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May 31, 2004

My Plan for World Bloggination is Nearly Complete!

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Why, you ask? Well, because of the lovely little group blog I started for my galpals to chit-chat on. Von... darling... honey... join us! Sift through your e-mail and just sign up for a blogger account, if for no other reason than commenting on posts. Please? There is a reason I don't have it as one of the blogs that are accessable to everyone, and I figure the link will be buried deep within the archives before too long. So... be amongst us!

In addition, Jess has begun a blog of her own! Ah, yes... "I am an Angry Spork-Flinging Plaid Wildebeest" will be on the side of my blog list in short order. Good to have you, Jess!

May 27, 2004

Just a Note

It's my one-year anniversary with Drac today. Yup, today marks the day I turned my clauddah ring to the inside... and was no longer on the market.

I love you, Drac! Here's to one year, and I wish us many more!

May 26, 2004

I'm gonna make it after all!

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It goes a little something like this. I'm job hunting because I need money. Well, it runs a little deeper than that. I'm job hunting because I need money for college, and I'd like to be able to afford my own apartment in the meantime.

So I have my resume up on I also have an interview coming up soon, if I didn't botch it in advance. (Power of positve thinking... power of positive thinking...) On the bright side, a few of the e-mails I've recieved in response to my resume have said the my credentials are impressive. Impressive! I guess being able to use Microsoft Word in Jr. High is something to be proud about after all!

If anyone out there knows about any job openings, contact me via my aim link on the side.

I'll be playing with da monsta!

May 24, 2004

It's not worth it-

I know I promised the essay on killing disabled children at birth, but I've let my steam run out. To even consider a discourse of why I think that it is the most slippery slope we could ever achieve as human beings would be a rant that would degenerate into a discourse on eugenics and how human beings work.

You know, that we feel. From the very moment that a woman knows that she has a child in her womb, she has a connection with the fetus. The child... the baby... is what develops of its own accord. It feels pain, it watches, listens, and learns from the second that it is brought into the world. A child that "suffers" from Hemophilia looks just like you or I. A child with Downs Syndrome, granted, will not have the same opportunities as you or I, but that doesn't mean that we should deny them their heartbeat.

My friend, James, pointed out that it was, essentially, eugenics. For those of you who don't know, "Eugenics" means, literally, "good genetics/genes". If you let two brilliant scientists concieve a child of each other, their offspring could be the most intelligent, insightful, inventive child ever to walk the face of the planet. The French realized it from the opposite perspective. "If you let the morons and the imbeciles breed, then they will produce more just like them. So let us lock them away." (Ah, and thus the Asylum was born.)

Peter Singer has a lot of angles that he uses to approach the idea. All of them seem to rely more on the family of the child than the child itself. It all seems so... selfish.
Parents may, with good reason, regret that a disabled child was ever born. In that event the effect that the death of the child will have on its parents can be a reason for, rather than against killing it. Some parents want even the most gravely disabled infant to live as long as possible, and this desire would then be a reason against killing the infant. But what if this is not the case? in the discussion that follows I shall assume that the parents do not want the disabled child to live. I shall also assume that the disability is so serious that - again in contrast to the situation of an unwanted but normal child today - there are no other couples keen to adopt the infant. This is a realistic assumption even in a society in which there is a long waiting- list of couples wishing to adopt normal babies. It is true that from time to time cases of infants who are severely disabled and are being allowed to die have reached the courts in a glare of publicity, and this has led to couples offering to adopt the child. Unfortunately such offers are the product of the highly publicised dramatic life-and-death situation, and do not extend to the less publicised but far more common situations in which parents feel themselves unable to look after a severely disabled child, and the child then languishes in an institution

He then launches into a discussion upon infanticide being a good thing for all parties left behind, as a disabled infant would "lower the quality of life" for the parents. It would make their life difficult. The child's life would be difficult. The child's siblings, if it had siblings, would have to adjust their life because of their brother/sister.
... and that would be difficult. And a bad thing.

