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March 29, 2004


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Eh-heh. I feel as though I've neglected to mention something recently, so I'll bring it up here.

I'm not the only one who's found someone via internet in my family. Athene and John, Drac and I, as well as Dad. Yup, Dad. He joined a while back, and he was soon joined by a woman named Kat. They hit it off via messenger, and phone... and soon they met in person. That was back in August.

They've been engaged since Valentine's Day.

She's very sweet, from the few times that I've met her. It just feels like the wheels are being thrown into a higher gear than I expected, and with quite a jerk to us passengers. I still haven't met one of her sons, and they're trying to find a home that would be easily accessable from her house to ours. Somewhere in-between.

And so I'd be moving. Packing my things up from the house where I was born, and setting off for counties unknown. It sort of appeals to my sense of adventure, but it also feels a little like those reality shows like "Big Brother"... only nobody gets voted off. They all just get thrown togeather. Fun stuff, eh?

Choices- choices- choices...
I move in with Dad and learn how to drive- hmm, appealing to say the least. But what would become of my job at Wolf's in the meantime? And how far away from school?

Decisions- Decisions- Decisions-
Grandma wants me to look into student housing. After all, isn't that what most normal college students do?

So much to consider-
The other alternatives... like the one Drac has been asserting. That he wants us to move in togeather, just for a little while, and then eventually get a place of our own. Possibly even the house. Eventually the house. Of course, this would come with an engagement ring and all the promises that come along with it.

I guess I'm not looking forward to moving. I'm not going to lose my job at Wolf's, or my position as a student at Webster without a fight. Not to mention the close location of my friends and the Weber Road Library where I fell in love with Charles Dickens and Douglas Spaulding. Not if I can help it.

March 23, 2004

Weekend Awareness Day II: The Long, Wild Sunday

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Right, continuing the last post.

Woke up at about Eleven-thirty in the morning... (Remember, I did get home at three) and wandered around, trying to figure out how I would go about my picture project for my art class. Dad couldn't help until later, and Tarrith wasn't feeling well. Who could I ask?

~ Athene. She called, because she was going to be in the area anyway. Turns out she needed our DSL to download certain Windows updates. Since she normally hooks up via modem, it would normally take all night, and then finish up the following day. Well, providing the computer didn't disconnect like the internet. And, of course, it disconnects about once every two hours or so.

~ I opened the door for John and Athene at about two and dropped my project in her lap. While John set up her laptop I begged for Athene to help me. Turns out it needed to be a trade-off. I'd help her move some furniture from Jessi's into her apartment with John, and she'd help me with the photos.

~ We waited for it to finish loading, and went to Pho Grand for dinner. That is, after some guy tried to sell John something out of his pocket. (Coke, Marajuana, LSD. Doesn't matter, John quickly waved the guy off.)
Learning experience alert! I can now use chopsticks. Well, barely. Athene and I split a "Stew for Two", and it was certainly interesting to say the least. Wish I could have avoided the calamari, though. (Shiver)

~ Moved the couch, chair, and tables from Jessi's house. Well, I didn't do much of the moving, but I tried not to draw attention to it. It took two trips, but we finally got it all finished by sundown.

~ Bus project. But that's another post all to itself. Definately an entirely different post.

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March 21, 2004

Weekend Awareness Day

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First I worked. It really wasn't all that bad, but Jillian still wants to meet Drac. You know, just for the hell of it.
Jessi called, everyone was gathering at Eureka. Well, some people were.
After a shower, Drac came over to sample my chicken recipe. He said it was good, but I have to measure out what I used next time so I can put the actual recipe up here. It's mostly cinnimon-sugar grahm crackers, A little dill, a little parsley, some "lite spice" from Watkins, chicken seasoning from Watkins, ground chives, ground nutmeg, and love. The last one is apparently almost as potent as hunger... but sweeter.
Called Jess on our way out, met them at Ponderosa. Got a compliment on the shirt Lauren got me for X-mas.
Had Cravings cake, while the boys played games in the basement. Oh, and Drac... well the general feeling towards him for about two hours was somewhere between disbelief and dissappointment. Things got back to normal later. Just know that it was a very Bobert thing to do.
Left about three in the morning. Got back home at four.

I'll let you know tomorrow. You know, when the weekend's over. Mwah! Goodnight everybody!

