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February 29, 2004

Happy Birthday, Athene!

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I forgot to say it here, so I'm posting in retrospect. My sister had her birthday at the Melting Pot with the family, and we didn't even break $300! Came darn close, though. Aunt Helen, Grandma, and I all loaded her up with stuff... She and John shared a loaded fruity drink that looked like an oversized martini glass.

And I had lobster. It was a good night.

Happy Birthday Athene... Happy Birthday to you! You're twen-ty twoooooooo

February 25, 2004

How (not) to Blog, Party, and Get Good Grades-

(otherwise known as a Party Post!)

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It's been one helluva weekend. Friday was fun. No classes, so I slept in and puttered around the house until work. After work was Jessi's suprise party, thrown by her mom. I was slightly worried about posting, as I didn't want to say any undue words in that general direction. So instead I puttered about on the internet for hours at a time, and worked on my play. Needless to say, there was more playing on the internet than writing my play. Work was all right. I've managed to get it from Sue two days in a row- constructive criticism.

After work was gathering my stuff togeather for the wild weekend ahead of me. I was running late, so Lar picked me up from my house and we travelled over to Jessi's... where Drac was waiting for me!

Attendance for the suprise party is as follows:
Jessi- the guest of the hour and the reason for the season
Athene and John, Tommy and I, Von and Bobert
Laura, JR, and Brooke
Mike- Jessi's boyfriend
Jessi's mom and her boyfriend
The stripper that Jessi's Mom invited
The stripper in training that came with the stripper

Yup! A stripper! Well, Jess is 20 now... Mrs. B has always been really free and slightly wild about things like that. Not that I didn't enjoy watching Athene get thrown around, or Jessi's hands balled up, but the paper crinkling to fill out his thong kept bringing me back to reality. Besides, I'll take Drac over a blonde policeguy any day of the week. Melody was conspicuous in her absence, but it was apparently because of said stripper. But couldn't she have come over afterwards? Or before? (sigh) Oh, well.

Other eventfulness? I figured out T likes Homestar Runner! Huzzah! Here comes the Thnikkaman!!!

Stayed over at Jessi's, then was going to go to Mardi Gras down in Soulard, but ended up going over to Drac's father's house. I had a rather uncomfortable lunch with Drac's Mom, Dad, and sister... in another situation, it could have been damn explosive. Since it was in a public place, though, we had to keep emotions simmering at the surface. After the three hours in North County, I was glad when we were back on the road. We phoned Jess for directions to Mike's place in Eureka, and she gave us partial. Laura caught up with us, but Drac decided to be a jerk and sped up. Irony is, Laura knew where to go, we didn't, so we ended up having to pull over and wait for Jess while Laura passed by us and beat us to Mike's place.

Party People attendance II (by cars):
Jess and Mike
Tom and I
Laura, Bobert, Von, JR
David and Melody
Amy and wotsisname... Drew?

If Jimmy was feeling uncomfortable, he was pretty cool about not showing it off. Poor guy never really talks to any of us, so he gets left off for lack of association. Amy was showing off her new boy-toy. I wonder which one will get tired of the other first. Hopefully neither, but I think Amy's going to want someone she can order around, and still be perfect. In other words, a bi-butler guy that she can screw if and when she should choose in the long term. There was pizza, doughnuts, and double-stuff Oreos for food, as well as a pizza run for David, which also ended up as having Poppycock on the reciept. (David saw me drooling and took care of it... but I'll just have to repay him later. Next time I catch him drooling over something and have a few bucks to spare...) It all culminated in a trip en masse to Johnny O's in Fenton, where most of the crew went home, and Jess was the only one staying in Eureka. I would've, but Drac needed to get some sleep, and I needed to get to school on Monday. So no staying behind for me.

Sunday, Dad didn't wake me for church, so I slept about an hour or so extra. Worked some more on my play, and then considered attacking my art project. Ended up spending endless hours reading the archives for Dominic Deegan. Go figure. Dad scared the hell out of me by inviting his girlfriend Kathy over for soup, and tidying up the table I was working on... so I invited Drac over to meet her. Drac dropped by to to drop off something I had left over at his dad's on Saturday, but didn't stay long. Kathy ended up not coming over after all, and I sent Dad out of the house. "Don't stay on my account! The soup will still be here when you get back. Go! Go have fun with Kathy and her friends, Dad." And thusly, he left.

Drac stopped by later, at my request, and we talked about things until about midnight. Of course, he came over at about ten-thirty or so...

Half-past midnight, Drac's mom called, asking if he was over. Hoping he wouldn't get in trouble, I apologized for asking him to stay so late without calling or anything. I fell asleep with my cell phone in my hand, just in case.

