It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

November 23, 2005

A Black Plastic Stripe

My car now has a racing stripe!

Only... not really. Someone should have told me as a kid that cars were one big metal bundle of rolling dough. They are. I didn't realize it until there was a scratch on dad's vehicle that I had to pay for. I still owe him for that. As a matter of fact, what I want to do is overhaul the car, put it on a credit card, and then pay it off as swiftly as I can.

But..... that does require a credit card. With what would probably be a Seven-thousand dollar spending limit. I'd be paying it off for the next fifteen years. All for a few dents.

And a new mirror.

But back to the racing stripe. I'd just gotten off of a very, very stressful day of work with little sleep. These, as most people know, qualify as dangerous conditions for anything. Realizing that I could use having my paycheck in the bank, I went to pull around a silver truck to head down Geyer and u-turn.

Bad move. A swift crack, a shriek that had to have been my own, and my feet still trembling after hitting the break- just in case. We pulled into the Meremac parking lot, and looked the two vehicles over. Him- no damage. Me- a broken mirror and a stripe of black from his bumper. As low as it was, I have no idea how it knocked the viewfinder from its mounts. The stripe is about seven inches down from where the mirror was.

I plan on buffing it out with a good cloth. I hope. As for the mirror, it'll be a paycheck- or a little more than a paycheck, actually. I'll have to talk with World Wide Autobody, seeing as I can't order the part online. Here I was hoping the Drac and Tim would help me out again.


On a completely less depressing note, a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I'm thankful that I have friends who love me as a sister (and at least one who loves me even more than that), at least three families that treat me as their own, that Jess is taking me on a cruise come late winter- I have no problem setting aside another paycheck just for the plane ticket- (THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!), and that I have a shot at world domination.

Er, well not the last part. But I'm super-thankful for everything else. ^^

November 11, 2005

...Like an Emotional Sneeze


'Scuse me.

Hey... I guess I've been lazy- but more than that, I've been bogged down with work and school. My brain doesn't work anymore- well, not without the help of a good set of old-fashioned all-nighters. Mmm... I finally know the joys of pizza and caffinated beverages. Not that I didn't enjoy Mountain Dew before- I did. But I've built up a tolerance, you could say.

Now, instead of a two-liter swigging night of Dew, I chug a few cans of 180 over the course of the night.

During the night, I may or may not crash. There's only been one so far that I've actually gotten up to get a couple hours of work in. That was Tuesday. It was also the biggest mistake of my life.

No, wait... wait. I shouldn't say that. There are much worse things than picking up four random hours categorizing shoes so that your manager can keep her job and you can get brownie points. (Brownie points just sounds so wrong in a work context... oh, the double entendres.) The lack of sleep did give me a new perspective on my play, though- and that was exactly what I needed.

It's going to be peformed by my classmates next Thursday. I say performed, but I really mean that it'll be a staged walkthrough- like a cool reading (as opposed to a "cold reading"- when you get the script and have mere seconds to glance over a line before reading it). I know that there are good readers and bad readers- but I can pretty much figure that Elliot will do right by my swanky/sleazy/jaded modern private eye. That reminds me- I need to pick up some props.

Tallies for play responses from friends and family - 4 "Good", 1 "Long" (as my actor/classmate was hi-lighting his part), 1 "Interesting", and 1 "Awesome". I could really use some beta-readers to help me refine it. If there was ever a play that I would submit to the one-act play festival at Webster, this is it.

And I want to make it work.