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May 27, 2006

On Things of a Bridal Nature

My sister's getting married.

My sister's getting married!

My dress is finally done, I chewed my boss out for scheduling me over the wedding (which she changed), and my sister's getting married! I'm supposed to go down to Cape G. on Thursday with her, and tonight- with any luck about five of us are supposed to go hang out with Athene for her bachlorette party. The bridal shower was fun- I couldn't have done it without Kay's help.

Well, I could have, but it would probably have been a heckuvalot less organized. But we had a few party games, and cake, and k'bitzed. And then there was Brookie and Bethany, who were little angels most of the afternoon. (Of course, Brookie sometimes has to remind us that she's not an angel, but then you get into the "id" and freud- and let's not, shall we?) They gave Gala a nice puppy-workout.

Gotta head off to work!

This entry was yoinked from notebook paper dated and

May 15, 2006

Floating Glass Onions

Yup, my birthday's come and gone...

I've been refusing to post for the sake of posting, in hopes that what I do post, when I post it, will be insightful, but to tell the truth- part of it's laziness. And who needs a lazy post, I ask you?

(I think I'll just let that hang there for a bit.)

So I'm twenty-two. I wish I could say that I feel older for it, I really do. But the only thing that seems to come with my age is the knowledge of the responsibilities that I should have gotten taken care of when I wast twenty-one. Or twenty. Feh, who needs it.

I guess you could say that I really haven't changed at all.

To be fair, I did have a good birthday-

Took my last exam late due to a mishap with my syllabus. Lucky me- thank god Professor Sempreora let me time myself and take it late. That makes three apples that I owe her. One from when she helped me schedule for my classes a few semesters ago- one from when I popped into her office to talk one day without having eaten, and she let me have one from a fruit bowl in the room. And now one more. Maybe I'll just send her a fruit basket for being so awesome.

After my frighteningly long test, I scooted out towards my old stomping grounds to pick up Amethist, but with a bit of leeway run-time. If you're ever in Affton, stop by Arabesque Jewelers. They're right on Gravois, just shy of Gravois and Mackenzie. I popped in to get my ring cleaned and chat with the owner like I used to do when I lived at the Affton house. Couldn't get it all the way sparkly, though- the owner suggested that I drop it off some day while I'm doing errands out there so that she can leave it in the machine. She's told me in the past that blue topaz sucks up dirt worse than diamonds, but... fwoosh.

Picked up Amethist and we headed back out Gravois to Grandma's for birthday dinner. And then, the Botanical Gardens.

Now, I adore the Botanical Gardens. I've always loved them: rain, shine, snow, even in fog. It's always beautiful- the Temerpate House, the Climatron, and the gorgeous Japanese Garden. I drool over the open blooms, dance in the fountains, wander in and out of the Kemper Center for no particular reason except the oasis of water fountains that it hides on its lower level. And for my birthday I got to see it in an entirely different way.

Dale Chihuly, one of my absolute favorite artists (as well as a complete genius, I might add), has recently contracted an installation for the Missouri Botanical Gardens by the name of Glass in the Gardens. It left me in complete awe.

Everywhere I looked, the light teased the shapes and left little trickles of excitement down my spine. Floating glass orbs and onion-shaped features bobbed in many of the ponds and still-waters that appeared throughout the garden. They swayed, swirled, and danced in the dull light with the sound of big band in the distance. Of course, the fact that the sun was setting by the time we got to the Climatron only hightened the experience- the figures inside were lit with various lights throughout the building.

We didn't get to see all of it, and I know that I want to go back before they take down everything. I want to see what they've done to the Japanese Gardens, and see the new Children's Garden in the light of day. (Yay! It looks like a river town! It really looks like a page from Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn.)

If I can start my twenty-second year by stepping into a new view, there's got to be some way for me to keep it close.

A year of transition- you know, that's not a bad idea...

May 05, 2006

Webcomics Awareness Day: On Evolution

This year, I'm not going to list all of my webcomics that I'm reading currently. I've only got a few to add to the list, but I'd really suggest all of the webcomics in the previous Webcomics Awareness Day posts. Totally.

They are here, here, and here.

But today, I wanted to bring up the transient nature of some of these webcomics. Sometimes the author just doesn't have the time to update anymore, or they lose their zeal. Or perhaps something more personal steps in the way and they just don't have the energy to keep at it.




It happens to many of them, so many that no-one ever looks at besides a small audience. I could always cite my no-effort attempt to start one, but with nothing more than a single update- I don't even call it a webcomic. I might as well have just snagged a deviantart profile and put my scribble up there. (Which people tell me I ought to do anyway- but that's another story...)

No, I'm talking about the abrupt disappearance of Kiagi Swordscat. The domain went from the hands of Kiagi's creater, Aric Hooley, to a blank page which cited a 404 error for about a month. This was after a hiatus of about two months, preceded by sporadic updates.

Beginning with Keenspace and Comicgenesis, it officially moved to become a Brainstorm Unlimited-only comic in April of 2005. You can see the archives up to its move at the comicgenesis site.

Hoo, if you're still out there, we miss you, and hope you're doing okay. Give us a sign- a forum post- anything.

Geeksalad's still on hiatus, and I still have hope for Warwick. Altermeta has been pulled from the web with hopes of a complete revamp for the world that Casey Young has created. Spare Parts has been revived.

James LiGate, creator of Savvie and Lacey, brought up some interesting thoughts about the evolution of his particular little corner of the web for his annual WebComics Awareness contribution. (The link should lead to a PG-13 part of the site, however the actual webcomic archives and site is rated as mature. You have been warned.)

To all new webcomic artists out there- don't let this post discourage you from starting one- please! All that you need to start a webcomic is you. You don't need an audience, or anything more than a medium of creation and a camera.

Photoshop helps too. But MS paint works.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!