It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

November 30, 2003

Cups marked with Sharpies

I'm currently listening to: Everyone kibitzing in the background at Jessi's

Last night I took a break from homework to make an appearance at Jessi's house without realizing that I was going to spend the night. Not that I wasn't welcome or anything. Generally, when Jess throws a shindig, she has at least two or three people crashing on couches. I was just so tired that I couldn't really help it!

You see, Laura hit nineteen recently, and that's a good a reason to eat cheesecake, drink sparkly stuff, and be merry as any. It's almost hard to believe that I've known Lar since she was fourteen, when we were both sharing a gym class in Jr. High. Baby Brooke was cute, and generally sweet for most of the evening... JR (Lar's boyfriend/fiancee) wasn't as high-strung as he could've been- well, for taking part in a strip poker game with several of the other girls. Athene was there, along with John (her boyfriend), Chris H. (a previous ex of hers), Von, Bobert, Lauren, Lonnie, Big John (friend of Von's), Jess (of course), her sister Kati, Jimmy (Jessi's date), Kelli (and an appearance from her boyfriend), Mel, and myself. Amy, Kristen, and T all left soon after the strip poker game. Tom came down from North County just as the party finally wound down. I would have felt sorrier for him if I wasn't so glad to see him. He almost didn't get a chance to see Von and Bobert at all.

Even at eleven the next day, I'm loathe to go home to the work that awaits me in the form of essays, chores, and poetry in motion that I'm supposed to create. Well, if it must be done...

Happy 19th, Laura!

November 28, 2003

Like Photoshop Phriday!

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Only much, much less professional. I know, it's been an age and a half since the first time I promised to get up a new pic, but I've spent most of that time figuring what I was supposed to do with this one sketch that I had been toying with for an age and a half. For now, though, I go do homework.

(I was so proud when I figured out that there was a text-bubble feature in Adobe... It was like the sun dawning after a lifetime of darkness!) Enjoy, and tell me whatcha think!

(Picture yoinked Oct-6-2004... will hopefully be up somewhere soon)

November 27, 2003

Giving up the Thanks-

I'm currently listening to: "The Being Stood Up Hoedown" as performed on Who's Line is it Anyway

I'm thankful for my family
For all the birds and trees.
I'm thankful for the gifts we bring
and band-aids for my knees.

I'm thankful for the food we eat
and all the friends I know.
I'm thankful for the kitty,
and the movie picture show.

I'm thankful, mostly for my world
and the fact that I'm alive.
Of course, that hasn't changed my views-
At least, since I turned five.

Picture before too long. Honest. I have three scanned and waiting- a comic that needs de-bluelining- and a bed waiting for me upstairs. Right now the bed takes priority. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

November 25, 2003

Ice, Ice Baby

I'm currently listening to: "Chloe's Mom" on the MJ Radio Network

Winter. It felt like I was drinking the cold air when I left the house this morning, almost like I wasn't breathing at all. Nothing like last year, but this is my first real taste of the fridgidness that is the season of white, purity, and sleep.

Winter. I'm starting to brace myself every time that I walk to a door connecting to the outside- knowing what waits for me when I walk through. I fiddle with my gloves, re-adjust my CD player, and zip my coat.

I had forgotten how good Hot Chocolate feels at seven in the morning at 70, 80 degrees when I'm surrounded by air 30, 40 degrees cooler.

And now that I'm back in the swing- how the hell did I ever forget? Now all I need is a scarf to cover my ears. Or earmuffs again. (Stylish, ne?)

November 20, 2003

Just under par

I'm currently listening to: "Family Affair" by Mary J. Blige

Between classes, there were some people rapping in the courtyard near the University Center and the Sverdrup building, not far from the library. My curiosity took hold, and I found myself wandering over to see what was going on. There was a table selling raffle tickets, and a guy "spittin'" lyrics. You know, I've only seen guys spittin' a few times before- generally at the high school I used to go to. Even then, I wasn't sure how many of them they made up themselves... they managed to keep it clean (yeah, right) and supposedly had an album out (mm-hm, yeah).

I don't know exactly why I was drawn over there. Just for the hell of it? Maybe. I mean, rap isn't my fave genre, but it's not bad either. When I had gotten there, the Gorlok mascot had wandered over, and was getin' down. Have any of you ever seen a 5'5" yellow mythical creature bouncin' his- aaaanyway...

