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June 30, 2004

Go on... Kill a Few Brain Cells

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Tired of that endless checking of, waiting for the next clip of stomping Liabach kittens. The Sumo Florist at the top of the page got you down? Or perhaps Weebls-stuff just isn't cutting it for you this week. Well, then I have the page for you!

While randomly crossing websites and clicking quizzes, there was a link for the excitable person. You know the type... can't seem to sit still, has to talk at the top of their lungs, will dance down the mall screaming for no particular reason- And there, I found it. A doorway to all things strange, odd, and flash-animated.

So I give you... with pride... a listing of some recommended flash videos from

Irrational Exuberance (Yatta!) From the Genre of Animutation comes Yatta!, the link that pulled me into the rest of the videos. There's just something about it that screams- Yes! This is what insanity is all about! In order to realize there's text, you have to watch it twice. In order to read it, you need to watch it about two more times. It's pretty addictive.

The Beatles - I Feel Fine The most realistic flash rendering of the fab four since- well- since! As a fan since the tender age of twelve, I was completely swept away. Awesome visuals. Psychadelic, baby.

Combo No. 5 (Combo Number Five) Parody of the overused and abused Mambo Number 5. Definately worth a look. And make sure that you aren't in the mood for Chinese- if you haven't eaten out recently, you may find yourself wanting some Sweet and Sour Chicken.

Karma Ghost A Sundance Film Fest winner! Worth a look, just for the sayings on the little ghost's T-shirts. I want the shirt that says "Punk"! Oh, and remember, anything you do may come back to haunt you.

Ddautta Some videos can transcend barriers. From Korea comes the cuddly storybook animation of a love-struck bunny and a cat that just can't catch a break. Forget the fact that you're listening to a Korean song, and just watch it. Cute! (Or Kawaii, as the case may be.)

Shii's Song Another cute kitten, but this time with a sweet little melody. From Japan, but not in Japanese!

Milk and Cereal Best music video by humans. I want to know where I can find that song! Somebody download me that song! Now!!!

Weeeeeeeee! (Gonads & Strife) I really struggled with putting this one up. Jess had me watch it about two years ago. It's got the best little hyperactive squirrel lyrics in the world. So I wasn't sure if I should do the injustice of not putting it up and preserving what little sanctity of perversion-free atmosphere I have, or to put it up, just to share the goodness of the squirrel. It's up. Clicky.

No Remorse The most... heartwrenching flash video I've ever watched. Even Ninjai only manages to scrape the delve of emotions I can feel within the boy depicted in this video. And I have the unfortunate past of knowing a small percentage of what he received... A release by an artist in the wake of Columbine. Not for the faint of heart.

I'm A Cow Yet another video that Jess showed me long ago. Nobody said it was easy being bovine.

Bubble Pop Certainly you must have something to do at work. You don't? Why not play with some bubble wrap!

Mahnahmana Fans of the Muppet Show are likely to get a kick out of this... even pro-Bush fans. an appearance by Kermit! My question is, now that Saddam is captured, who will be the next political whipping boy in the internet?

As a final note, most of these are old. There are links to Strong Bad E-mails that only go through e-mail 74. He's already passed the big One-Oh-Oh. Thing is, if you haven't seen it, it's new to you! So take a chance! Look! See! and remember, not everything on the site is quality, but there just may be a diamond in the rough that I haven't mentioned.

Oh, and Colin Mocherie is featured as a cameo in all Animutations. Stranger thing is, he doesn't seem to mind the attenion. Hmm...

June 28, 2004

A Word of Warning

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These next few months will be rough for posts. Dad's cutting off the DSL to my house sometime this week. In the meantime, I'll be posting when I can, and hopefully my friends will let me borrow their computers and whatnot. It's one of Dad's "little incentives" to get my rear out of the current house and out to the new house.

Yup, that's right! I'm movin'! West County here I come! In the meantime, be patient, call me, and check my webcomics for me. I'm counting on you!

My Livie

There are so many of my friends that are online, my friend Livie usually gets overlooked. She's not a part of my regular circle of friends, and she has some self-esteem issues... but she's a sweet kid. And by that I mean that she's still fragile at nineteen. Drac, you think I'm naive? So is she, only more so.

