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July 30, 2004

Wow. I'm impressed.

Someone actually thought to flame me... about a feminine hygene issue. Hey! Does that make me a Woman With a Problem Blog?

Please. You sick, perverted asshole- get a life. I write here for me... comments are a perk. If you don't like my blog, tough. Get over youself.

Oh, and about that post on your blog... I've seen posts more insightful written by drugged maniacal teens. Yours just sucks.

July 29, 2004

Paper Fans

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I've got the internet back! And the lack of commentage sort of scares me. *tap tap* Hello! Anyone out there?

Oh, well. Anywho, I just finished boxing up my life today. Seperation anxiety is something I've been semi-dealing with these weeks. I've come to the opinion that whatever I could save, I did.  If I could put out my arms and glare menacingly at whoever wanted to dumpster something dear to me, I did. What I couldn't is dead to me.

Problem, though. One third of what was in our house is now in storage. One third is in the dumpsters, and one third is at the new house. One third of the overall houseness, but about two thirds of my stuff. The rest was divided up into storage or the dumpster. It's sort of odd what you'll let yourself hang on to.

For example, I have figurines of dragons and mages, several musical phantom sculpures and ornaments, endless boxes of craft items, and several paper fans. They're really quite beautiful. I'm still trying to decide whether to display them or just hide them in a drawer for my own personal enjoyment. Something to take out once in a while, and discreetly imagine myself in faraway lands with orchids surrounding me by a padoga, or a spanish street bustling with children. Then there's the plain fan, the one that waits for me to paint it. And I will... someday. For now, it waits.

July 20, 2004

Come on over, Scamboy-

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After reading one of the scams on scamorama, I've come to the conclusion that I should have kept my stupid 419 e-mail that "The son of Kabila" sent me.  He wanted me to deal in diamonds. Diamonds!  I coulda got him to send me a "sample" with the right words. 'Course, that could also have gotten me prosecuted by the Nigerian officials.

No, the scam that I really want in on is this one...
I coulda so done this back on MatchDoctor. Get him to e-mail a disposable address, a different name, and give him a few rather kinky and degrading requests without getting too deep in. Hell, I could even substitute some low-end pix from some random porno magazine, shopped in adobe if necessary.

Seriously, the requests I had gotten were rather amusing:



(insert random marrige proposal here mixed with compliments)


A quick delete button was always nice for those. Oh, well.

Don't think I'm going to try any scams anytime soon.  Meanwhile, after you're done reading the "Lagos Lads in Lingerie", I highly suggest "Little Shop of Scammers", "Luke Skywalker" (short but sw-eet!), and "To the Batcave!" The responses get better as the scams go on. Look for names and situations before the sad scammers catch on!

July 14, 2004

Nothing Rhymes With Cindy Crawford after NINE CORONAS

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It's time for a completely random post. Please return your chairs to the upright position and allow me to rant about randomness.

Those who've been reading this know the rarity of my random posts. Ah, yes, to dream of cheese. However, with the lack of Lauren and Drac around here, I figure it's sort of necessary. Well, maybe it's just because I'm tired and my hiccups are driving me insane. (I'm pretty sure they'll go away soon. I hope.) Meantimes, I'm becoming a little bit worried for my screennames.

I have four screenames on YIM, and all of them say Committed Relationship. All of them. Three of them even mention that I have a boyfriend. Amazingly enough, the one that has people pop up with "I think you're swell, Moueska, let's date-" is the one with the quote "Let's Chat, Cat."

Well, I hate to break it to you people in open relationships, but I'm not single. Not at all. Please, chat with me for the sake of talking, and for killing an hour or two. If you're looking for a roll in the hay, or even someone to make your "open marrige" more open, then I'm not the person you need to be talking to. I'm sure that there are some intelligent, crazy, youthful women out there... in fact, the ratio stands about 3:1 as a women to men ratio. You may just need to look offline.

(insert segue to random rant #2 here)
One of the easiest things to do growing up was to fall in love with a character from a book. It happened quite a bit to me, really. It's so easy. You hear their voice whispering in your ear as you read their stories. I don't know who my first one really was, but if I had to guess, I'd say Mark from Half Magic. I checked it out from the school library so often that when they went through it to get rid of the older books... I got the copy I had read from in middle school. It's a book out of time, really. It was written in the fifties or so, possibly earlier, so I was one of very few that could really get into it. It would need some serious retelling for today's audience.

