It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

January 25, 2005

Clear the Streets, Ladies and Gentlemen!

That's right! I've finally been let loose on the streets!

It was the second test, and the first one I ruined on a rolling stop. 84 points, though... Not bad. Can't wait until I get the van. First thing I'm doing- finding out what the heck is on Manchester.

Oh, and gather applications. Anybody know anyone that's hiring?

One task through, and the high from its completion hasn't worn off yet. Jess met me for a desserty-celebration at Cravings. It's a nice little place near campus, I'd suggest going just for the desserts. Not only is it cheaper- then you don't have to worry about saving room for it.

Now I just have to figure out how to pay the Driving Instructor... maybe I'll just pay it myself and have Gram pay me back when all is said and done.

See you 'round the Neighborhood!

January 20, 2005

Scheduling my classes- How it went down and what I have now

My semester is going to be more than a little interesting... I saw to that by making sure that I signed up as quickly as I could when I got on campus. After getting financial aid to help me explain to collections what was going on- the hold was removed from my account. I had to contact a different professor besides my advisor to get me signed up for classes, being that my advisor is on sabbatical for the month. Professor Sempreora, the head of the English Department, luckily knows me and was nice enough to help me out.

Now, my classes are set up funny. Going out of my way to make sure that I missed as few classes as possible while still getting into classes at all was a challenge. As it stands, I only have two classes that go all semester. I have one that's only for the first eight weeks of this semester, and two that begin after the first eight weeks. On top of that- three of the classes out of the five are night classes.

For this semester-

English 2030 - History of the British Novel.
I can't wait. Professor Hwang is one of my favorite teachers thus far. She's already got us reading Moll Flanders. The title page describes the story almost like a "Buy it today!" novel. "The Fortunes and the Mistfortunes Of the Famous Moll Flanders, &c. Who was Born in Newgate, and durin aa Live of continu'd Variety for Threescore Years, Besides her Childhood, was Twelve Year a Whore, Five times a Wife (whereof once to her own Brother), Twelve Year a Thief, Eight Year a Transported Felon in Virginia, at last grew Rich, Liv'd Honest, and died a Penitent, Written from her own Memorandums."

Get this- Grandma wants to read it after I'm done.
*Tuesday Night Only, all semester

ENGL 3040 - Topics in Fiction: Modern and Postmodern authors.
You know you're already in over your head when the professor tries to talk you out of taking the course. It's the hardest one that I have this semester- and he's dubious because my emphasis in in Drama as opposed to- say- english as a teaching profession or even english without a major emphasis at all. He worries that I don't have enough background to get something out of the course. And to be frank- his worries have me worried.

But at the same time, I think I'd be doing myself a disservice if I didn't take the course, if for only the opportunity to listen to questions and discussion about some of the best novels of our time.
* Tuesday and Thursday, Noon until 1:20, all semester

PSYC 1030 - Intro to Psychology
Remember how I took sound and light to get away from dissecting frogs? Well, it didn't count towards my 1 science credit that I need. And I still didn't want to take biology (I cut a frog open once- don't want to do it again) or chemistry (mostly due to a fear of blowing myself to bits- because I'd probably do something like that). Psychology it is!

And yes, it realy does count towards my science grade.
* Monday and Wednesday, Noon until 2:50, First eight weeks (Spring 1)

PHIL 1100 - Intro to Philosophy
Last time I took this class, it didn't go so well- so I'm doing it again... because I know that I can do it. Besides, once you get over Descartes and Nietzche, it's all downhill. Especially after Nietzche.

Not to be confused with intro to Psych.
* Thursday Nights, Second eight weeks (Spring 2)

GNST 2000 - Topics in the Liberal Arts - Tombstones
I needed one more class to be flat-fee, and after missing one class already, Hwang's class was closing in on me. I booked this class, and then thanked Professor Sempreora for her help.

