It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

October 31, 2004

I think I'm going to cry.

Now, when I was a kid, I loved the disney movie Mulan. Hell, I couldn't wait for a sequel to Mulan. Or a television series. Now that I'm older, wiser, and years have passed, they slate not one- but two sequels for Mulan.

They're going to be straight to vid/DVD. The first sequel will be released early next year. I've got a baaaaad feeling about this.

Yarrr... Tha Carse of Crrraaaazy Rrraaaazorrr

(Or Wanna Haunt My House?)

So, Drac's dad wanted to take 'Renzo and Drac to a spook house, and each brought along one person, Juice and myself respectively. Now, I've never been to a haunted house before, and apparently there was a new one that just opened in town. It's got a 2-for-1 deal... Visit Crazy Razor and The Crypt back to back for an arm and a leg. (Credit cards only accepted with signatures in blood and your soul.)

Now, I couldn't tell you if it was good or bad- being that I have absofrigginlutely no experience with Haunted Houses. However, Drac said "This what all the haunted houses are like." Fine then. However, the segue from The Curse of Crazy Razor to The Crypt was a tension breaker- especially when we saw one of the actors step out of character for a little bit. And then there was the zombie that appeared to have a jones for Drac. We still aren't sure about that one.

Apparently, according to Drac, it was short. The two of them combined were just about time limit of any regular Haunted house. Even I was feeling a little bit of "That's it?" at the end.

The good thing about it, I guess, was that it kept the line short. Well, to a degree. It's just as fast-paced as it is short. My favorite part, the pirate narrarator at the very beginning. Aye, a good one he was, too... Arr...

October 27, 2004

I Gotta Little Somethin' For Ya

So tell me, am I crazy to point out that one of the random gangsters in Nelly's new video "Tilt Ya Head Back" has a Phantom Mask?

No? Good.

October 25, 2004

Bonus Undies, Country ChaCha, and Magical Fish

I was invited to a girl's night out with Kelli, Jess, Kristen, and Lar to celebrate Kelli's 20th birthday. They advised me to bring the remainder of my savings account (25 bucks or so) and not to forget. Mind you, this was over two weeks ago. Between roughly last sunday and last friday, I hadn't heard anything from them.

When Lar calls from campus on Friday, believing that she was still supposed to pick me up from class, I was out having a Grandma Day at Gravois Bluffs. (Gram and I haven't been able to spend as much time togeather as we used to, so we get togeather about once a year for Christmas Spree, Birthday Spree, and I-can't-believe-it's-not-Back-to-School shopping.) After exchanging multiple apologies with Lar, we made arrangements for her to pick me up at three. That gave me just enough time for lunch and one more store with Gram.

I greeted Lar and JR in a velveteen cowboy hat. After all, us girls would be headed to Wild Country before the night was over- and it just happened to be in the store- and fit... (Yeah, I know. That's no excuse.) JR, driving on a permit under the watchful gaze of Lar, dropped Gram off at Freindship Village and took me by their house so us girls could change. JR was planning on a boy's night out, arranged by his roommate.

After about half an hour of hanging out I pulled out a new tee and pair of jeans from my bag to change into. Now, if there was anything I noticed from shopping, it was that several of the brand name lables seem to have an incentive program with their items. Out of the multiple items I bought, three of them came with an accessory of some sort. The jeans, for example, came with a package marked "Bonus Undies". After sending Lar for some scissors, we sliced it open and out tumbled a pair of bright pink scortch-your-eyes undies. Now I don't know about anyone else, but those seemed a little too odd not to hang on to. I left the remaining portion of the tag hanging on. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it.

Lar and JR were having some trouble finding a babysitter for Brooke, not to mention family problems with JR's mom, Sandi. They dropped me off at Jess' house and more or less drove away in hopes of getting everything on their end squared away. Jess and I chit-chatted a bit, I showed off my new stuff, and all was good. The two of us eventually ended up over at Kristen's, with Kelli and a cousin of Kristen's (that, Lord forgive me, I just can't remember the name of).

