It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

August 19, 2007

*twitch twitch*

I'm nervous.

It's probably not on anyone's radar here, but it was released to the public that the company which intends to buy Adam's Mark also intends to reflag the big three hotels. The Adam's Mark of Saint Lou becomes a Hyatt, the Adam's Mark hotels in Dallas and Denver become Sheratons.

They aren't going to need a call center for two hotels.

Right now I'm looking at that shiny guillotine and wating for the mass decapitation to occur.

We don't even know if there is a severance package for the new company. All other benefits are a mystery. On the bright side, the jobs section of the Want Ads has more opportunities to me now than ever in the past- so at least my job hunting's gotten a little bit easier.

Hopefully, anyway.

I just find it ironic- or maybe just tragic- that I get a fifty cent raise and they'll probably eliminate my job completely. They'll start by putting me on first or second shift, if they have room. Then... they just won't need us anymore.

Damnit, I just got my review! Will said I was promotable! Promotable to what?! We aren't sure if we're going to have our jobs in the next two months!


Yes... I feel better now.

August 15, 2007

Note to Self: Eat before giving blood

Thank god yesterday's over.

Went to get a checkup from my OBGYN, and followed someone's advice/pressuring/etc to get myself checked for everything- and I DO mean everything. Just in case. So I went in, and I remember being there, in the chair while she's prodding me and thinking- "She just said she's going to need to take a blood sample from me, it's going to come from my arm, right?"

It did. But that kinda put me in a funny state of mind.

I hadn't really had a chance to eat anything all evening, and my appointment was at 9:50, so by the time my appointment rolled around, my 4am popcorn had probably worn off and I would have very little inside me. I considered that a small favor at the time I arrived and saw a woman leaning over a trash can, who had obviously been retching ealier.

Silly Moues. I should've had something to eat first. I sat in the chair and told myself that I was not going to faint or throw up- I just wasn't. (*headdesk*)

She couldn't find my veins- they ran quite deep like Mom's did, so she ended up taking it from my wrist. Well, she started to- unfortunately, she didn't keep talking to me, so even though I fought off the woozyness, I couldn't keep from slipping into unconciousness. I came to the first time, and there were three nurses around me. I remember two of them asking if they could move me- even assisting me when I tried to stand, but then I said it wouldn't be a good idea.

I slipped back into another faint. When I came to, there was a fourth nurse, holding a juice box to my lips and insisting that I drink something. It didn't stay down long, just long enough to get me to one of the beds. I was able to stay awake that time, mostly by the fact that I was sitting up instead of lying down. Called the first person I could think of- Drac- and asked him to come get me.

To his credit, he was completely sweet, bought me lunch and a rose to wake up to, gave me a place to sleep, and then drove me back to my car before work. All on three hours of sleep for him. *hug*

On my way out of the office, I had to make another reservation to get blood taken- as they didn't get QUITE enough. Drat.

Unfortunately, I also had the misfortune of leaving my debit card in the US BANK ATM, so they shredded it. Luckily, well, they shredded it, and nobody's trying to figure out my pin right now. They put a hotcard account on it at the bank when I stopped by this morning, and are going to be sending me a new one.

I think I need more sleep.

'Night, folks.