It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

April 29, 2006

S/$ is for Sapped, Screwed, and Something (completly different)

I am completely sapped for creativity at the second.

I mean I know what I can do to make Shades of Sepia into a full-fleged performance peice, to make all the puzzle peices really fit- instead of making it a single one-act play, why not make it three one-acts that are meant to be done in reverse-chronological format. Begin with Shades as we know it.

Pick up with Jake and Dinah- the parts that we didn't see during Shades... why he cares, why Dinah cares... and why Dinah went through the motions of getting Harry and Harriet togeather. Then, the last act, would be the murder of Hannah Lemp, and Dinah's relation to her- what brings her to Jake.

It's all kind of muddled right now, and maybe it won't make sense if you didn't read the play. But at least it's a start.

Everything has to start somewhere.


I'm also feeling a bit silly about how slow I've been posting here and elsewhere.

I'm silly, and dizzy, and perhaps even a little bit dull right now, but that's all right- I'm good at being all of the above. It's just been so crazy right now. I cracked and swore in front of my new assistant manager. At this point- I don't care too much. I don't care if they fire me- just so long as they don't fire me before I have a new job in my hands.

My last paycheck wasn't enough to cover my car insurance. They cancelled me two weeks ago, because I only had enough in my paychecks for gas. I'm screwed, plain and simple. Amusingly enough, I took off the weekend/week of finals, and my insurance ends the first day that I took off.

In an attempt to be less helpless, I called an employment agency shortly after I got home from my little trip to work.

Lisel (I think): How may I help you.
Me: I've been looking for a job for the past few months, and I haven't heard back from any of them. I'm broke, and at the end of my rope.
L: You haven't happened to be pulling out your hair by any chance
Me: No, but I was crying earlier.
L: That's not good...

It'll be full-time, which means that I'll probably have to transfer myself to another college to finish up my degree in Literature. I need some core courses that I've been informed will never be taught in the evening. I don't know what will happen with that- maybe if I can take long lunches on those days...

As for me, I'm just praying for ten dollars and hour. L thinks that the agency can get me that much.

I mean, a thirty cent raise from work was nice, but it's just thirty cents to put on my resume. If I'm lucky, I'll see any of it before I leave.

(And no, I haven't discounted the Science Center, but I keep stumbling over the cover letter. Cover letters make me nervy.)


This just in.

My brain imploded.

Stay tuned for farther details.

April 13, 2006


Shades of Sepia is going to be in the 2006 edition of Currents magazine!!!

It'll be released at the St. Louis Community College writing festival next week. I was notified by phone in passing. "Hi, I'm sure that you're aware by now..." Not actually. The most I got was a letter from the Rissover prize committee urging me to submit my play to Currents. I'd actually submitted to both Currents and the Rissover Prize at the same time. At the end of my creative writing class, actually.

(Wow, that feels so far off... like it's been a year instead of a few months.)

So, yeah. I'm gonna be a published authoress.

I'm gonna be a published authoress!!!

... maybe this is a sign of good things to come. I hope so.

April 04, 2006

Dandelion wishes - II.v?

I find it amusing how, in the past year, none of my dandelions released all their seeds. None.

There would be one stubborn seeded parachute clinging to it, or more. They could even withstand the second puff of breath in hopes of half a wish.

So when I picked up a dandelion off campus earlier this week, I turned it in my fingertips, wondering how the resilliant beast of flora managed to survive despite the weed-killer put down by the gardeners at Webster. Ye gods... spring already? Yes, the earth had just gotten over that terrible March chill, and the warmth was beginning to rise again.

I murmured to an absent friend, "This one's for you," and blew.

My first empty stem in a year. Pity that there wasn't another nearby... I could use a stroke of that sort of luck myself.

Since I haven't told what it was, I pray that it comes true.