When she came to my high school her freshman year, she was a bubbly tall, thin, dark-skinned girl. And eccentric. She believed she could do anything. Different school... different background. I learned that I could write anything. She could sing anything.

She really could. Her voice would give most pop legends a run for their money. She and I were involved in a singing competition on behalf of my choir teacher... she forgot half the words and still got a higher score than I did. I envied her for that, I suppose. My talent in singing probably ends with me singing hymns in the church choir or along with my headphones. The drama teachers took great care in not putting me in solos during the musicals. (Probably a good thing. I still got noticed anyway. "Hey, Weren't you in FAME?")

But Livie was rather sickly. Maybe because her immune system is low, maybe because her self esteem is somewhere around her feet. Because she was sick, she would go to the nurse, who would claim that she couldn't help her. Hypochondriac? I don't think so. She needed an ambulance to pick her up from a dance my Junior Year.

At school, Livie received the taunting that I shrugged. By High School, they mostly left me alone. Meanwhile, the kids at school teased her unmercilessly. Occasionally she'd lash back, harsh-like. But not often enough. I'm sure that took it's toll, too.

So now, after high school, she's picking up the peices. She needs a job, one that she can concentrate on... and preferably one that she can enjoy. Because when that girl smiles, she lights up the room. I pray to God that the first man that Livie finds herself with does not take advantage of her- and I think that's the reason her Aunt treats her like a porcelain doll.

She's a rare sort of bird, and she won't want to be in a cage forever. But for right now, she'll have to be.

June 27, 2004

If you love her, buy her roses

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I was going to save this post for Valentine's Day, but those who know me best know that if I wait, I won't write it. By all rights I should have written this on Mother's Day. But I figure, Make Someone Smile week is coming up...

What? Never heard of Make Someone Smile week? Well, then. If Googled, you come up with the Telflora site, saying that it's a matter of days until Make Someone Smile Week, and that it's the 11th through the 17th of July. All the sites that are not owned by florists say that National Make Someone Smile week is the second week of August. So take your pick.

Anywho, back to the core of commercialism in my post. Working at Wolf's, I've gotten the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful roses come in for weddings. My second favorite was this gorgeous red-purple rose that came in last month. I don't even know that they were called. However, the best... the most unique... was Fire and Ice. They glean their name from the color of the petals... white near the stem, red near the base. They're amazing. Once in a blue moon, they're requested for a funeral, or a wedding, and sometimes just a dozen in a vase.

So, what have we learned today, kiddies? Make Someone Smile sometime between July 11th and the third week of August, and you should be just fine. And order your roses in advance if you want to make sure that they'll be there.

(Hint, Hint)

June 24, 2004

Druids and Sirens and Knights... Oh, My!

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It has begun... I've gotten myself into reading another sporadic webcomic. Luckily it hasn't reach it's first plateau in archives. Read it with me!

Shattered Legacy, promises to be a once/twice a month webcomic, from what I understand. Whether or not it will do special episodes waits to be seen. After all, the archive is a grand five pages.

...But it promises to be good.

June 17, 2004

By Your Powers Combined...

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This morning as I was cleaning the refrigerator doors at work, I felt it hit me. I miss Captain Planet. You know, that 90's cartoon that was all about brainwashing kids into putting a stop to pollution, poaching, and other bad stuff for mother earth (embodied in the form of Gaia). It was about leadership, friendship, and creating a entity to stop pollution in a tight bodysuit! Yeah!

Am I the only one who would sneak downstairs to watch Wheeler? Am I the only one who thought it was a bit odd that Ma-Ti would be the one to recieve the heart ring?

Even the villans still managed to be slick (as in oil slick). I mean, just look at Dr Blight(voiced by Meg Ryan). Looten Plunder looks sumpin' like a pimp. Heh, well, sometimes. Lime green doesn't seem to suit him... Purple, maybe.

It did have a reasonable run between the two series, I suppose. The second never really seemed to make it off the ground. I don't know if it'll make a third revival anytime soon. And if they even try to make a movie, I think I'll cry... mostly because I don't want to see Brad Pitt manipulate the elements of nature. But, let's face it, it's owned by AOL/Time Warner. Which means it's either tucked away for a rainy-day revival or will never see daylight again.

For example, the Captain Planet store is down. I wonder for how long. Well, I'm not really all that suprised.

