It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

December 26, 2005

Merry Christmahaunnakwanzika to you!

Just a little note for the holidays! Maybe I'll put up a picture of the christmas card we'll be sending out next year of Athene on my lap in my Ms. Santa suit.

Oh, 'scuse me. Miss Kringle. Must be politically correct, right?

On another note... Thank you to everyone who gave me gifts- especially Dad 'n Kay, Athene (I love you I love you I love you I love you) and big John, Tarrith (Oh my gosh- SO awesome), 'n everybody else.

So big nondenominational holiday greetings to everyone like John.

Big Yule wishes to Amy Lea and Von.

Happy Hannukah to anyone who happens to light the menorah and knows how to spell dreidel properly (unlike myself).

Festive Kwanzaa wishes to Olivia and hers. (Again- did I spell that right?)

And a slightly belated Christmas to Drac, Jess, and all my other friends and family.

Oh, and have a great Ramadan- er, if anyone should stumble across here with those beliefs.

December 04, 2005


It's been a long time since I've been to a concert. I want to say a year- and that was before Gametime split to reform as Stark Raving. (Actually, I'm not quite sure that Stark Raving is still a couple.)So, naturally, when my stepbrother Steve said his band was going to be playing at POP's, I was a bit excited.

Excited enough to buy three tickets for tonight. Mostly, I just assumed that I could get at least one other person to go with me- free of charge and all that. I was banking on the idea that one of my buddies might be up for a chance to jeer some bad bands and cheer a few good ones. Or just to hang out.

Lets see, how did the tallies go? Three had work, Two had homework, One had to get pics of her baby, One had housework, One couldn't get back to me, One refused on the principle that he was broke. (Ben, you frood! I could have TOTALLY paid for your soda. They were only a buck twenty-five!) In the end, scrolling through my cell, I kept passing Breka. A shrug, a dial.

She had nothing better to do, and the last concert she'd been to was The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. My free ticket was swooped up easily. (Thank God.)

Now, for those of you that listen to The Point from time to time might have heard them talking about the Point Local Show on Sundays. Broadcast from POP's, Six bands sell tickets to friends, family, and groupies (if they have groupies) to battle it out for time at Jupiter Studios. They let people in the door no earlier than 5:31, apparently. Before that, they kick you back out into the cold. First band plays about six or so. The last three bands are the ones to sell the most tickets, and they each get one song on the air. Steve's band got second place for tickets.

Featured that night were "We All Become Statistics", "Estrus", "Freak Accident", "D.P.F.", "CNIDARIA", and "Kolerik".

If Renzo was there, I'm sure that she would have found the first band to be "the suck". Between Kati and I, we came up with some alternate names for them, including- but not limited to- "Bad Emo Hair", "Mini-mosh", "We're Angry! RAWR!", and "Regurgitated Lunch Meat". I didn't really understand at that point that lyrics were unintelligable unless you were right next to the stage- or unless they were being sung. "We All Become Statistics" probably would have been better if their vocalist played a chime. But, hey, one of the guys at the table behind us shouted "Hey, don't diss! This is Hardcore!!"

Estrus, complete with a myspace site, was the only band that had merch. And a banner. It was sort of unnerving, like watching what Gametime might have become if they were less rock and more rough. Don't get me wrong, they have a very niche sound, with perhaps even a chance to go indie if they want. Syth isn't appreciated by everyone. It does give an erethreal feel to their set, especially in combination with the sung lyrics. Maybe that's because I was too far away to hear the words that were being screamed into the mic, despite being at one of the closer tables. I know that Breka will be keeping an eye on this band.

Perhaps I'm a little bit harsh when I say Freak Accident only had one phenomenal song. Again, I really wanted to like the band- really, really wanted to. But out of their set, there was only one song that stuck out to me. I'm not saying that all their songs should feature a slow vocal. After all, the drummer refers to the band as Metal. Oh, and a note for the vocalist, if he should ever stumble across this little hole in the internet. "Putting one leg up does not make you look angsty. Use sparingly. Even if you consider it your 'thing'."

Let's skip a review of DPF in favor of a different incident that happened around that point in time. A woman stopped me on my way to the bar and asked me if my two mountains were real. When I told her they were, she sort of fluttered her eyelashes and tapped her collarbone with a few fingers, waving them like a woman of society.

"They're magificent, dahling! Magnificent!" I didn't stop glowing for the rest of the night, even when Kay suggested that I cover up. She's just lucky that I didn't sweep my blouse off my shoulders and go around just in my corset for the night. I was already the brightest-colored person there in my red-and-jean outfit.

I find it interesting that CNIDARIA, Steve's band, was the only one to feature a girl as a drummer. Or a girl at all. Second band to go on the air, it was really tragic- they only got to play one song, after which one of the people at the front of the stage fainted. The music just... ramped down afterwords. No-one cheered or clapped, everyone was in a dead silence as Kay made her way to the stage to try to help, declaring that she was a nurse. The rest of the set went fine, but... damn, you know?

By the time Kolerik was on stage, I felt that they deserved the audience at the edge of their stage that Estrus had. But the crowd had thinned, and the only people left were a few from the other bands, and those that had paid for Kolerik's tickets. Steve tagged me at some point during their set, telling me that he'd heard them on their website. They didn't blow me away like they did him, but I'd definately go see them again. He also asked me why I stayed.

"Because," I said, "I paid six bucks for a ticket- six bucks, six bands- I'm not going to waste 'em!" I'm not sorry I did.