It's like lemonade- Sweet, Tangy, and Refreshing!

November 20, 2007

Have You Been Reading...?

My stuff?

Because if you have, then you'd know that the section of the forum that it's in has been blocked with a "log in screen". That's because some ad farmer grabbed pieces of Talkos and Stani's work, slipped in a few keywords, and put it up online. Stani had been running scripts looking for bits and slices of our collective work so far, hoping to find a review.

Yeah, NOT a review.

I don't encourage you to join the forum ONLY to look at my NANO stuff. Because as much as I CRAVE some sort of feedback (I really, really, really do), the ofteninspired forum isn't merely for that. I've found it to be a growing, developing community where people can learn from each other and help each other move forward.

So I want you to join. I DO. Just don't do it for me. Do it because this isn't an everyday forum.

(Actually, do it for me, because I NEED feedback. I need it, I need it, I need it, and I'm about to go insane because I can't get anybody to read it.)

November 15, 2007

So it's the 15 day mark...

I'm at about 1,022.8 words per day.

That means I'm about 644.2 words/day short of being where I need to be... or 10,000 words behind. I think I might have to skip "Thanksgiving".

*electrocutes document*

November 02, 2007

I'm doing NANOWRIMO again.


You can go see my profile Here or read my progress Here. (It's not in the same tone of GREAT LITERATURE as Fallen was, so it's bound to be a bit more neurotic as first person.) A friend of mine is putting on a little NANOWRIMO competition, so if you've already signed up a NANO, you might want to join in. Or, hey! It's not TOO late to join in on the festivities. Sure, you have to type a little more than 1,667 per day, but it's really not that hard!

Happy Writing/Happy Reading!