If you pop by the comments on IMDB, they have less-than-favorable things to say about it. Heh, I'm sure you'd find the same for "James Bond Jr" (he was a sexy little kid- just my age at the time), or even the original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". When you're a kid, you don't care. You just remember the concept.

That is, if you can sit through it.


June 10, 2004

Job Hunt

Four applications turned in, two interviews over with.

The Natural Way is looking for a part-timer during the week, and I think I could do right by them. Then again, so do a number of other people applying for the same position. I should have played up my heavy-lifting skills. In the meantime, I wait, and maybe I'll recieve a phone call. It's tough to know that you're the first interviewee on your first real interview in three years.

Famous Barr will never receive my application again. The offered me a pay cut and twelve hours a week, expecting me to work weekends. I get more at Wolf's, and I have to work Saturdays. (It's the busiest day of the week, and it only gets amplified before a holiday.) Thanks but no thanks.

So I have ten more applications to fill... May God have mercy upon my soul.

June 07, 2004

A wedding!

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Lar's wedding was beautiful. It's the first time I've ever had the opportunity to be a bridesmaid, and I wanted to do it justice. Granted, the reason I got the position was less than normal circumstances... namely Melody deciding that she didn't want to take part in anything concerning Jess, Myself, and our circle of friends. This included Laura, someone she had essentially spent the better part of a lifetime with.

And so it was that Drac and I were welcomed into the wedding party, and the hundred dollar dress was a small price to pay. Granted, I have some spots from the glass of Sparkling Catawaba to get out, but I figure that if they don't come out, I soak it in a bottle of Catawba, and make it slightly pinker. (God, I hope it comes out.)

Lar looked divine in her white dress, all satin, all beads, all too perfect for anything but a wedding that had been postponed until both she and JR were ready... and with Brooke being a good year or so old, it's about time. JR was actually, dare I say it, stunning. The boy cleans up good. Drac was handsome too... but then again, how often to I see him in a tuxedo? Left side of Never, I tell you what.

Between the ceremony and the pictures, I am sort of wondering how I kept my composure. I've never been one to cry at weddings. It's a beautiful thing, an expression of love between two souls and an open declaration to themselves and the ones they love. And with the exchange of the rings, the rest of the world knows that they belong to each other, for even if their hearts should seperate, they will always have the years that they spent togeather.

The reception was an interesting experience. The only time I had ever sat at a head table was at my Grandma and Grandpa's fiftieth Anniversary. Granted, I was only... what? Ten at the time? I felt sort of sorry that Drac didn't get the opportunity to dance with me. It was really sort of heartwrenching to watch all of the other couples dancing and looking around for your boyfriend. But it all worked out for the most part.

Oh, and I caught the bouquet!

I'm not sure if it counts, though. See, Kristen had been going on for the first five minutes before the bouquet throwing commenced about how she had caught two others before it, and maybe if she caught this one, EJ would get the hint and propose. "Third time's the charm!" was her mantra.

Well, when the girls gathered round, somehow a fifteen-year old boy got in and managed to snatch the bouquet from the air. You can imagine how all of the girls were somewhat crushed. I kept my eye on him for the short time that he was parading around with it, and all of a sudden I see him turn around and toss it up in the air.

And it was going right towards me. And Kristen. And I'd never caught one before. And she'd caught two. So I fought. Then I got to parade around with the bouquet.

You know, if Dad's wedding is going to be anything like this one, I'm looking forward to it already. That is, if my boyfriend doesn't disappear for thirty minutes at a time. At any rate, I'm pretty sure that there won't be any boys jumping to catch the bouquet for this one.

June 02, 2004

111 posts!

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One of the biggest beefs I used to have with blogger was that I'd have to actually go through and count posts if I wanted to know how many I had. When they changed it over to the cuddly post-counting format, I just about cried... it was about 102 posts. I had broken a hundred and hadn't even realized it!

And so it is with this post that I commend all persons that have left comments and egged me on. (James, that means you.) Thank you, Jess, T, Lar, Athene, Nate, and everyone else that has me linked, either via their sidebar or internally in their blog. Von- you're probably the best internet stalker I've ever had. I thank Drac for actually reading this (despite the occasionally insane comments), even though there was a time when he would have had me never touch it again.

Y'all are awesome. 111 posts and counting. Hope you guys will be there to see me through the rest of it!