It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

November 19, 2006

10,000 words!

Yay! +10,000 words.

If I get to 25,000 by the end of the month, then I'll be happy, being as I already started late.

Updating my fictionpress profile with it now. However, I would mention that it is rough, thick, and incomplete. Also, the count on my counter should be vaguely different... I have a few selections that need a fair bit of patching in-between before I can put them together.

Edit: You can read the first 10,000 words here. The ending paragraphs of the last two sections are loose- and ready to be added to some more. Escuse. ^^

November 14, 2006


My NaNoWriMo profile has an excerpt, and I'd like to know what you think.

Tell me.


November 13, 2006


Hey, I've got nothing to do at work, I have a couple thousand words written after typing my rantbook, I started the thing while I was at work on the first day of November.

Could be fun- always wanted Kiringa to have his own novel...

I'll post what I have on my Fictionpress Profile every time I hit a 10,000 word mark. The goal is 50,000 words, and I completely forgot about NaNoWriMo until last night. Always wanted to do it, and this is my chance.

Besides, I've got nothing better to do this month, and if I don't write this now, I don't think my favorite fallen will ever forgive me.

November 12, 2006

Must... read...

Okay, I'm compiling a list of things that I need to slowly buy until I have the complete collections of.

Not including the manga series that I have and am working towards completing, I want to buy the entire collection Elizabeth Peter's works, Ray Bradbury's works (books, dvds, what-have-you), Terry Prachett, and the "Kingdom for Sale: SOLD!" series by Terry Brooks.

Oh, and on my list to read, but not to buy as of yet: The Sword of Shannara series.

Anything else that I need to keep my eye out for while I'm working shifts that greatly add to my reading time?

In addendum- Yes, I've read The Da Vinci Code. I might buy myself the Series of Unfortunate Events now that it's all out. Asimov is good, not sure if I want to buy his full works or not. It's been forever since I read the Left Behind series- don't know if I'm ready to start collecting it yet. I recently bought a tome featuring complete works of Edgar Allen Poe. I have the complete works of Shakespeare. I also have no desire to lug either massive book into work.

I go to scamper off and buy caffinated beverages for work tomorrow night. Ta!

November 06, 2006

Oh, And...

Halloween was good times.

Wore 80'sness to work and brought in my mask- I think I kind of won the contest by default. No confirmation on that just yet. But from what I understood, I was the only one that bothered to bring in a mask at all, and Will was kind of impressed by what I did. ^^

Got off work an hour early, scurried over to Jessi's for partyness with chocolate liquor shots. Von, Jess, Lar, Brookie, and baby Beth all sat around until Laura had to scamper, then Von, Jess, and I all looked at old yearbooks until we all crashed- well, until I crashed. I don't know exactly when they did.

Anywho, Halloween was indeed good times. Now I just have to figure out what to do with my Madonna gloves.

On a very, very grave subject...

I'm going to be working third shift for about two weeks in November, and I've never looked forward to working graveyard more in my entire life.

Well, that's because I've never actually worked a midnight-till-seven shift before. This could be one of two things:

Very good- I mean, the shift's slow, the people are more likely to be drunk and therefore more entertaining, the calls come in about once or twice an hour, and I can spend lots of time reading my book. I get about a buck extra an hour for third-shift deferential, and as long as Tylenol makes my headache go away, I shouldn't have any problem with a small caffeine addiction by the end of the month.

Very bad - Think about it. The shift's slow, and therefore boring. People are more likely to be drunk, and therefore either annoyed or annoying. And if I get done with my book... well, then I won't be a happy Moueska. And the money- Still can't think of anything bad to say about the money. But you get my point.

That in mind, I launch into graveyard shift one full week from now. It really sounds like a blast.

Oh, and then, on top of that, I'll be working third shift on Thanksgiving, and my probationary period will be over. Yay for my raise and holiday pay! Probably won't get to hear about my raise until Friday when my manager and I both work. But I've been Aceing my call monitors, not to mention that I've gotten a couple attagirls from customers so far.

I know I shouldn't get used to it, but I really, really want to celebrate. ^^