At the booth they were also selling "Webster SuperFan" T-shirts for two dollars a pop. Two! I hastily checked my bag for my ATM card and came up empty. Then I checked my pockets. One dollar and thirty cents. Failing that, I listened for a few more minutes, and allowed myself to walk away, even though I had made myself very conspicuous in my red shirt.

But then again, I don't need the T-shirt. And there was still a group listening to the guy with Webster spirit knockin' on Fontbonne. I wonder what I'm missing right now by typing this.

Ah, well. No need to get melodramatic about it.

Next time, though... next time I'll get a shirt.

November 19, 2003

More Technical Difficulties

No pictures this week after all. I'm just not in the mood. Sorry.

I See The Lion King in the Rug!

I'm currently listening to: "Giddy Up" by N*Sync (Yes, the boy band... it's on a compilation CD that cost me $4.)

That's right, I'm avoiding the hot topic of me leaving Hella Fly Hottie. If you want to know all about it, you can contact me. If not, let it rest. Remember, any posts that were over there would have been on this weblog anyway. The only thing I'm losing is my pride and Movable Type. And the competition.* It beats losing a peice of my boyfriend... a peice that has been loose since the day I promised to meet him. It was my fault to start with, and something that I hoped wouldn't be that big of a deal.

In the meantime, it's a beautiful day, and I have some leaves that I need to rake. Or maybe I'll get around to posting those three pictures I promised. Well, two comics. That sounds just about right, wouldn't you think?

*I didn't think I'd be losing a friend as well. Guess that sort of happens when you aren't looking.

November 17, 2003

Due to technical difficulties...

I'm currently listening to: "The Being Stood Up Hoedown" from Who's Line is it Anyway

Namely homework, there will be no witty post, no picture... well, acutally there will be one. It's not too much... You can use it for a link to here. Otherwise, I gotta get back to work. Blah.

(Picture yoinked Oct-6-2004... will hopefully be up somewhere soon)

The guy was just a nifty sketch of boredom in my management class. Oh, yeah. Good time management skills, have I.

Complete side note- I love you, Von and Bobert! (In that oh-so-sisterly pal sort of way.)

November 14, 2003

Jaded and Ready to Philosophize

I'm currently listening to: "You Make Me" by the Weird Al Yankovic

If you know me, then you know that I am a constant procrastinator. It's part of my nature. I put off doing things, I forget, I scurry at the last minute, or even after that minute has passed.

So here I am, typing away at a philosphy report. I promise I'll have a comic up tomorrow. Or Sunday. Or two on Sunday. Or three on Monday. Whatever it takes.

In my absence, I give you a dilemma: If an event occurs (Let's call it X) and no-one is around to witness it, did it actually happen?

And for when you're done wrapping your head around that: What is the sound of one hand clapping?

November 12, 2003

Right on!!!

I'm currently listening to: "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal

I have comments again! And I also found a cached version of my website on Google! Yay! Granted, it doesn't have all the comments or anything, but it does have a fair few of them on it.

So feel free to post! Post what you posted before! Post what you didn't! Click the gaudy comment text and let me know what you think!

A cookie to the first person to post about cheese!

(Hmm, I'd better jet before I get arrested for excessive use exclamation points.)

Missing Messages

I just realized how empty this place looks without the comments, like I'm talking to myself. No wonder people that don't get any comments on their weblog usually leave it to die on its own. I know what all of you had written... and it's not there anymore! The first comment about cheese- seemingly random but really not, Lauren double-posting, Tommy letting the world know I'm perfect in his eyes, Jess checking when she gets the chance, Von- my internet stalker, inspiring both T and Athene in turn... Comments from my Dad, Nate, and other people- Poof! up in smoke.

I'm going to get a different program. Staying with the old one won't bring the old comments back. Maybe I'll find a program that can allow me to edit rude posts or something.


November 11, 2003

I think I'm gonna cry

I'm currently listening to: "Take this Girl" by Gametime

Damnit!!! My comments have gone AWOL, and were really messing with the page in general. I think I'll probably need to reinstall them or something.

Until then, you can e-mail me at cybergal at rock dot com, or instant message me via Yahoo or AOL- my screen name is AquaRosewater... Sorry guys. It wasn't supposed to happen like this.

November 10, 2003

Now that I can think...

