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May 04, 2008

Saying Goodbye~

Last day of work today.

I clock in tonight, work twelve hours, and then come back to pick up my last paycheck on the seventh.

For all intents and purposes, we are closed. We haven't had hardly any calls on the day shift, night shift's a joke. The only reason they didn't transfer us to day shift like everyone else was because it wasn't worth the effort. (Not to mention the fact that Paul would've thrown a hissy fit. He likes to throw hissy fits... I think he's a little too in touch with his inner child sometimes.)

Seven of us have jobs lined up. One of them is a manager.

I think I'm going to sit on unemployment for a while and beg health insurance from Medicaid. Even if I can't stay with my current OB- if I have Medicaid, at least I CAN go to a doctor.

I'll be moving to North County pretty soon. They're clearing a space for me... for us. I don't see it happening until June, probably.

I'm going to miss working for Adam's Mark. But it's good to be off the yo-yo string. It'll be nice to be on level ground again- even if that means being unemployed.


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