The agenda for the evening was more or less to hit a dinner joint for some raucous speech and random filling-in, as well as Wild Country- a country line dancing bar. (Yes, one third of my friends really do enjoy the strains of Tim McGraw and Big and Rich.) And, to prepare for Wild Country, Kristen went through her entire underwear drawer for the perfect pair... you see, there was going to be a Thong-a-thon that night. The person who looked best in a thong, or the best thong (not sure what the standards of judging were) would win one hundred dollars and have their photo up on the videotron.

I still say that it's a pity that she chickened out.

Lar met the five of us at Pasta House for dinner. Being that Jess, Lar, and I all
had very limited funds, we looked into splitting an entree while Kristen, Kelli, and Cuz each paid for their own. After perusing the menu, I saw nothing that I wanted more than the Grouper entree, and I knew that I couldn't eat anything that came with it. Jess bought something for herself, but agreed that she would eat part of my pasta, and Lar had the other side dish- Italian potatoes. However Grouper, as Drac says, is a magical fish. It melts in your mouth, and you can't help but want more. It was a beautiful thing.

From there, we crossed the river with the van blaring music from 92 WIL, and whatever mix CD Kristen had. Dusty (Kristen's mom) sent us off with a big wave and "Have Fun!"

Wild Country looks a helluvalot smaller on the outside. You have to be willing to let them search your purse, and you have to have an ID to get in. Club rules, I believe. Dollar longnecks, eighteen to get in, you get the picture. Almost immediately after grabbing ourselves a table on the balcony, Kelli, Kristen, and Cuz were gone. After the DJ belted out "This next one's gonna be a Cha-cha", there was a puff of smoke where they were standing. (Then again, it could have been from all the cigarettes around us.)

The dance floor is about the size of a medium-small stage. There are two balconies along the longer sides, and a stage at one end for the house band. Above the dance floor is a massive disco ball, which would appear to have been broken a few times. The two video screens loom over the sides with various images- everything from the music video to the song that everyone's dancing to, right down to nascar racing. Why Nascar? I have no idea.

About two hours into the festivities, after they had gotten me down there for one of their normal, club dance breaks (where they play a few recent hip hop songs and whatnot) all of a sudden, there is a scratch effect. The loudspeaker kicks up the refrain to "Kiss Him Goodbye" (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye) and everyone starts singing along as the DJ basically embarasses the hell out of some poor kid trying to get a drink. As the Security escorts him out with flashlights shining on him, everyone more or less stand around watching the boy walk through the double doors.

DJ: All right everyone, let's give him the right sendoff. 1... 2... 3...
Everybody: GET THE F*** OUT!

Now, they did that for at least five other kids, and four of them were within three songs. They actually had to stop one of the songs TWICE!

Overall, though, it was great. I actually did the original electric slide twice, and really got down during "Footloose". (No way I was gonna miss that one.) I know that during the slow songs Jess and I were both missing our men, and it didn't help when JR showed up later with his roommate. Kelli was upset that nobody was hitting on her, and Kristen had to basically calm her down... it's not exactly a pickup joint. As the night went on, I think the atmosphere just sort of let my inhibitions melt away. Or maybe it was the company. Hell, for all I know it was the hat.

Eventually, Kristen might arrange another girl's night there. I'm looking forward to it already.

October 20, 2004

A Quest

I'm missing someone.

There was a student pastor at my church when I was in tenth grade, and- like most of the student pastors that came through my church, I swore that I wasn't going to get attatched. Nope, not me. Naturally, I failed miserably. She was an honest, genuine human being, and I think that's what I like about most of the student pastors that would come through our church. They always have a different idea or outlook- they may not have all the answers, but they're always searching.

And that's what I miss most, I suppose. We've had about fifteen student pastors, but only a few that I remember vividly. I suppose that's why I miss her so much. I grew to be really close friends with her two sons, but I missed the eldest's Jr. High Graduation as a trade off for my sister's graduation. If that wasn't a tough enough call to begin with, it was compounded by me being in choir, and having to sing there for a grade. His e-mails stopped coming over four years ago.