March 18, 2004


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It's up! It's sparse, but up! That's right, my keenspace account has been approved, and I just have to figure out how to use the FTP system. No biggie, Dad can teach me. 'Scuse me, I gotta go brush up on my HTML skillz.

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March 12, 2004

Turn your back for a second, and SNAP!

Changed my comment system, only because Squawkbox gave up on me. I hated to see all of them disappear, but I don't have access to a pay-pal account or anything of that nature... so they were locked away from everyone's eyes. People like James LiGate, T, Jess, Athene, Drac- You'll come back and comment again, won't you?

Especially on that last post. I tried to get out all of my WwAP feelings out in that one, but still tried to keep it interesting. You guys all rock, and I'd hate to lose any of you over a commenting system.

March 09, 2004

Closure (a good-bye)

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Spalding Gray, the monologuist with a swath of silver hair and an ability to lay bare his soul in a soft, New England-flecked accent, didn't believe he was a great extrovert. "People want to have me to dinner," he told The Associated Press in 1997. "I'm not Mr. Quick. I'm not a great social satirist. I need time to absorb life. I spend a lot of time mulling, cogitating."

I wasn't Melody's best friend. I first met her at a Latter-day Saints dance that I was invited to by T and Laura. T snuck off, and I went to go find her. She and Melody were kbitzing in one of the side rooms, and I slipped in. Introductions were made, and they went on talking. She seemed very full of life, and willing to listen about everything. She was sweet, and there was even a bit of an aura around her that sparkled.

That cogitation took a more painful direction in recent years as Gray battled depression and physical pain. On Sunday, his body was found in the East River, two months after he apparently committed suicide. He was 62.

To be perfectly fair, it wasn't until after I started college that she started hanging with the crew. She literally moved into Jessi's house on weekends. We added her to parties almost by osmosis. She was there, so we couldn't exclude her- even if we had wanted to. Somehow she oozed charisma, and was generally fun to be around.

Witnesses had told police they saw Gray on the Staten Island ferry the night he vanished, and his wife, Kathleen Russo, has said she feared he jumped off the boat. Dental records were used to identify the body.

I was jealous of her for a little bit. Only a little bit. I was slightly worried that she'd take Jess away from me as a friend. Within a year, I was already telling myself it was silly, and at the end of year two I had forgotten jealousy completely. She was one of us. She'd be one of the people we'd try to call with a party or impromptu plans.

...Gray's life in recent years was marred by tragedy and depression. A horrific head-on car crash during a 2001 vacation in Ireland to mark his 60th birthday left him disheartened and in poor health, and he tried jumping from a bridge near his Long Island home in October 2002.

There was an unforgettable Art Museum trip to see a picture that might as well have been Melody in a previous life. I introduced her to Drac as "the Reason for the Season"... it was her devirginizing party and she was reveling in the fact that she has shared herself with someone she felt a connection with.

...He even provided an epitaph for his tombstone: "An American Original: Troubled, Inner-Directed and Cannot Type."

It was through Jess that I really got to know her. It was through Jess that I found out that she no longer wanted to be a part of the group. I know it's hurting her more than I. Between Melody and her new boyfriend, she had come to the decision that she was more mature since she started seeing David and wished to be excluded from all future get-togeathers. She essentially cut herself off from everyone. Not only that- she was to be a bridesmaid in Laura's wedding, and backed out of that as well.

Russo reported him missing Jan. 11, a day after he vanished from the couple's apartment. He had just seen the movie "Big Fish" with Russo and one of their children.

And so, I'm left asking myself how much a friendship is worth- and was I ever really her friend? Were any of us? It's what I was afraid of for T- only so much more. T never seperated herself from us. She'd come when she could.

Russo said a memorial service would be held in a few months.

Goodbye, Melody. Goodbye and good luck.

All selections in italics are property of the (c) Associated Press and written by Larry McShane
Remixed and Cremated by Moueska

March 02, 2004

Calling all readers! Calling all readers!

Keenspace is taking people now, and I'm hoping for the best. I have to send an image for them to review. Any suggestions? Any at all? Ones that you know? Ones that you've heard of? Favorites that got Xed?

I'd probably be putting in updates of the linear comic about once or twice a week with filler art in-between. Well, hopefully. We'll see about that. Color? B&W? S&M? (Wait, that's for some other comic strip that only updates twice a month) I'm taking comic scenario suggestions, people! Help me! Helllllp Meeeeee!