Depending on the book, I always had a favorite character. And it was rather easy. I'd let the invisible arms envelop me, and whisk me away in my dreams. However, after someone practically yelling my name, I'd be pulled away from my book and back to reality again. If I were to have a God to cherish a mortal, Hermes- if I were to have a ghost- give me Virginia's greatest lover... Thomas Jefferson.

So it's natural that I still have a little bit of the girl that falls in love with the characters that she reads. So it's natural that I'd have a favorite in one or two of my webcomics. You know, of webcomics where the characters don't exist in real life. However, when I fall for a single-eyed demon like Psyk of Sluggy Freelance or develop a mini-crush on Sidekick Boy of Kiagi Swordscat, well, I think I'd better lay off the chocolate until my boyfriend gets back.

I ask you, how many women have "fallen in love/lust with" one of those Fabio-cover men in a romance novel? How many women have completely surrendered themselves to the charms of James Bond in their dreams?

A few, I'm sure.

I'm proud to say that I'm not one of them.

I've just got an overactive imagination.

Slapping Insomnia Around

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What happens in the magical hours when I wake up too early to go back to sleep? A stream of images, thoughts, ideas, and no way to do anything about any of them until light peaks over the horizon. Even the bakery doesn't open for another half hour or so.

And so, I check my webcomics. I play some LAUNCH. I check my e-mail. I read my weblogs. I forum jump. How can I not be tired yet? Ah, because I've been up since four- the hour that I used to get up in order to get to classes on time. No classes today- but the effect stays the same. If I wanted, I could struggle into a pair of jeans and walk to the bus stop, bus hopping until I reach BreadCo for breakfast, but instead I lean back in a virbrating chair and type away.

Wow. Light outside. Screw going to sleep. I'm just gonna go upstairs and watch the sunrise.

July 12, 2004


I know you guys are probably getting sick of me posting about obscure television shows, but here goes.

About four years ago there was a show created by the directors of the Blair Witch Project that was really nothing like The Blair Witch Project. And yea, it was called Freakylinks. There was potential in its eyes, and in its corresponding website. The website was, of course, fabricated as a simulcast. Friday nights, late enough that I could watch, but not so late that I'd be pressed to get to bed, it was against shows like Popular on the WB. And it had potential. It really did. Derek Barnes inherits his brother's website for the strange and unusual, and then receives word that his brother may be alive. And that was only the beginning.

However, there was a great outcry. There was even a website urging people to write fox, misquoting one of the most liberal online newsletters- The Landover Baptists. (Seriously, they're the people that tell you you're going to hell just for the sake of God's wrath. God has no love for his people. We are AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL sinners.) And why? Why did people cry out against a little toned-down mayhem for Friday evening? The website cited the tragedy at Columbine. I don't believe they even had the slightest clue.

FOX postponed its run for a string of "Millionaire" shows, and then brought it back five months later. It didn't stand a chance. Somebody, release it on DVD already!

July 03, 2004

When all else fails, Drop a chandelier

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Do you have any idea what this means?

Because I sure do.

In fact, I'm completely beside myself with excitement.

Just watching the trailer gave me the chills.
I'm fighting the urge to scream in utter excitement.

Honestly, I think I've gone into shock.

But, you know, that's okay...

That is, if I can keep myself togeather until its release.

Well, at least until November. Then I'll really lose it.

(Hopefully, by then I won't be the only one to give a damn.)

Excuse me, I need to go scream into a pillow now.

(Smilies removed because of bandwith/ blue rectangles removed because of clashing colors... Oct-06-04)

A is for Apple, J is for Jacks

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Okay, I've tracked down the web page for "VT's" music video of Milk and Cereal. I wasn't kidding about wanting that song. Unfortunately, I don't do the "Kazoo" thing anymore. Well, why not go out and buy the CD? Problem! It was never released commercially.

The song is by "G-Love and the Special Sauce", and in the M&C FAQ, it was speculated that it might have been too tough to get the rights for all the names and trademarks. And there are quite a few. They'd probably have to go to Kellogs, Nabisco, and- I dunno- Mattel... to get permission to release the song. If one gave them permission, then the other one might not. Then it could have meant changing the whole song, and then it just wouldn't have been worth the effort. Even though it could have been an advertising gold mine.

So, I turn to people who love me, people like you, to track down that song for me. I know you can do it!