You know you had a damn good time at a hard rock/ heavy alternative concert when you wake up with a headache.

I had just gotten off work Saturday when I checked my phone. Three messages- one from Bobert, one from Drac, and one from Von. The first and the last were them asking if Drac and I were still interested in going to the Adair concert at Mississippi Nights. Drac's message was him saying that he missed me, and essentially that I wouldn't hear from him until after he got off work.

Dilemma: Do I stay at home and wait for him to call at eleven? Or do I go out to the concert with some friends, leaving a note for Dad to tell him to call my cell?

The decision was made with guilt in mind, but I finally coerced myself to take the aspirin Sunday in the evening as the end of my punishment. The headache sustained through church was enough to make anyone cry "Good Stepdaddy!" (Ask Drac. He knows.) I called Von from where I was, and hurriedly made my way home to change. (Pink turtlenecks aren't really what one would wear to Mississippi Nights.) As Laura had never actually driven to my house, they called back when they were closer, and I gave them better directions. They rolled onto my street just as I was putting on my shoes.

I was squeezed into the back seat with Von and Bobert, and from there we set about finding a route to Laclede's Landing. Afterhaving to stop at a bar for directions, and having to turn around at least once, We saw the great graffiti wall and knew that we were by the river. (The black water was sort of a dead giveaway too.) The absolute worst part of the night was standing outside Mississippi Nights, waiting for the doors to open. Cover was roughly two dollars more that what I had on me, so Von took care of it. (Thanks Von!) My hand was x-ed and I wandered in. Von located a table for us, and we commenced to waiting and listening to the music blaring from the speaker less than five feet away.

People filtered in little by little, and a small crowd gathered at the stage as the first house band showed up. Von pinpointed what made them so great- they were so disorganized it was funny. The lead singer was quick to point out the flaws as they cropped up, and apoligized for the quality. Oh, and broke the mic, too. They really weren't all that bad, though. "GameTime" was the second band of the evening. Personally, of the three, I liked them the best. There was more than one singer, and they actually sang verses more the screaming into the microphone. If they had an album out in St. Louis, I'd be the first to buy it. To top it off, they did a cover of the theme from "King of the Hill". I mean, who can beat that?! The third wasn't much to shout about, but the lead vocalist shouted a lot anyway. Bobert and Lonnie wanted a mosh pit to start, but every time Bobert actually drummed up the courage (motivation?) to get down there, any violence was gone. Oh, and the lead was going on about how he was planning to die just before he found out he had a gig. It became a running theme... worked well with their angst, though. My ears were so far gone after them, I didn't think I would be able to hear Adair- Boy was I wrong.

Adair was awesome. By the time that they started, the smoke from both the audience and the stage began to filter the lights into collumns of illumination. Von and Bobert made their way down to the rest of the crowd to listen up close. I sat on a wooden railing for most their act. I couldn't help but get into the music a little. Everyone did. There were people singing, people

Over the course of the evening, Von had told me a little bit of the history that she and Bobert had with Mississippi Nights. They met at an Adair concert. They finally admitted their love at an Adair concert. So the concert had a great deal of meaning for them. It also had me checking my cell every ten minutes or so... just in case Tom called. I had this innate urge to leave a message with music blaring behind my voice, saying that I wished he were there. Too bad his cell doesn't have voice messages set up.

After the concert, Von, Lonnie, Lauren, and Bobert all took me by the South Grand Coffee Co., just to kill time for a little bit and let me get a chance to see it. Von introduced me to some of her friends there, Anna, this one guy who looked like Legolas (Don't ask me why. I don't know), and at least two or three others that I couldn't remember the names of. (Since I'm awful with names to begin with, so I probably got some else's wrong again.)

I got home about one or so, and with proof that timing truly is everything, Tom called. He had apparently fallen asleep at a friend's house while watching Scarface, which was just as well.

Given the chance, I'd go see them again in a heartbeat. I'd just borrow Athene's earplugs beforehand.

November 09, 2003


Saw Adair at Mississippi Nights with Von, Bobert, Lonnie, and Lauren (Von's friends). It was generally awesome, but more about that later, when I have the time and energy to write a full post. Meanwhile, It's two in the morning, and I need to get some rest.

Oh, and before I forget:

Skewed 2 of 7
(Picture yoinked Oct-6-2004... will hopefully be up somewhere soon)

Told you I'd try to get it up before the month was over! Oh, wait, it is over. Shoot. Guess I'll just have to redouble my efforts for the next one.

