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May 10, 2008

Birthday for me!

Tomorrow, anyway.

I used to be all grumpy when my birthday would fall on Mother's Day. I guess it's that selfish-"I-dun-wanna-share" mentality that kids can have about birthdays and holidays. But I'm pretty sure that things are probably going to change concerning that, too.

The Youtube contest was supposed to post semi-finalists yesterday, but they haven't put anything up yet. It's painful, it's frustrating, it's...

not like I'm going to win.

But I DO want to see who the semi-finalists are! Especially to find out if this guy's in them.

Because he deserves it.

But there are easily over 300 responses to the original vid, and of them probably about 124 followed the rules for entry. Including mine. That's a MASSIVE amount of vids to go through.


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