It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

May 29, 2007

Work is...

... about twenty percent trying not to fall asleep at the keys, seventy percent trying to find something to do, and ten percent answering calls. I find it funny how that can wear me out some days. For example, today- I was wide awake throughout. Nothing made me tired- not the heater, not the lack of action and calls at four in the morning. I was perkyish and awake.

I practically danced my way to the time clock.

And now, I'm back home, and about ready to crash, but I'm staying awake, clinging to some vague hope that someone might come online... even if they don't.

I do still love my job. ^_^

The only really bad thing to happen of late was that one of my managers walked out. Lucille even says that I'm probably the only one in the entire call center that actually likes their job- at least of the floor agents. I was almost shocked.

Really? Wow...

And then I thought about it. How Steve comes in every morning and complains... loudly... about the state of the carpet or (at least before the new ones arrived) the old POS computers that we had in the desks.

"Old man Kummer would never spend that kind of money on us," said he.

Ah, but we do have new computers. (They're lenovo machines, but they serve our purposes nicely.) It's possible that the same manager that walked out was able to get the computer requistion moving... I hope he finds a better job somewhere else.

(...*sigh* he was kinda cute, too... )

May 16, 2007

On Casual Dating Experiences:

All right, when someone offers to make a night "special" for you, it does NOT mean that they should attempt to seduce you on the first night with a bottle of wine, and feed you grapes, strawberries, raspberries, fudge, and give you sloppy kisses until you stay their hand because you can't... take... any... more... of... their... tounge. (EURGH!!!!!!! Being ten years my senior, you'd think he'd have learned how to kiss by now.)

It also does not mean that if you suggest dinner (as was the original plan) they should look alternately bored and annoyed between lulls in conversation. Also, it would be nice if they actually initiated conversation.

I would add, that if you do not call off the date early at that point you ought to. The other party intends to get you laid. And if you actually let them past second base, they might actually get what they want.

I didn't. I couldn't tell near the end if I was a charity case or an ungrateful date for walking out.

Snippets of my night:

"Crazy idea- why don't you spend the night?"
"Ah... I don't really think I should."
*kiss* "So let me pick the time."
"4 '0-clock"
"That... actually... kinda works for me."

"I'm doing all of this for you."
"Well, I came over to hang out, not make out."
"That's okay, we don't have to do anything you don't want to."

*he makes a play for second base*
"Okay, I think I'd better go."
"Where are you going? Come, sit down. Sit, sit..."
"I really think I'd better be going."
"So early? It's not even midnight... I'm doing all this for you."
"I know, but.. I just... I can't. Do you still want to spend time tomorrow?"
"Not if you're walking out before four."

May 11, 2007

Birthday for Me!

Wow, this is the first year I haven't begged people to get me stuff. XD

I must be maturing, after all.

Nah, probably not.

May 01, 2007

Requiem for My Lappy

We were so happy, you and I.
All we needed was a little power
and we were off to parts unknown-
to visit Krakow and Myspace
that was all we really needed.
YIM, AIM, GMAIL- we miss them already-
connections severed by the unexpected departure
of your heart.
The battery- your,
and the abuse that I put you through...

How could I know you'd move on
without me
to computer heaven?

(Yes, my laptop died. No, I don't love my laptop as much as that awful poem might make you imagine. Yes, I hope to get it fixed. Yes, it's a power issue- I think.

G'night, e'ry'body.)