It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

October 23, 2005


A 25 cent raise! Still not enough to keep me from looking for a new job, but even so- It's awesome when your manager goes through the list and only takes off points for exorbatant tardies and then gives them right back with a super score on dress code.

I'm rated as "Exceeds Expectations". And this is the only place I can talk about it without getting shivved. Yee-ha!

October 22, 2005


Wow... things have been in a lull for me recently. Tarrith's been posting more than I have.

I passed with a C for Macroeconomics, but I'm fairly certain that I could have done better. Maybe with the cheat sheets he's allowing for the tests in Microeconomics, I can beat the first test on Supply and Demand like a bad dog. Thing is, if I'd gotten a B in Macro, I wouldn't have even had to do the homework for the class. Ah, shame on me.

TJ Maxx is just what it is... work. Asked for my old job back at Wolf's- at this point, If she only allowed me back for weekends, I'd seize them and work Fri, Saturday evening, Sunday afternoon, and Monday at TJ's. I miss everyone there, and Jillian says she's leaving. Sue said she'd think about it. And that's fine- she may not be able to afford having me back a few days a week. As for TJ Maxx itself, well... I've got an if-and-when prospect there. So we'll see how that goes.

A friend's got me reading manga scans of One Peice between study sessions- the archives for it are huge, I'm on 70 of 283 some-odd chapters, and that's just the first MSN Group! I miss the feel of paper in my hands, and I'm sure the loading time per page adds about five to ten minutes for each chapter. Otherwise, I'd highly suggest it. But I sort of want to suggest skipping to the end of fight chapters to see if they're still at it. Because I'd read through an entire fight chapter and they'd still be exactly where they were at the beginning, more or less. Then again, I'm no Dragon Ball Z fan, so maybe my friend's more used to it than I am.

Finally got blasted in class for my short story, it's up on my fictionpress Profile if you're interested. The ending's shaky. Outside of that, I shouldn't have any problem with revising it. Suggestions?

I guess, as a whole, right now it's just "another Day, another dollar". I need excitement. Is Halloween here yet?

October 07, 2005

Things That Go Bump In The Afternoon

I think that my store is getting ready for halloween.

No, I don't mean that the managers are setting up orange-and-black crepe paper over the doors, or that we have paper bats hanging of the cieling. I'm actually not even sure that they do anything like that. But the last couple of days, the store has been making noises of- well- settling in.

It was strange, yesterday- and I wonder about whether or not it will happen when I go in today. The air-pressure of the store, would force open the inside doors- and the wind outside would force open our outside doors... and the store would howl. I'm not talking about a coyote howl- none of the high-pitched barking. No- it was a low, meloncholy howl.

I wanted to tape it and mix it onto a haunted house CD. And my listening of it was nearly crystal clear. The store's music had been turned off that morning- and didn't come back until the next day. There was no music to offset the mournful sound.

(And then there was this one customer who locked onto my eyes for a second and made the hair stand up on the back of my neck- but I'm fairly certain that was just a personal freak-out. No, I'm completely certain; But I digress.)

I wonder, when I go in to work tonight, if it howls, will it still freak me the hell out?