So why not just kill them at birth? They'll never know that they existed, and the world won't miss another child with Downs who may grow up to be a member of a workhouse stapling pamphlets. Right?

They are human beings, though. And they can change lives. Not every disabled child is born without the capacity to think for themselves. Harriet Johnson, for example, is a wheelchair-bound lawyer whose spine is bent double. Her condition hasn't done much more than given her a cause to fight for, and required her to have a personal assistant. (And, hey, who wouldn't want a personal assistant?) At the same time, there are other things that she has to live with... but at least she's living. And if you read her article, you know that she's very educated.

I promised an essay on infanticide, and then I took it away. And then I gave it to you anyway. Take it or leave it, I suppose... infanticide runs deeply, though. If it interests you, look into groups like Not Dead Yet. Take a stand against Peter Singer and others like him.

...Because essays against eugenics may become more popular. Sure, right now it's just talk... but it's talk with an agenda. Let's make it ours adgenda to keep his out of Congress.

May 13, 2004

Websites for an essay I'm writing...

Taking Life: Humans
Read "JUSTIFYING INFANTICIDE AND NON-VOLUNTARY EUTHANASIA" I know that I'm not the first person to blog on this person, and I certainly won't be the last. That doesn't make what he says any less powerful. So I ask you-

Why can't this all just be a satire like my selection on cannibalism back in October? It just makes me sick to my stomach.

Unspeakable Conversations The opposing article by Harriet McBryde Johnson. I'll be quoting it, but it needs to be read.

Essay to be posted after complete.

May 11, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

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So I go to check my weblog and find that the button for blogger has changed. Clicky, Clicky! The editing center has completely been revamped. I mean entirely. I don't really mind the new changes, but still. Whoo! I don't even know how to describe it. If Moveable Type was slick, then Blogger has become cuddly. Like a big warm hug.

I'm currently browsing through all the little details that they've changed- not too many, really. And... oh... my... God... Comments! Republishing to see it... (Yep, the internal settings definately are cuddly.) Oh, looks like it's gonna take awhile. Better finish the post first.

Hmm... maybe to go with the new look, I'll try out a template or two...

I think I'm in love... but all of my comments! Do I keep the old format? Or do I accept a wave of change? Maybe- maybe I'll wait until after my birthday.

May 05, 2004

! 1!3[)... \/\/3B(0/\/\!X A\/\/@R3/v355 D@`/ 2.0>

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I'm not done yet! Yup, there are even more webcomics for my list.

Megatokyo - The one that I couldn't believe that I'd forgotten. The classic anime/manga style, but with plenty of gaming references. This one has an otaku fetish... two guys get stuck in Japan with no way to get home, and then are saddled with an android that gets "smarter" as she "plays" game simulations. Giant lizards? Yes. Manga store? Yes. 1337? You betcha. After a while, though, it becomes second nature. In a word, awesome. Updates M-W-F

Faux Pas - I don't check this as often as I used to, mainly because I don't always have the time. It fell off my habitual list a while back, but I certainly don't mind reading it in clumps. A farm reverts to new owners, and the animals are forced to find their own way to get acting jobs. That's right! Animal actors! Cute, but meant to be read on a day-by-day format. Too bad it only updates M-W-F

Vicki Fox - Another Furry comic, this time with a preppy/southern/sweet fox named Vicki and her pals Aussie Skunk, Ceri Bobcat, Craid Wolfe, and Steve Reynard. Cute, but with christian themes. Entertaining without a bible-thumping feel to it. The Pecan Festival arc is fun, I especially like Vicki's dress. Updates every other Sunday.

A Doemain of Our Own - Webcomic about... a comic artist... with hooves! The events in the life of Sue and Deer update sporadically, but I haven't pinned down the exact date. Weekly? Bi-weekly?

