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February 29, 2008

YES. TubeArts Contest...

It's something I've been waiting for.

I have the poetry entry written out... and recorded with voice. (Vista actually let me use my headset? Wow! And at least it records better than my laptop used to... I'd be too embarrassed to use anything recorded on my lappy. Static and background noise are evil.)


I need video with it.


I can add more than one entry, according to JackDanyells. Of course, how many of the entries they actually watch is entirely at the discretion of the judges... and I don't blame them.

February 14, 2008


AquaRosewater (4:59:43 AM): Besides, you and Luke are awesome for each other. ^_^
EllaBby (4:59:57 AM): I know. I love him.
EllaBby (5:00:11 AM): We always say we were made for each other.
EllaBby (5:00:28 AM): I saved a text from him.. "If fate, this is it."
AquaRosewater (5:01:29 AM): lol
AquaRosewater (5:01:35 AM): That's SO sweet.
EllaBby (5:01:50 AM): /nod I never thought I'd be able to get to his heart. When I crushed on him.
EllaBby (5:01:54 AM): And now look at us

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

No toga party this year for Lupercal, though.

*chants* NextyearNextyearNextyearNextyear...

February 12, 2008

A Vampire's Wish...

I scrapped this neopets account by accident, but I saved the html documents from the first four pages of the first two successful tries. I pretty much forced Athene to read it back when I first wrote it, but it really has an entirely different meaning to me now. I don't know if there's a place in the literary world for something like Crimson Tears. It exists already- in Anne Rice, I think. Maybe it's just not meant to be written by me.

The second try has the full ceremony. It was rare even after that night to get through the entire thing.

It's just a bunch of silly girls pretending at playing coven- but more than that, it's a bunch of silly girls using their imagination for the hell of it. Myself included.

Try One:
Page one of four
Page two of four
Page three of four
Page four of four

Try Two:
Page one of four
Page two of four
Page three of four
Page four of four

If you check the post-stamps for each of the posts, you'll find that they were all March 2005. Almost three years ago.

I guess I still haven't given up on the dream of making Crimson Tears a reality, although Antinov is dreadfully cliche, the Vicomte doesn't exist in my soul anymore, and Kiringa... has bigger fish to fry.

Kiringa's evolved. And so have I, I guess.

So it's time to move on.

February 03, 2008


Last night was, by far, the most boring night of work. Ever.

I tore through all four one-shot manga I brought within the first four hours.

I read through most of the magazines that were left behind by the day shift people in another hour and a half.

I made poorly-drawn pixel art with the MSpaint program and saved it to my usb drive.

I think I need to start bringing my exacto blade with me to work again. Because this just will NOT do.

(But on the bright side, Everyone gets a $300+ tax refund this year! And my next Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle volume is due out this month! *dances*)