It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

July 30, 2006

Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

Did you know that the corporate offices of the Adam's Mark are right here in town? I didn't. I'd sent off a cover letter and my resume to the HBE corporation due to an ad found on and about four days later I recieve a phone call for an interview- not bad, since I wasn't really expecting anything to come from my job search that day.

Anywho, HBE is the umbrella company that owns the Adam's Mark Hotel chain, of which there are currently five hotels. HBE's corporate offices are on Olive, a hop, skip, and a jump away from my Westport campus. Yay!

Yay Yay Yay!!!

It's a full-time position, 8.25 an hour, I can get all my bills paid, I can take part-time classes slowly at Webster year-round and finish everything up. They have tuition assistance. They have health benefits. I haven't seen one downside, financially, to me getting this job.

And I did get it, by the way. On Friday morning they called me with an official offer. I leapt.

Then I had to put in my two weeks where I currently work. The worst part was handing in my letter of resignation to my manager- the one who hired me. I hoped he wouldn't be in. After all, T.J. Maxx gave me a chance to earn something to put gas in my car, and I think I learned more about teamwork and flux of workload there than at any other location. If one person called off, we all felt it.

But my two weeks are in, and I offered my services for the following week. I work this week as it's on the schedule, and after that, weekends while I'm being trained. Then I'll be an Adam's Mark employee full-time. HUZZAH!!!



Single again.

All right.

Bob thinks I need a sign that says "You need to be this much in love with Moues in order to ride this ride". Maybe with a life-sized cardboard cutout of me.

Well... it'll be a while before I post that sign, so I think I'll be single for a while. I mean, I was single for nineteen years. This time I think I'll be able to really enjoy it. Don't get me wrong- I'm very hurt (after all, I was the one in love at the point of the breakup), and I'll be healing for a while, too.

And that's all I have to say on it.

July 21, 2006


My godmother checked in with me after she found out that I'd called her niece. She's staying with a friend. I'm just glad she's all right.

July 20, 2006

One Big Oversize Bottle of Visine...

That's what Honeytown needs right now.

Something to make all the red spots on Ameren UE's blackout map to clear up. It was in the background during one of the newscasts concerning the citywide splotchy blackout- where some of the north county residents are boiling water, others have neither water nor electricity, and still others have recently had electricity restored to them. I never knew that I'd be so greatful to live out in Ballwin.

I have to give major props to all the local clear channel stations that banded togeather to broadcast a united voice of help, hope and continual updates that could be heard by everyone. My family had on KLOU last night when the lights started flickering, and this morning I couldn't even find KSLZ on the dial. It wasn't until after I got off work that I heard what they were trying to accomplish in this crisis (albiet not as big as Katrina, but still a crisis nonetheless), that I really realized the effect that this was having on the community.

Granted, with all the customers trying to escape the heat by shopping at TJ Maxx, I should have realized. This was not just a few small grids. This is entire counties.

There's not a single hotel room to be found in the entire city, or any of its surrounding counties- calling out as far as Wentzville. There are cooling centers throughout the area- turn to a clear channel station such as 103.3, 100.3, or 107.7 to find out more information.

I still can't get in touch with one of my elderly family members. I hope she's all right.

I hope that by the end of this, everyone's all right.

July 19, 2006

Left Side of Law?

It's good to be on the right side of the law again.

My warrant's been rescinded, and I have to pay the court fees, which is just fine with me. I'm just glad to have it all out of the way. My car's title came in the mail. (Yay! No more car-shaped little black cloud hanging over me. Well, besides the loan. But that's not too bad.)

So Cthulhu in his dark, creepy mystical way has guided me to completing my little life crisis. (Actually, it was probably the deity who lives upstairs instead of Lovecraft's etherial Elder God- but now we're getting into logistics, idols, and names.) Hallelujah!

In other news...

Not too terribly much going on with me. I just had my first real interview for a real, actual position instead of one of those twenty-minute high-energy sales pitches for "management trainees" who usually drop out within the first two weeks. A real interview!!

I'm still insanely jealous about my brother's job. He'll probably write up something about it in his blog when he begins again at KCAI. Let's just say that I severely wish I lived in Kansas City just for the opportunity to work there.

The new Superman movie was iconic, but it left you feeling as though nothing had really changed in Metropolis, or in Clark Kent's life, which was a pity. To quote Drac: "That was a nice episode of Superman." I also saw "Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest". I'd highly suggest it for anyone who liked the first one. If you didn't like the first, then odds are, you're not going to like the second either. If you adored the first, then you certainly won't be disappointed. It's a real adventure.

July 08, 2006

Step three of (Cthulhu Knows) Complete

My title application is in the system, Big Daddy's mangled plates are off my car thanks to his help, and my new plates are in place!

(I would like to take a second to note that the mangled plates were, indeed, not his fault but mine entirely. Thank you.)

In other news...

My headhunting outfit hasn't found any leads for me. At all.

Now... I signed up over a month ago. You'd think there'd be a bite or something, especially since my resume's in the hands of the "vice president of sales" (according to her buisness card). She's also been dangling a temp job carrot in front of me, too. Unfortunately, each time I ask about it, the person that I'm supposed to hear from is out of the office. When I called yesterday, the temp-woman was on vacation.

I'm going to put a few more lines in the water and see what I can come up with.

Maybe I'll get a good bite.