It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

May 31, 2005


I can't believe I almost went back to you.

After all, I couldn't be happier at TJ Maxx. It's an interesting experience, returning to a company just like you. I mean, really- but with more freedom. It's less restricting, depending on who you talk to. I mean, you can wear sneakers for crying out loud! "Never the same place twice!"

Well, so be it.

I guess it's true that I miss Wolf's- I'd go back if I had half the chance. But I don't. This is my place- at least for now. When I left, you told me to come back when I had a few years of experience under my belt. Well, I have them, but we no longer see eye-to-eye.

No, I'm not seething in resentment... not really.

I just want to know what changed between my senior year of High School and my junior year of College that caused my little "employee application" to be rejected when I was looking for a job.

The best of luck, SEARS, with that little merger with K-mart. I see nothing but bad things coming of it.

SWAK, baby.
Moueska Tonelicci

P.S. TJ's gives a longer lunch than you ever gave me.

May 11, 2005


So, is this what twenty-one is supposed to feel like? Interesting.

A tingle in my hands- imagined, I suppose. Outside of that, nothing. I must be out of my mind. If I'm a legal adult now, shouldn't I feel something more than a slight tingly feeling in my hands?

Anywho- As of roughly half an hour ago, I'm legal! Hurrah! Huzzah!

May 05, 2005

Webcomics Awareness Day: Attack of the four-panel Goodness!

Ah, yes- Cinco De Mayo... seeing as I'm not old enough to celebrate with Margaritas just yet, I figured I might as well occupy myself with some online entertainment before class.

I'd almost forgotten...

Happy Webcomics Awareness Day!

My current webcomics are not too different from last year, now that I think of it. I've dropped a few, I've gained a few. But mostly I've slimmed down. (I could blame it on an unhealthy Neopets addiction- We don't talk about it.)

Ones that I still check from last time-

Sluggy Freelance - Still the webcomic that I wait up for at night. Dive into the New Viewer Guide now! Updates Daily with a guest comic on Saturday by Clay Yount of Rob and Elliot.

Namir Deiter - Still has not ceased to rock my socks, not for furry haters. You know who you are. Updates according to incentive bar, but generally Monday-Saturday, with Sunday near the end of the month. An ND Unlimited Comic.

You Say It First - Again, not for Furry Haters, but still amusing. Updates weekdays, with an extra strip on Saturdays, depending on incentives. An ND Unlimited Comic.

Spare Parts - "Because there were a few things left over" Out of all the comics that I've been reading from the beginning, I think that this one has undergone the most change in the cast and characters, as far as making them develop into real people. Updates M-W-F, an ND Unlimited Comic.

Savvie and Lacey - The webcomic that reminded me Webcomics Awareness Day was coming up. Still adult-themed, but funny. If the forums were somewhat active, I'd expect it to be slammed by sometime in the future. Updates on the first and fifteenth of the month.

Kiagi Swordscat - What is it I love about this comic? The impromptu trip to Vegas? The zingers from Pris and Tabitha? Or maybe it's just the possiblility of swishing katana blades from the title. Oh yes. Updates M-W-F, if it ever gets back on schedule

Wapsi Square - Being that I'll be legal soon, I get to deal with my own little Aztec God of Alcohol! Whoo! Updates M-W-F, a Keenspot Comic.

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire - Everyone's favorite grumpy seer has been through a lot this past year, including the strip's change to eight-panel format. Couldn't find any real wall-breaking here either, but I fully expect it to shatter sometime... Updates Daily (excluding cons), a Keenspot Comic.

GPF: General Protection Fault - Currently in a guest-art sequence, GPF has been very, very interesting this past year, including, but not limited to, a crossover with Sluggy Freelance! Updates seven days a week, a Keenspot Comic.

Sore Thumbs - In the midst of a Sin City Parody, this completely liberal comic is the epitome of "We would so have taken Kerry over Bush"ism. Poor Cecana. Updates M-W-F, a Keenspot Comic.

Geek Salad - They're just now getting back on their feet. The entire site came crashing down around Warwick's ankles back in February or March- it wasn't until recently that they've revived. Give him a tag for support, read the archives, join the forums. Salad is good for you. Updates- soon, I hope.

Megatokyo - Completely swept me off my feet in recent days- I think I need to flip through the printed mangas for the extra stories. Yes, Manga. American-written, American layout, Manga look with an Japanime/manga feel. Updates M-W-F.

Girly - Based on a little Buzzcomics experiment by artist/author Josh L. known as "Votey Votey McWhore Month", I think it's pretty safe to say that it's the most popular new comic that I read. You should read it too. Updates Tuesday and Thursday.

Whew, that took a lot out of me...
Webcomics that I've started reading since last year-

Bruno The Bandit - Formerly a guest artist on Saturdays for Sluggy, he's best known for his rogue, scoundrel, and all-around antihero Bruno the bandit. That said- he has very slapstick comedy, as well as amusing commentary on our world in a fantasy light. Hilarious. Updates M-W-F, a Keenspot Comic.

Hello Cthulhu - Ah, the beauty of common domain. H. P. Lovecraft is probably rolling over in his grave. It's the marrige of Hello Kitty and Cthulhu's reign. All bow before the Green-tentacled Cthulhu in all his cuteness. Updates sometime.

Pixel - "What if Pixels had feelings? thoughts? conclusions?" Oh, the concepts that they think up... Hilarious. Updates about twice a week, give or take.