... On a farther note, last week was pitiful for posts. I'll be sure to do better from here on in. Promise.

November 05, 2003

Big Daddy

I'm currently listening to: Babies of the 80's by Something Corporate (Thanks Chris Hill!)

My dad is a genuinely good guy. He sings in the church choir, and has done his best to be nice to my boyfriend (who is apparently frightened of him for some reason). On average, he tries to keep tabs on me, but for the most part trusts me to watch after myself. He's already been through the ritual of "letting go" for Athene, and in about ten months he'll have to do the same for Tarrith (my brother) if he goes to college out of town.

He works at Circut City, which has been known to run him from a store on one end of the city all the way to the other, and then still need time to do his end-of-shift report. Granted, he didn't always work there. He used to work for Unisys until his job dissappeared. They just didn't have a place for him anymore, and his job was no longer necessary. That night, Dad took the five of us (Mom, Dad, Me, Athene, and Tarrith) all to the Spaghetti Factory and broke the news. I can remember the Commodore 64 that we used to have, and the family dinners- but mostly I remember seeing pages of classifieds with highlighted ads. That was quite some time ago, though.

Dad went to school at Cleveland (before it was a naval academy), and then went into the Navy anyway. That was where he got quite a bit of his technical training. An old friend of his introduced him to my mom on a float trip. According to family legend, Dad taught Mom how to drive a jeep, and Dad spent quite a bit of time digging himself out of holes...

They were married at the Missouri Botanical Gardens before it became an expensive thing to do, and the pictures are beautiful. Dad had apparently tried wearing contacts, but they made his eyes extremely bloodshot, and he never really tried them again to my knowledge.

They moved into an apartment above Grandma C's flat as newlyweds. They moved again after Athene was born.

And I guess you could say the rest is history.

November 03, 2003

Monday, Monday...

I'm currently listening to: Internet Killed the Video Star

After a party like Friday, the last thing I wanted to do this morning was get up. School. Back to reality. Back to the world.

Mondays aren't always bad, though. Sometimes they can be downright pleasant. Class was nice, and I had time for Breakfast at Einsteins. I got to hear Tommy's voice on the way to school, even though it was due to circumstances of my own doing. (I lost my notebook and thought I left it in his car.) Work-study in a bit, so I'm apparently killing time right now.

Actually... I have an old pic drawn from my first semester of college. Not from the 7 of 7 I will be putting up (apparently one a month, but hopefully not), but you can see it here. No, it wasn't a professor, but the fact that we never talked probably makes it just as well. Click and see!

November 01, 2003

Like a princess...

I'm currently listening to: weird techno by Mouse on Mars (Which song? I have no clue)

Did you actually think I'd get away with not posting a picture this week? Methinks you are mistaken. I had it sketched Thursday, and it's the outfit I wore to the party. Hair's different, though. I couldn't get mine to look like that in real life if I tried.

(Picture yoinked Oct-6-2004... will hopefully be up somewhere soon)

People will say we're in love...

I'm currently listening to: Radio FG- Live Techno from Paris (the station Dad apparently had left up on Winamp)

I had coerced Dad to try to get in all three of the Silence of the Lambs trilogy for Jessi's party, but it fell through. We only had two in by the 31st, and those ended up being left at home. Drac seemed adverse to the idea of stopping by the house, so they got left behind. No big deal, really. I had watched Silence of the Lambs when we had gotten it in the first time, and then again when I opened the envelope from Netflix revealing its second cycle through our DVD player. What I really wanted to see was Hannibal, but not without proper background. After all, it was a sequel, right?

It turned out to be more of a stand-alone than anything else... and I'll try not to get into spoilers. Oh, but I want to! Oh, I want to so badly. It's the price I pay for not bringing it to the party, so I can't discuss it in length here. All that I dare say is Hannibal Lechter himself is dranged, unhinged, and appears in the movie to be the most polite and savage underdog/villan I have ever seen. He is a monster, yet posseses human qualities- the only being I can think of to equivalate him to is the Mintonaur of Greek Myths. And on top of it all, he still looks good in a fedora... despite being a serial killer.

I have yet to see Red Dragon, it's sitting upstairs in our DVD changer. Maybe I'll go upstairs and watch it. Maybe I'll wait until tomorrow.