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June 27, 2006

Step one of (Cthulhu Knows) Complete

I have insurance again!


Tentative breakdown that equals the Cthulhu Knows...

1. Get Car Insurance.

2. Get lawyer, because apparently any contact that I have with the St. Louis County police department will get me locked up and sent to jail.

3. Get title re-notorized.

4. Take title to the DMV.

Aaaand... I think that's all so far. I'm sure that more will crop up in-between, but it sounds like a good start.

June 26, 2006

Mr. Pleasant Shady Cop Says...

Okay, so I'm working on getting things going, including- but not limited to- getting the title changed on the car.

I've also got a traffic ticket.

And lack car insurance.

So that requires me draining my college fund.

Oh, this just keeps getting better.

But because I refuse to have a completely depressing post, I'll let you marvel at the stupidity of me.

I'd forgotten about the speeding ticket, and it was bestowed upon me in April. Not a smart thing... the excuse at the time was lack of money and my insurance that was beginning to run out. So in the midst of everything else, I did the most illogical thing concievable and put it off.

And so...

Three months pass, and I'm still trying to get the title switched over, including a month's wait to clean out my education fund. Isn't it terrible? I'm using the last of the money that my grandfather put aside for college to get the title switched to my name. So I finally get the check in the mail last week, and prepare to get it put in the bank, which is where the more recent fun stuff begins.

So I'm sitting in the parking lot of Arsenal Credit Union after closing work on Friday night. No big rush for the check on my lap, still in its UPS envelope. Someone pulls up next to me, and I can see a cop go in and come out of the main doors of the credit union. Engrossed in my conversation, I can just barely note the movement of the car from its position next to me to behind my vehicle in my rearview mirror.

He knocks on my window and the following conversation ensues.

Me: Good evening officer.
Him: Are you all right?
Me: Yes... Is there something wrong?
Him: Did you know that you have a warrant out for your arrest?
Me: .............
Him: You'd better get off the phone so we can talk.

He wanders off to run my driver's license, and returns. I protest my innocence in forgetting about the ticket for a time (which I honestly had), and that the solution to my problems was the money on my lap. (Which it was.) Even so, he decided to play good tough cop and let me off with the equivalent of a warning and a nice teensy lecture.

"It seems you have a bit of a problem. You see, you haven't shown me that you're responsible, since you haven't gotten Honeytown County's ticket taken care of. And I don't know if you have anyone you can call to pick you up, or if you want to just sit on the phone and talk for a while, but I'm from Webster Groves. In order to get back to Ballwin, you're gonna have to go through my territory. And if I see you drive off this parking lot, I will arrest you, and lock you up."

I called dad.

And so...

Because I put it in the ATM instead of the night deposit, it doesn't hit my account until tonight. So tonight I hit up Progressive Online for a quote, and hit up Esurance one last time- and I'll have step one of (Cthulhu knows how many {but doesn't care}) steps complete.

Oh, right... and another thing...

I found my ticket, but not before calling up the St. Louis County Police Department.

Me: Excuse me sir, I hate to bother you, but I recently found out that I have a speeding ticket, and I really want to get it taken care of.
Mr. Pleasant Shady Cop: All right, do you know where it came from?
Me: Well, the officer said that it was out of St. Louis County when he told me about it.
Mr. P. S. C.: And where did you get pulled over at?
Me: It was at Big Bend, out in Ballwin.
Mr. P. S. C.: Well, you can go right over to the Precinct at Big Bend and Sulphur Springs and they can help you there. Just make sure that you bring a photo id.
Me: Oh, I know right where that is!
Mr. P. S. C.: Yup. Just head right over there, and they'll take care of you.

Apparently "take care of you" means "lock you up" in code. I walked up, not wanting them to randomly run my license and arrest me for driving five minutes up there without insurance. Lucky for me, they refused to run my driver's license with the knowledge that I had a warrant in front of them. If they ran it, then they would have been under obligation to take me to the precinct and...

You guessed it! Clink!

So, yeah... I backed my way out of the precinct and high-tailed it back home.

I said that I'd get the ball rolling on Monday... I think I moved it an inch. But at least it moved...

June 15, 2006

Oh, right..

Before I forget, I just wanted to draw a teensy bit of attention to the teensy button on the sidebar.

Spam Poison is a website that basically sucks spambots in and spits them out into lists and lists of spammer-generated e-mails. Isn't that lovely?

On a PrIvatE subject:

I desire a single peice French Silk pie.

I refuse to buy the frozen Tippin's French Silk Pie for various reasons, beginning with the fact that I obviously do not require a whole pie. I need only one peice. Also, I remember that at one time you could buy Tippin's incredible French Onion Soup and French Silk Pie fresh.

I also have been frivolously hunting for it on varous menus. I can heartily say that although the French Silk cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory is very good, it still does not fill the void that Tippin's has created.

What does this stem from? Ah, well... they say that most women reach for ice cream if they're depressed, or if it comes to matters of the heart. I enjoy ice cream, but that flaw was replaced about four years ago with an away message of "I want Pie."

I never did get that piece of pie- not really. Oh, I've had my share of coconut creams and even a couple lemon. Pumpkin pie is a necessity for Thanksgiving- even possibly as early as Halloween-

But I don't hardly touch them.

If you should find a restauraunt with French Silk Pie in the St. Louis area, do let me know. I'd be forever greatful.

Pre-wedding Jam

I'm writing this post on Grandma Hanchen's bed.

It won't get posted until I get back from Cape G., but I'll have the date and time jotted at the top right-hand corner when I get done.

I need to visit Athene more often. I really do. I mean... I've been to her house three times, counting today. John's great for her, and- well- anytime I hang out with the two of them, I know I'm going to be trying something new. They've been living togeather for two years now... a bit more than that, possibly.

Athene's lease ran out the same day that we were supposed to be out of the old house. That was roughly two years ago.


Today the trio of bridesmaids and my sister had our pictures taken at Byrnes Mill, and I want them to come out well. I want them to so very badly. We were running late for several reasons, and it began with my sister's wedding dress. She was going to have to pick it up anyway, but Athene recieved an urgent phone call saying that the seamstress was in the hospital- she'd have to come early instead of putting it on there.

Not a huge deal, per se. And then was the mad flurry to put on make-up and do hair. By some happy accident- or would it be serendipitous conincidence? T and John's sister chose the exact same color for their bridesmaid's dresses. With myself as the maid of honor, it worked out great. Different styles of dresses for everyone, with a coral color for me. T lent everyone hairbands at the last moment, and we were off!

It all feels like a blur so far... I remember visiting the thrift shop, Broussards, playing on the dance pad, finally finding a plug for my laptop and swearing not to actually use it for the rest of the trip, and especially a sillhouette picture of my sister that I will be very sore over if it doesn't come out.

And then we have the wedding coming up.

I can hardly wait.

(Originally written June 2, 2006 at 11:00 pm)