I'm not too sure what triggered my search for her- I think it might have to do with one of the recent students taken in by my church. He was a young man, with a wife and little girl. And, also, always looking for answers. We released him from our church in July, I believe.

After the e-mail I sent to her bounced back at me, hard, I was very unnerved. Her last e-mail said that she had been called to a church in a neighboring state, so I started by googling her name. I found the church where she was pastor online, and a picture that is at least two years old. The site itself hasn't been updated in years. I'm hesitating on using the e-mail address that is listed on the website.

Now, there's no burnt bridge between us, just one in complete disrepair. The problem lies in getting up the moxie and boards to go out and fix it.

Anybody got any nails?

October 14, 2004


Has anybody ever just disappeared from your buddy list overnight? As in- you go to check their away message, and it says that it can't recieve their buddy info... and then they aren't on your buddy list anymore. It's really disconcerting.

October 12, 2004


Okay, this is blatant self-promotion for my Care2 Group, but I figure- hey, if there are people out there that are bored enough to pop in long enough for some very random fun in the Sluggy Forums, then why not Care2?

And therein lies the seed- Word Games and Random Silliness, or WGARS for short, is basically a forum on Care2- the health-concious, group-oriented website. But don't let the site itself scare you off! There are some crazy people on here! Inspired by the Sluggy Forums' WGaRS forum, and another single-game group, I figured that Care2 could use and amalgamation of various games.

You can check it out here, but you will probably need a Care2 account if you don't already have one.

And, getting an account is no big deal- you get a profile that you can choose to fill out, a free e-mail account with an obscene amount of space as opposed to some other sites out there... mine from there is aquarosewater(at)wildmail(dot)com. And, if you are inclined to be generous and nature friendly, there are places where you can click once a day to help save the rainforest, fight breast cancer, and so forth. It's a good thing.

Hope to see you there!

October 11, 2004

Damn Kerry!

Hollywood has lost another great man. Christoper Reeves has died of cardiac arrest. Now I have no idea who to vote for!

October 10, 2004

Fall Cleaning!

I had been staring at large clear boxes with red "x"'s in my archives for far too long. So they're gone. If I can find the original copies, then I'll link to them from my Care2 Photo album- and with any luck it won't be shutting down/begging for money anytime soon. So far I have one up- In celebration of the upcoming break... Week of the 17th... so close I can taste it.


So, new comments box... green, to match the rest of the scheme around here. My sidebar went out of whack for a bit there, so I played with it until I knew that I had everything roughly like it was before. If people are out of order, sorry! I tried to keep it kosher.

Oh, and the blue rectangles of doom are missing. (Diggida. Diggida. Diggidadiggidadiggidadiggida-DELETED!) Now that was a real scavenger hunt.

So... *dusts off hands* I'm through for the weekend. Back to Medea's bloodbath and Hamlet's vengence.

Page 23, sentence 5 meme

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

(Can we get a drumroll please?)
*papapapapar r r r rr r rr r r r r rr r r r r r rrrrrr*

"Until the deed is done, all words are wasted."
Euripides' Medea

Eric's right... reading for myself does seem like a guilty pleasure after months of reading assigned works. So, unfortunately, the closest book to me was the one I'm currently using for my other report this weekend. Medea, for those who haven't immersed themselves in Greek Mythology anytime in the past three months, is the wife of Jason. As in, the wife of Jason and the Argonauts, quest for the golden fleece- yeah, her.

And at that point in the play, she is ready to kill her husband. You see, after chopping up her brother, and killing her father to get Jason out of her homeland, she was taken back to Greece with Jason. They had two sons, and everything was going just fine until- Jason gets a better offer than his barbaric wife. She gets banished, he gets a new princess. What man wouldn't take up that offer?

So, I guess it works. At any rate, it makes a great standalone line. I think I'll put it on my resume.

No, no I won't.

October 09, 2004

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I'm making time to read something that I want to. You see, that's the problem with being and English major. After reading Hamlet for the third time, Medea for the second, M Butterfly two years in a row, and three hundred short stories, you don't read for pleasure anymore.

