It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

March 25, 2007

So, Um, You know...

There's one really bad thing about working from 10pm until 6:30 am. I get a lunch. Which means I stick around and think about everything that's closed for a half an hour before giving up and shuffling back to my chair to wait out the twenty-five minutes I have left before I can resume getting paid for sitting. What a horrible waste.

I've been fighting a very, very nasty excuse for a cold, and I think it's winding down- now if only the rest of this damnable cough will leave me.

I know that there was a time when it felt like I could take on the world. I need that determination again.

Maybe I need to find something that will make me worthwhile. Because my writing's not enough. My deviantart profile is full of things done out of boredom. I know the long list of things I can't do, but by god, I'm good at my job... it just doesn't pay enough of the bills to get me what I need.
And what do I need?

An apartment.

... and a copy of Mirrormask.

What? If I'm worthwhile, then it's about time that I spoiled myself with something.

March 18, 2007

So... there's this bird...

And it's beating itself against the window in the basement.

It isn't frightened by our visage on the other side, only focused upon its reflection as a potential aggressor. After all, he dives at it, and the other dives as well. He shows his plumage, puffing his feathers and trying to look all the larger, the other copies his stance. He flies beak-first into the window, and only gets back a pained beak and scrabbling feet for his pains.

He gives up for a time, pulls away from the window, and I have silence- it's so nice, I don't even notice that the incessant beating isn't there until he begins again.

I worry about the cardinal, how he might do this all summer and end up with a small concussion- so difficult that it may string his internal compass out of whack and be unable to fly south for the winter.

Gah, he'll probably be fine. I should go get some breadcrumbs for him.

The Joys of Apartment Hunting...

I was suggesting the possibility of painting my room to the parental units, and they suggested the possibility that I might consider how long I was going to be staying with them. This has NEVER been broached before, and especially not in terms that would hinder any activity I might choose to take part in under their roof.

So it might not be such a bad idea to move out. Now... to find a place with rent somewhere around $300 a month...

I had registered for when Stacy had a life crisis and needed a few tips on where she might move in on short notice... why not give it a shot? No direct filter for $300. So... try $200?

Um... nevermind...

Well, setting the filter at $400, it brought up nine locations, the lowest being $325, and very, very far away from where I want to be. I'm considering getting a roommate, but I'd kind of like to live on my own for a change. That, and I really have no money to speak of. I don't see myself going back to college unless I can take out a small loan to begin my Tuition assistance and pay off the extra $500 I still owe. tricked me into buying a membership- so I might as well make the most of it. Otherwise, I guess I'm okay. It's cold outside, and drab to boot.

Maybe it'll be sunny by next week.

One thing's for sure- I intend to give myself at least five months to find a place. That'll be more than enough time, I'm sure of it.

March 12, 2007

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

What is your Dream Job?

JackDanyells put out a call to youtube, and I'm extending it just one link farther. If you hunt through the video comments, you'll find my response, but I'm much more articulate when my speaking comes from my mind and goes straight to a keyboard instead of to a videocamera.

I love my job.

I say it on here all the time. You know I do.

One of the things I never told you guys about my job was when my honeymoon period shattered. It was a two-night experience that was brought on by my training class (the reservations were made shortly after we hit the floor- some of them by me). A pair of customers on a conference phone kept me on the line for about fifty minutes the first night, and another hour-and-fourty-five minutes the second night while I micromanaged about ten different reservations for them. Changing dates, cancelling rooms at the last minute, etc.

At some point during the conversation, I did something that doesn't happen in real life. I seriously put the customer on hold politely, asked my co-worker if she was on a call (which she wasn't), and let out an ear-shattering scream.

Again, my honeymoon period was shattered that night.

But I still love my job.

Why? I'm not sure. I think it's because it's been so long since I was actually good at something. I get an attagirl almost once a month. If I don't, then it doesn't matter, because I blinked and the month flew by, and I'll do better next month. My call monitors are consistently above 78%. I currently have a 1.5 hours of free time in the form of funbucks- which are rewards that basically mean that I can come in an hour and a half later than usual if I desire. I have another on the way- I scored 100% on my last call monitor, so I get another funbuck. ^_^ I also was given the top spot in February for conversion percentage.

I love my job, but it's not my dream job.

I have about four, least feasable to most feasable as follows:

First of all, my brother basically stole one of my dream jobs - I wanted to be a Rennaisance Wench at the Royal Dumpe downtown. He works for the Rennaisance Faire in KC as a Gypsy son of The Maestro.

Second, a professional actress, doing theatre for a living and actually making money doing voice acting. Possible, but difficult to break in to and maintain. Very, very difficult.

Third, an author. Unless I somehow break out of this blue funk I'm in, I don't see my writer's block for Fallen letting up anytime soon. But I need it to. Oh, I need it to. I want to re-imagine The Artist of Athens... but again, I need to break this case of the blues and... just... write. I don't know if I could be happy doing just this, though. I really don't know...

Fourth - and quite possibly the most feasable.
Not immediately, but eventually.
One day, to own my own theatre and write one play a season for it. Even if it's the one mystery dinner theatre script or the spring manuscript or the fall manuscript of a season. Or one play every other season. I remember that I suggested it to one of my teachers, they told me to produce instead of write the plays. But I don't think I could be happy with just that. Maybe I'm reaching for the stars, and I'll fall before I can gather them in my fingertips.

Maybe it's impossible.

But that's what makes it a dream job. Right?

March 04, 2007

You know that you've been playing with your Exacto Blade too much when...

You can freehand a design in correlation with a poem- on the same sheet of paper
You start doing unpaid commissions at work in your free time
... for the people that come in the shift after yours
... and with a theme that you're only vaguely familiar with
You have used so many different mediums with your knife, you begin to question its strength
... daily
... hourly
... and wonder if it has been blessed by god
You see some red marker on your inner thumb and ask yourself when you accidentally sliced yourself
... and then check yourself for cuts
... and then lick the mark before you realize it's ink
You will spend four hours cutting out a Celtic knot for someone, only to have it disintegrate in your fingertips
... and then have a spare waiting to be cut out

On a very slightly related note, I just recently got a Deviantart profile. Linky here and on the sidebar, below my Fictionpress profile.

March 02, 2007

Wow, some storm...

Didn't even rain on my house. Got a tad windy, but didn't rain at all.

I'm both very relieved and slightly disappointed.

March 01, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

I wished for rain.

We have a tornado warning.

Not just rain, mind you. I wished for rain to wash away everything.

And we have a tornado warning.

I find this very ironic.

So, on a side note... if a dream is a wish your heart makes, then what does that make a nightmare?