It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

January 29, 2007

Word of the Day

des·per·a·tion (děs'pe-rā'shen)
the state of being desperate or of having the recklessness of despair.
the act or fact of despairing; despair.

Example of:
Sitting on the floor, counting the coin jar of pennies, then taking them to the bank and rolling them, and praying it will be enough to just barely get by on for the next 48 hours.

Please, don't ask how my day went after that. You don't want to know.

January 25, 2007


On a card at mystic valley today:

Has anyone told you that you're Beautiful today?

Let me.

... damn it...

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

First thing I need to do today:

Go to Webster, get stuff taken care of.

Second thing I need to do today:

Call Sallie Mae, get stuff taken care of.

Third thing I need to do today:


Funny, I think I go through this pattern at least every semester... different reasons each time, but every semester.

Slight deviation for my long-term necessities, though.

Things to do this month...

  • Start my loans... darn them. Together, they shall make me cry.
  • Find out about financial aid for college from work, because I know they can and will do right by me. I'm too close for me to lose out now due to lack of money.
  • Call H&R block... I'm not falling behind this year on taxes. No way in heck. And I'll see if they can make my back taxes work right, because I've been apparently owing more than I should.
  • Buy Professor Sempreora an apple.
  • Re-consider the possibility of a second job, because having "just under enough" money sucks slightly less than not having any money.
  • Go to Jefferson Barracks, visit mom and grandpa's graves... (Athenae, a little help with this one? God help me, but I don't want to go alone... I don't ever want to go alone again...)
  • Discard the possibility of a second job, because having a second job may entail going without sleep... or school... which is not an option at the moment.
  • Cross your fingers, and hope for the best outcome in all possible situations.

January 14, 2007

I need to stop thinking about things...

And start doing them.

Because this "shoulda-woulda-coulda" life is starting to get under my skin. I've been so reactionary to things that I've stopped taking actions, or rather, making actions that aren't purely out of reactionary measures.

And if I'm making no sense- forgive me. I'll try and explain it all later.

Right now my brain hurts and I haven't the spirit to write more.

January 05, 2007

Do ya Want your Nickelback?

Nah, I think I'll be okay.

It's like a remix... without actually changing the speed of the tracks to make them overlap. Don't get me wrong, I like Nickelback, I downright love kicking back to some of their songs. But the pairing of these two songs just happens to match how my mind is right now.

Left speaker, How You Remind Me. Right Speaker, Someday.

Between the two of them, yeah, I think it just about describes my distress and confusion.