Oh, sure, you read when you have to. You read for the tests, and you enjoy reading about sons taking revenge on their mothers (who were, incidentally, just taking revenge for their daughter). You know the meaning of Deus ex Machina, and- if you see it elsewhere, you are tempted to cry, "Ha! Cheater! What a cop out!" You can tell when a poorly done twist will pop up. And when it doesn't, you're all the more bored for it.

So that's why I'm reading something for me. I used to read to get myself to sleep... or I'd read until I was through with the book at three in the morning. (About two years ago I stopped, because I was usually reading my homework until three in the morning... or getting up at four) My choice? Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. I had all but forgotten about it until I was looking for something to do last night. After all the comments I had made about wanting to make an informed choice for my vote this year, I realized that I just wasn't up to watching the debate last night. (I did end up watching the end of it.)

I've had my bookshelf set up for about two months now- and I don't think I've actually touched any of the books since I put it up... at least not until last night. I actually had a choice of my books for October, but this one is dear to me.

So I'm inviting other people to read it with me- The book that says it's okay to be young, the book that says that carnivals can be creepy without killer clowns, the book that is all backwards death marches on organs, unpenetratable mirror mazes, and carousels that make you feel the years drain or gain on you.

Then, maybe you'll know why I read it every October until two years ago.

Just like I'm remembering what it was like to read it the first time

October 04, 2004

Like Science Fiction

If I'm dreaming, don't pinch me. I don't want to wake up. Why, you ask?

SpaceShipOne, as of mere hours ago, won the X-prize. The pictures can be found here, and... wow. My only regret is that mission control was right here in town, at the Science Center, and that I wasn't able to watch in the thick of it.

I mean, the picture of it gliding down, streamlined and white- it's our future. It's commercial space travel, and it will be a helluvalot cheaper than anything that has been considered so far. The woman who accepted the prize in the ceremonies said that the first free ticket to space is presented to 7-up, and that there will most assuredly be a promotion coming in 2005.

If you get the chance, watch the webcasts from the X-prize website. They're inspiring.

One thing's for sure... when the promotion does come around for 7-up, I'll be the first in line for a free game peice.

October 03, 2004

Wholly Uncool

It's been just under a year since I plunged myself into Gametime Fandom, and now I've been pulled back out. Pity, really. I mean, Gametime really had potential, but it sounds as though their breakup was a matter of clashing opinions and following other dreams. There's supposed to be a spin-off group (duo?) by two of the members... but still.

I think it's because I bought one of their t-shirts at the last concert I went to. That must be it. I bought one of their shirts and now it doesn't mean anything. *grabs scissors* Alright! Fringe!

I'll try to put a link up when the new group really gets under effect (if at all). Until then, farewell- you guys were awesome.

October 02, 2004

30 Days Hath September

April, June, and November
All the rest have 31

Including my favorite month of all, October! Yeah, yeah... well, you know. It's two days in, and, once again, the opportunities are endless. This year, however, I have more of a selection than usual.

You see, in moving, we had an enormous amount of costumes to go through, most of which we would never use in a million years. They were every size, sort, type, and style. They were vintage, recent, plastic, tulle, silk, fur, and some fabric patterns that I had never seen before in my entire life. There were costumes from plays, from dance performances, from a prom or homecoming, and Halloweens past.

And I had the task of convincing Dad to keep most of them without him just tossing all of them into the dumpster we had rented. So I came up with an alternate plan...

For two summers I was involved with Affton CenterStage, and two of the ladies who are deeply within the major cogs are good friends of my family from church. So I extended them the opportunity to take a portion of the costumes and add it to their collection- donation to a worthy cause, so to speak. They came over, and the sorting began. Sentimental? I kept. Still fit, or someone might want? I kept. Something completely outrageous that I know I would use later? I kept. Something that I knew they could use, I handed it over... and that's how it went. When all was said and done, they had about a trash bag of costumes, and a couple dozen hangars more. I had a big, blue tub that's currently in storage.

When we were going through the costumes, though, they told me that if I was ever in a production, or if I just needed a costume that they might have, to let them know. I have honorary rights to borrow a costume or two.

This shall be a fun Halloween indeed.