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February 23, 2006

Surfacing Playwrights Festival II

Back to the Festival

Tried out for SURFACING again this year, and it looks like I might have a chance. After all, they only had twenty people audition, and Molly (one of the playwrights) said that they were in need of females. So we'll see what happens.

The plays are really intriguing this year- one of them's very sci-fi, another's just dripping with guns and other paraphenalia. I couldn't figure out what the third was about, but the fourth reminded me of Joe the janitor. Anyone else from Bayless remember Joe? Yeah... He was a good guy. Right- and the fifth one... well... I'm not sure what to think of the fifth one, but I know I didn't do the parts justice.

So it ought to be interesting.

Wish me luck!

February 14, 2006

The Feast of Lupercal!

How could I forget!

Ah, well... Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

And I swear that next year, next year I'll get that toga party for the 15th put togeather. I mean, if National Lampoon thought a toga party was the solution to failing grades and disappearing scholarships, it's got to be worth a shot! (Hopefully, though, my grades will be 300% better at the end of this semester.)

February 04, 2006

To Nassau! To Castaway Cay!

Farewell everyone! If I told-no one, then you would most likely never know. But, at the request of my darling elder sister, I intend to go on at length about the trip.

Did I mention how much I love my best friend? I do. I really do- Amethist's like a sister to me. We've got at least eleven and a half years of friendship behind us. I've been calling Mrs. B "Mom" since roughly one year after my own mom passed.

I'd heard about the trip from Breka; originally it was going to be just herself and Mrs. B, as well as a co-worker of her mother's and the co-worker's daughter. Things changed, and suddenly the co-worker just didn't say anything more about it. With two extra tickets and only one extra daughter, she offered me the spare.

I'd have been crazy to say no.

Now I'll just have to get airfare in the aftermath. (Wow, my bills have really been piling up recently.) But it's going to be worth it. I haven't been out of Missouri since my mom passed- no... wait. I've been to Alton once or twice since then. That is Illinois... so I suppose it counts. And I went to Chicago the summer after on a day-trip with Jess and Dad to visit Waukegan.

But I think it was the first November at the new house that I really felt my body shift, and just wanted to be gone. Not be in St. Louis. Not be in Missouri. Be away, and not think about going back. I just needed an opportunity, or someone willing to take a road trip.

Being that I didn't have enough funds for a road trip, it got put on indefinate hold.

So when this opportunity came up, I leapt like a wild tiger. There would be no way that I'd let it pass me by. I missed out on Vegas with Kristen. I missed out on Eric and Emma's wedding in Mexico. I'd be positively insane to miss out on a Disney Cruise- most expenses paid.

Lots of pictures, feasting, and swimming will ensue, I'm sure. I really wish that I could pack all of you into my suitcase, but it would be really, really crowded and probably an even bumpier ride. But Amethist has already made up her mind- she wants to go on the sister ship sometime... Athene, you'll love it. There's a Beauty and the Beast Themed fancy dining room. The one on our current ship is "Triton's" with a Little Mermaid fetish.

If there's one thing I can ask in my absence, I suppose it would be this... Don't hate me because of the trip! I'd send you Bon Voyage greetings if you were going! But I've been called a- well, it doesn't matter what I've been called. I've just gotten about three sincere "Have fun"s over several dozen "I hate you"s. Dont make me feel guilty about going.

Leaving in five hours, back on Thursday. Take care, everyone!

February 01, 2006

Changed my day...

There are a LOT of MT characters you haven't met yet. i dont believe in minor or major characters - every character is a major player in his/her own life - how much they effect the story is the only issue.

Besides, this particular character goes back a long way, he's hardly a new introduction.

Piro of Megatokyo

Now, everyone and their brother links Megatokyo if they read webcomics. And if their brother doesn't link Megatokyo, it's because they either laugh at their sibling because of their webcomic choice, or because they prefer death metal bands. Possibly both.

So I feel a bit funny posting a forum link and quote when I'm a silent reader.

But even so, I think that Piro has a major point, one that a lot of people like me... people that treat their characters as humans and not as "X-person" with "Y-traits", should know by heart. If you think about it, everyone you've met briefly has a history that you don't know. They could be personal shoppers, aspiring writers that are forced to take jobs as waitresses, or even graphic design majors that settle for positions as Merchandise Co-ordinators. The person down the street from you could be a firefighter that just lost a brother that you've never heard about.

God, who are these people?

And who am/was I to everyone else that I've met?

Last sememster that I was at Webster, I took a course on cemetaries, and the only book for the three-day class put me in an interesting situation. Everyone had connections to everyone else. Each one of the famous people in that book were legends, tied in part to other legends. Susan Blow, for example. Henry Shaw. They were tied to Presidents, Senators, Pierre Laclede, Augustus Busch (good old Auggie), the list went on.

What would I have to do to be in a book like that? Change history? Write a pulitzer-prize winning novel? Win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Or am I just content to sit at the bottom of the totem pole at some company... scurrying home each night to write a novel- or series- that I may never complete?

Good question.

Time for me to be a major player in my own life...