Algernon's Dillemma - I haven't even scratched the surface of this archive, and I don't even know that I want to. Drawn in the style of when men had unique expressions, and when women had gigantic knockers. I can't keep up with it like I'd like to, so I wait for a week to pass, then read them all at once. That way I'm not left waiting from day to day. Updates daily

Altermeta - Dragons! And a talking bath squeegie! Start with the archives... then go to the "first" link on th first page. Slumber party! As a not, Ruth and Sasha are guys, not girls. That helps a lot. I only wish it updated more often, it apparently updates sporadically, on the whims of the artist.

I think that's it this time. Honest. Maybe I'm not sure. Probably? All I can say is that I'm looking forward to having Skewed up here. But that requires me messing with the FTP again. Ah, well. When finals are over. Definately when finals are over.

(R3@73[) by Moueska

W3B(0/\/\1X A\/\/@R3/v355 D@`/ !

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In honor of inter-net-ional Webcomics Awareness Day, I'd post my reading list for webcomics. Try a couple of them out!

Sluggy Freelance - The webcomic with the largest archive I've ever had to read through. It's got six years of nifty darn comics behind it, and every one is worth reading. I mean, what other comic has a bunny with a switchblade, The book of E-ville, a poinging ferret, Santa's allergy to nerf, and an assasin with orange hair? (Side story from the Dimension of Pain on the weekend. You just gotta love Reakk!) Gigantic forum, I'm hidden in there somewhere. Updates daily.

Namir Deiter - It took me about two years before I could spell it from memory, and now that I do, I check it every day. It's a furry comic with the main character being Tipper Namir, a orange and white kitty/anthro who is trying to get along in life... of course, after the Christmas that she caught her (ex)boyfriend cheating on her, I'm sure she'll be just fine. Full of Plot holes, slugs, and missing parents. Updates weekdays.

Unlike Minerva/You Say It First - Furry comic about Brisbane's life at the Minerva theatre, and after the theatre closed. I gotta say, I already miss Unlike Minerva, but the continuation has proved to be pretty fun so far. You Say It First is a sequel, so it sort of help to read the Unlike Minerva archives. Updates twice times a week. Currently drawn by the same artist as Namir Deiter.

Spare Parts - Gaming/Computer comic with three guys and one ditz. Cute, not furry. Written by the same author as Unlike Minerva/You Say It First, Drawn by the same artist as Namir Deiter. Updates M-W-F

Cascade Failure - Computer Programming webcomic. I can understand the dillemmas, but on a different sort of wavelength than computer majors would. Read through the "Dare to be Binary" competition arc. If you aren't hooked by then, then there's no hope for you. Updates Mondays.

Geek Salad - Computer Geeks Unite! Totally awesome Aussie webcomic that I couldn't have possibly appreciated without reading Cascade Failure first. (What?! At least I'm honest!) Now that I've read the archives, I have to check it. Of course, there are some that are great as stand-alones... such as Adam's Australian Rant. Salad is good for you. Leave a note on the tagboard, join the forum. I'm in there somewhere. Updates weekly.

Savvie and Lacey - Adult webcomic, but fun! BDSM webcomic that really doesn't make a person reading it feel uncomfortable. Wait'll you see the Dress from Hell! And Lacey's christmas elf outfit... Chatterbox here, too. I'm in the forums also. Updates on the first and the fifteenth of the month. Written and Backstory updates on the first of each month. Drawn by the great James LiGate. You rock!

Kiagi Swordscat - What do you get when you have an anthro cat and a girl living togeather? Fun, Ninja skillz, and Intrigue, actually. Meow on their Tagboard, and check out the guy with the "Boy Blunder" outfit. *mischevious grin* Updates M-W-F

GPF:General Protection Fault - Another computer geek comic. Big, honkin' archive, but worth reading just for the Surrepititious Machinations arc. 1337 required for some other arcs, but don't let that scare you! Crossover with Kevin and Kell. Updates daily.

