Hmm, while I'm going on about my Wednesdays, maybe then I should say my schedule for the rest of the week, too.

Church in the morning, followed by coffee hour afterwards. Sometimes I'll slip out to read by the memorial on the side of the parsonage, or to clear the weeds and dead leaves off of it. Maybe I'll write more about that some other time. It deserves its own post. If Tom's off, maybe I'll go see a movie with him. Big If. And that's assuming that all of my homework's under control.

Wake up at Sevenish, leave at Eight-thirty for work at nine. I walk from my house to Wolf's Flower Shop where I drag out the cemetery cones and set about doing whatever they tell me... including- but not limited to- dusting, sweeping, cutting flowers, washing buckets, cleaning the fridge, taking orders, cutting emeril, taping fall leaves, pricing items, etc. Exhausted by five, it's time to sign out and go home. Walk in the door at 5:30, check e-mail, do homework, get something to eat, go to bed.

School! Wake at Fivish, get out of the house by six- or else. Get down to the bus station, grab the Hampton 90 to Hampton and Southwest, get off. Walk to 7-11 for Hot Chocolate (What!? It's cold!) and wait for the Lindenwood 92. Depending on when I catch my buses, I should have anywhere from an hour and a half to about thirty-five minutes to kill. If I'm early enough, I stop at Einstein's Bagels for Breakfast.
~My first class at Webster's at 8:30, Major British Writers II. I like the readings a lot, but some of it is so far removed from today's world you just don't get it properly.
~My second class is Intro to Management. (It's for my buisness minor, OK!) It's my biggest class so far. I don't know if that'll change or not. Forty minute break before my next class, where I can check e-mail or get something to eat. It depends on my priorities.
~My third class is Writing in the Workplace. (Hi, Professor Roorda!) Obviously, this 'blog is for that course. No? Well, I guess not entirely. But it did give me a good excuse to start one.
~Last class of the day is Philosophy in Politics... I didn't know exactly what to expect from this one. Machiavelli I was expecting. Aristotle? Not really. We're just getting to "The Prince" now.
~Work-study from 3-5, then take the buses back to my territory. Arrive at Hampton/Gravois, then pick up my heels and start walking.
~Arrive at doorstep about seven, collapse on couch for a minute if no-one else is on it. Consider starting homework, etc.

My day. To do whatever the hell I want. Mwahahahaha!

See Tuesday.

See Monday. Maybe if Tom's off, we'll go out to do something, or if Jessi is throwing a shindig I'll make an appearance for as long as I can afford while still being able to get a decent night's sleep.

See Monday and Friday... only with an hour of cartoons before I leave. (Yes, I watch cartoons.)

And that's my week. Boring, eh? Well, possibly. But the hectic nature keeps me going for the most part. It could very easily get worse. I have a class starting after fall break on Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings- another Philosophy course. Then I'll just drop work-study on Tues/Thurs, and do it Wednesday. I'm an insult as it is. I might as well just insult them one day a week. Or I may come in after noon or something like that. It hasn't been settled yet.