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April 18, 2015

Reboots and Such

I really appreciate having been on the internet since its early days on months like this one.  I appreciate being a teen during the "dot com" bust, being one of the first kids to be cyberbullied by kids at their own school, and even being a latecomer to Facebook.

I appreciate it, because some of the websites have matured with their readers.  The lifecycle of the internet is a theme I've brought up before on here, and I really feel like it's relevant in the recent change in one of my favorite longstanding webcomics, who just slammed a champagne bottle in the hull of a time skip and new cast.

Namir Deiter, as I knew it as a teenager, is getting a new focus on a new cast.  Specifically, the characters who were in their teens when I was a teen, have all grown up, had kids, and the story arc has popped forward by... oh... sixteen years or so.

This is not a bad thing.

New comics are up at

The sequel series is being written by Isabel and Terrance Marks, with the art continuing to be done by Isabel herself.  The title characters are the son of Tipper Namir and the daughter of Brisbane and Kimberly Adams.   If you're one of those hipster types that like to get in on things at the reboot or ground zero, this is the week to start. 

Wapsi Square, previously focused on the YA exploits of Monica and her friends has also shifted focus to a new teen cast and a filled out side-cast away from the original team.  Paul Taylor adjusted his scope;  The current webcomic focus has been on teen succubus Atsali, her adopted mother - Monica's friend Katherine, and her adopted sister - Castela.  Castela and Atsali have the task of growing up magical in a community of strong women, the original Wapsi cast, and the expanding female side-cast that Taylor keeps expanding.  While Wapsi takes a ton of his time and energy, he has registered a domain for Space Alien Cat Girls, which could be a fun weekly or bi-monthly comic if he decides to follow through.

There's been some fun story arcs, and thanks to my current location, I really appreciate Tina's coffee shop more than ever.

One last thing:

I had to ask myself, why was I upset about the shift in Wapsi to an all-female cast, whereas I was completely okay with a reboot of Namir Deiter's cast to include all teenagers?  While my opinions are my own, and I really love Atsali and Castela, the phasing out of all the male players - ALL the male characters, took some getting used to.  Complaining about missing the male perspective in the stories doesn't do anyone any good - having a powered or non-powered male character isn't currently part of the MO for the comic.  More than that, it's just not interesting to the author right now.  I get it.  I don't have to like it, but I get it.


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