February 19, 2004

Jessi has a Birthday today!

Happy Birthday, Jess!

February 18, 2004

Catching up with my netstuffs-

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Nothing new on Spaulding Gray, really. The man will be like Elvis, I tell you. Elvis!

You know, if you haven't started reading Sluggy Freelance, you may want to. It's a filler week, perfect timing to catch up on the entire series. ('Shya! Like you can finish comics that go back to 1999 in a week.) Or at least start reading it. It's just... that... good... Other webcomics that I've just started reading recently are Geeksalad and Savvie and Lacey. Savvie and Lacey is a very adult comic, but I'd really, really suggest it for Melody. Well, any of my friends for that matter.

Checking e-mail now, virus-delete. Virus-delete. Ooooo! Something new! Junkmail-delete.

Aaaaand Keenspace hasn't started letting people join yet. Soon... very soon.

Figured out where to get Jolt Cola! Huzzah! Of course, you'd have to buy it by the case- anybody want to go in with me for a Mixed Case 'o Jolt?

Checking bus schedules...

Checking Smackie...

You know, it's a beautiful afternoon- I think I'll spend some time outside. Yeah.

February 11, 2004

Long and Winding road

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I've come to a decision- and if I can swing it, I'll get site with Keenspace. That's right, a webcomic. I'll have my own webcomic! I know it won't be anything too fancy, and I'll probably start with the pix I have from Villagephotos, but I'll eventually finish up that first storyline and get into my more recent sketches. Well, hopfully. Granted, it'll be a small audience at first, but it may... just possibly... get larger... possibly...

Wish me luck!

February 09, 2004

Spaulding Gray

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For the three people not reading the comments on this weblog, you probably wouldn't know that Spaulding Gray had gone missing. Well, he did... not too long before my Contemporary Drama class watched "Gray's Anatomy" in class, followed by part of "Monster in a Box". (Good movies, both.) His last monologue/play that he was working on was tentatively titled "Life Interrupted". According to the newspapers and websites, he had been workshopping it for a while, and was going to premier it sometime soon.

But then he dissappeared. He left behind his wallet, his driver's liscense, his life. He was gone. Just like that.

I found the title of his last work fairly ironic in that aspect. People speculated that he had been abducted, or even drowned himself.

Thing is, I was wondering... what if he had left behind his life to find something unusual to write about... to speak about. People write entire novels on two days. It wouldn't be the first time he had succumbed to going underground, or hanging out in obscure places.

Oh, and did I mention that I think I saw him on the bus? He was sitting near the front of the Hampton bus in a brown leather jacket, and I couldn't help but stare.

Shoulder-length grey hair? Check.
Facial features? Check, check.
Him catching me staring? Oops, check.

I looked away quickly, but tried to call to mind everything I had known, and started to wonder if there would be Elvis sightings like this for years to come. And his voice?

Just like the videos. How would I know? He asked to get off at the Chippewa stop in front of Lindenwood Bank and Trust co.

So, chances are it wasn't him. Dead ringers happen all the time, no pun intended. But, what if it was him? And for that matter, will the girl with the unshakeable, unnerving gaze end up in a monologue? Probably not. But it's fun to think about.


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It feels like the only time I have to write is when I have everything else in the world to do. I know what facilitiated it, though. A promise to write. Well, I'm writing. I still have to move my pix to Care2, and it will happen, eventually. I even have some that are waiting to go up, and the fact that I haven't been motivated enough to find the time to do that sorta saddens me.

But for what it's worth, I'm not the only one of my friends who's been busy since school started. Jess has her two jobs and full-time school, not to mention a boyfriend all the way in Eureka. No, not Jimmy. Mike. New boyfriend.

Laura's getting married! MARRIED! Finally! But the downside is she'll be moving. Soon. No more late nights over at Jessi's hanging with her, Brooke, and JR. They'd better come back for visits, at least. I hope.

I haven't heard anything from Von. Where are you?!

Drac's been great, though. He comes over when he can, and I think his father's broken my family's record for going to the Spaghetti Factory. Good stuff. He may change jobs... but that depends on something else. If I get clearance, more about that later.

Tarrith's been camping out in the living room. It started last month. He woke up in the morning, shivered, and realized he could see his own breath. That in itself is reason not to sleep in his room. It used to be a back porch, so it's not insulated or anything during the winter. Sure, he has a space heater, but that doesn't do too much. In the meantime, for me it just means no sneaking in at three in the morning. (Um, not that I... I mean... oh, forget it.) The problem is waking Tarrith up at four or five on certain school mornings. Oh, well.

That about sums up the state of events here. Well, give or take. I'll see if I can't have another post up sometime soon.