Anybody want to tag along?
* Wednesday Nights, Only three weeks in April! (Spring 2, on a technicality)

Well, that's the name of that tune. Got my first class in Topics in Fiction today. I was worried when he tried to discourage me from entering the class- but I still maintain that there's nothing as disconcerting as starting from behind with the knowledge that you're starting from behind.

Here goes!

January 10, 2005

For Drac

Happy 20th!

Due to my status of non-posting, I overlooked the birthday of the most important man in my life. He turned 20 on January 8th.

All hail the De Facto Patron Saint of Turtles!

The Opposite of a Deadlog

or "What I did on my Internet Sabbatical and other stories"

It began with Christmas... The snow was falling- whoops, wrong story. Hang on.

It really began with Dad calling me a hermit. Apparently I'd been locking myself in my room, and they hadn't seen me randomly outside of my room for roughly the last three months. It wasn't until Christmas that I booted myself out of my room- and I spent most of it IN my room while John tricked out my laptop. Afterwords was a game of cutthroat downstairs with a new stepcousin and step-uncle.

Sometime during that game, where I was getting walloped by a girl about seven years younger, it hit me- that I hadn't played pool for the sake of playing pool... in the basement... for ages. Granted, some of that was during football season- but football's only on the television constantly if one bothers to leave it on ESPN (1 & 2), which nobody at the house really does.

Time to put my angst into gut-wrenching, if annoyingly livejournalish, perspective. (Um, no offense, Renzo.)

You see, the only reason why I hadn't left my room is now sitting on my lap again.

On the bitterly cold monday after Christmas, I had Dad drop me off at campus to take care of some loans. Sverdrup was locked and dark, the TV's uninstalled from the walls and hidden. Too cold to chance Webster Hall being barred and locked, I scurried over to the cybercafe, swiped my card, and rushed into the warmth. Before I knew it, I was on the computers again. I called the campus operator, who reminded me that all the offices were closed due to winter break- and wouldn't open again until January 3rd.

Jess, luckily, was off and in the area. She picked me up, and we saw Phantom for the second time. I had my keyed door to the outside world on my lap when she called me back that evening. She suggested something that I hadn't done since well before I moved. I was offered couch and board in exchange for get-out-of-house time.

If I'd made my room my personal prison cell/haven, then the rest of the house was the prison yard. I glanced at my computer, signed out of SoulSeek, Yahoo, AIM, and shut it down. Kay dropped me off at Borders like a suitcase, where Jess met me about seven minutes later. (Don't worry- it was completely safe, and Jess' suggestion.)

Over the next six days- from the 27th through the New Year holiday, with the exception of one night over at Drac's, I stayed- sleeping on the futon, not opening Jess' computer. I thought about my friends that I've met online, Paul, Drea, Brian, Harley- as my week wandered on. But one thing's for sure... my life didn't end for me not being near my computer constantly.

I sang. I danced. I watched Phantom for the second time. I got Lar over to Jess' house with JR's permission. (And then later, when Jess was there, without even having to suggest it. Lar ended up having to ask him three times if it was okay, and he sort of waved her off.) I played Disney Scene It. I listened to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I rediscovered the movie Chocolat. I accidentally named Drac's brand new baby snake.

I now know what a memosa tastes like.

So I came back... not a changed woman... but more alive. And- to top it off- with ramen!

The following eight days were along the lines of me getting my life back in order. I had my vacation. Now it was time to take care of buisness. I have my grades- I'm not happy with them, but I have them. I have my loan application filled out- now all I have to do is bite my nails. I called the driving schools- and I know which one that we're going to go with.

And now that the whirlwind has calmed down, I'm playing Perfect Dark with Tarrith again, trying to make myself present once in a while outside of my room, and find out what the heck is out on Manchester. (The street is about five minutes from my house and I still don't know what's at about four-fifths of the stores there.) And when my loan pulls through... then I'll be signing up for classes.

Back to normalicy- without my door being locked.

Way to start a new year.