Kevin and Kell - She-Wolf Kell marries a Rabbit named Kevin, and that's just where it picks up. Predator... in love with prey... in a world that looks down in interspecies romances. Teriffic commentary on the world we live in, without losing pace. Another big, honkin' archive, though. Probably the webcomic I've been reading the longest. Updates daily

Wapsi Square - I see so much of myself in Monica, I'm suprised I didn't find the strip earlier. So what do you get when you put togeather Art, Rock, and the Aztec god of Drinking? Read and find out. Updates M-W-F

Girly - Just recently reached 100 comics, Girly is a little bit angsty, but worth a look. Sequel/Spinoff of Cutewendy, but you don't have to read CW first or anything. (I like it better without, really.) I so want a T-shirt that says "LOLOMGWTF"! Updates M-W-F

Dominic Deegan - I couldn't stop reading the archives. It was paralyzing. This is the sort of webcomic I love. Punny at parts, hilarious at others, and literally liberally lined with alliteration thanks to Spark the cat, definately worth reading. "DEATH FROM ABOVE!!!" Updates weekdays

Sore Thumbs - This is the my most recent webcomic addition, but mostly because it's new. Gaming comic, but it has promise of intrigue and political themes. For some reason I keep hearing Excel's voice when I read Harmony's speechbox. Updates M-W-F

If I've forgotten any, I'll post them posthaste. Meanwhile, choose one, choose several, and sample away this webcomics awareness day! See ya!
(I promise, that will be the last time you ever see me even attempt 1337. Honest.)

(R3@73[) by Moueska

May 03, 2004

Do Yourself a Favor

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Plan ahead. It's hard to plan for times that have already past. Living behind yourself can cause one to stare at one's own bass-ackward mistakes for hours on end. And who wants that?

May 02, 2004

Wish List

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So far four people have asked me what I want for my birthday. To tell you the truth, I've been mulling it over, too.

So here it is... the list of "Safe Bets" for me this year:

1.) Harry Potter T-shirts. I have one from a while back, but none like these. Hell, anything Harry Potter is fine, even promising to see it with me when it comes to the Omnimax. (If it comes.) After all, I will need someone to pry my jaw up from the floor and buy popcorn.

2.) Hmmm... while we're on Hot Topic Tees...

3.) Anything having to do with The Dark Crystal. In fact, I defy you to try to find anything with The Dark Crystal. Books... figurines... the whole shebang.

4.) Mulan. Favorite Disney movie, but the videotape's getting worn out.

5.) Promise me something for the Renn Faire. A ride, a dress, something shiny, something strange, a sword. A turkey leg. Whatever. But what I'd really like is a cloak. Crushed velvet would be nice, but that gets really expensive, really fast. As always, pendants containing mythical beasts, swords, or wizards are nice, too.

6.) Homestar Runner stuff. Make sure you watch the vids while you figure out what to get me. T has an idea. "20x6!"

7.) A vintage rhinestone necklace, like the one I have from Judy's Resale. There are so many different styles, it's virtually impossible to get two that are exactly the same. Of course, if you should choose this, please... please... do not spend an arm and a leg on it! Shop around.

8.) A new claddagh ring. Size seven, I believe. My last one broke, so now my left hand feels nekkid. (To be fair I had it for two whole years. The one before it turned my finger green.)

9.) Go to a couple pawn shops and pick out something that screams, "Take me home! Wrap me and give me to Moueska!!! I'm perfect!" Places like that will suprise you to no end.

10.) A Betty Boop DVD set. Or video set. I'll bet you could find the latter cheaper. I could go into a treatise about how she was the first cartoon exclusively for the adult population with themes that could be watched by children and not understood. (I remember being over at a friend of my parent's house as a kid... they wouldn't let me watch their Betty Boop video. I think that's part of the reason I was so set on seeing as many of them as I could.) I borrowed the anthology from the library about four years ago, but haven't seen them since.

I'm not expecting all of these... not by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just saying it would be nice. It's also a pretty good representation of my "safe bets". Remember, a girl turning 20 doesn't happen every May! Just this year. On the 11th. *coughbirthdaycough*